Betrayed by a Smile


Your smile lights up the room

But darkens your eyes

The truth in your smile

Masks all the lies

The tone of your voice

Conveys nothing but sincerity

What no one knows is

This isn't who you want to be

Verse 1:

The words roll off your tongue

You say what they want to hear

But hidden behind your every word

Is an uncontrollable fear

You don't want to be rejected

Thrown away and left to rot

You've turned life into a game

Playing connect the dots

You go from point a to point b

Saying whatever keeps others happy

Now you're nothing but a performer

Trying to keep it together

You've kept up this fa├žade for so long

But someday, you'll recite the lines wrong

Verse 2:

The honesty in your actions

Your deceitful charm

You're keeping others satisfied

But causing yourself harm

You're always singing the same melody

Trying your hardest to stay on key

Carefully avoiding a slip of the tongue

Cuz one wrong move and you're done

You've tried to quit this lifestyle

But you're use to hiding behind your smile

One day your barrier will collapse

And you won't be able to relapse

They'll see right through your act

Unless you keep your every move exact


You're falling apart at the scene

What does your life mean?

How do you expect to heal?

When you continue to live unreal