Tonight's shade is red

and I want nothing but

e c s t a s y.

p u r e.

h a r d.

c o l d.

You have it all, sweetheart.

Put a price on my soul-

(it's yours.)

r i b b o n s.

Red ribbons,

he doesn't charge a thing.

(do I hear six cents?)

What a saint you are.

i m i t a t i o n.

The beauty is gone,

the meaning is lost.

s h a t t e r e d.

These words will never be defined.

I've slaughtered the language.

i l o v e y o u.

The only words I can't forget;

a grammatical error.

a i shi te ru.

It's all Greek to me.

j e t a i ' m e.

Our entangled emotions will never mend.

So whisper something sweet,

whisper me some

l i e s.

Just keep my breath steady

(c p r baby.)

We've got a hell of a ride ahead.