Since When are you my friends?
Friends do things together,
I haven't been invited to do anything with either of you since November,
You never told me about your boyfriend,
But then I hear about it from Alex,
Oh, so Alex is more of a friend to you than I am,

I've been mad at you basically this whole year
You never treated me like your friend
And I never told you why I was mad at you
Because I dont want your pity

Your lives basically revolve around the 2 of you
and only the two of you
You always act like you're 5
How about the 2 of you try growing up for once

You never cared
And you still dont
You just pretend like you do
I dont want your sympathy anymore
And I'm done with all of the "friends" who treat me like shit

So if you want me in your life,
Find a way to put me there,
It's not up to me anymore