I made these characters after two of my friends. They are always together even when one is hanging out with a certain two men. They aren't together though I think they should open their eyes and see that they should!! But here is the story. I am working on the second part. Coming soon! (Sasorilover!!)

I was running hard in the middle of the night. I didn't look behind as I felt my knees growing weaker and my legs burning but I never stopped afraid the man behind me would catch up. I stumbled and fell when I felt something but my side. I struggled to stand and start running again.

I lost track of time as she ran and fumbled through the black woods. The sky showing only a small fraction of the moon. That was all I needed to see in the night. I paused and rested against a tree when I looked to my side. I was losing a lot of blood. I looked up as my eyes started to fog. I let my eyes shut as I fell to my left.

A man from behind a bush came out and walked to me when he heard a man's food steps. He picked me up and grew, long, large black wings. He flew up into the sky and went north away from the other man's home. He heard the girl in his arms start to turn but she never woke up.

When he saw his home in sight he heard rain approaching. He hurried to an open window and got into the hall way before rain touch him. He looked and saw the rain and lightning.

"Drake!" Came another man's voice as he turned to see his older brother.

"Brother please let me explain." He said and the older brother walked forward.

"Who is she?" He said looking me over as he laid me down on a bed in a room.

"I found her running. She got a cut on her side. And fainted an hour later." He said and went to grab the medical supplies.

"She's lost a lot of blood." He said and brake same back with the box.

"Will she be all right though?" Drake asked and looked down to me worried. He looked to see that his brother was really worried about me.

"She will pull through." He said getting to work on cleaning the wound.

He found splinters in the wound and had to work on getting them out. He then sterilized the wound and went to stitch it up. When he was done he stood up to clean when he realized that his little brothers winds where still out.

"Take care of your wings." He said and his little brother looked at him weird.

"Sorry they won't go in." He said and stood up to pace around the room.

"Drake she's resting. Go on to bed as I finish up." He said and saw his little brother look at me one more time and then watched as he left. He looked to me and saw I was weird.

"Why is he so worked up over you?" He asked me not expecting any reply. He cleaned, left the room and left the fire place still burning.

When I woke up I winced in pain and looked around. I slowly sat on the edge of the bed as I looked around. The room was mix of black and a very dark green. I then shivered and saw the fire was dying. I stood up and walked to the fire place the best I could. I then grabbed a couple of logs and threw them in wincing in the process.

I stood up and looked for a door. When I found one I went to see it if lead any were, I opened it and walked out to see I could to left, right, or straight. I stood there for a while until I walked right. When I saw the hallway was filled with pictures. When I got to the end I found a door. I looked at it for a while until I opened it enough to walk through.

"Hello?" I said and walked in to find it looked like a library. I walked to the fire that was dying and through wood in. when the fire grew I turned on my heals bent down to see a dogs face. I then screamed and went to go left when another dogs face. I looked right when there stood a third. I shut my eyes waiting for my body to be attacked.

Drake woke up feeling his three dogs jump off the bed. He sighed and laid down trying to sleep when he heard the girl scream. He jumped out of the bed, through the door frame and down the hall. When he got into the library he whistled to his dogs. He saw me by the fire, with my eyes shut tight and my hands grabbing my sides. He walked up to them and picked me up.

"You shouldn't be out of bed." He said and he looked down to see that I was looking up to him while crying.

"I'm…I'm sorry." I said and pulled myself closer to myself when he placed me back on the bed.

"Go back to sleep." He said and listed the blankets over me. I watched him leave when I broke down into tears. I fell asleep crying.

"Maim! Time to get up." A maid yelled to me trying to wake me up. She saw me turn and groan. She pulled the blankets off me as I finally woke up.

"What time is it?" I asked looking up to the maids smiling face.

"It's around eight o'clock." She said and pulled me from the bed. She shook me when I fully woke. "There are dresses in the closet you may ware. Don't wear the blue one." She said and left the room. I walked over and opened the door the maid pointed to. When I looked in there was only black and Green dresses. I pulled out this old fashion looking dress.

When I was fully dresses I went to look at myself in a mirror. The door opened and I saw the maid. I tied my hair up and turned.

"That's such a pretty dress on you." She said when she pulled me hard to a dining room. I saw two men there talking.

"Masters she's here!" The maid yelled and then I saw the dogs. I took off back to the room. A few minutes later the maid came back in. "What was that for?" She yelled when she saw me crying.

"The dogs. I never had good encounters with dogs and they aren't normal dogs." I stammered when there was a man and the three dogs around the maid.

"Sir!" The maid yelled when she shut the door. I stood up on the bed when I saw the large not normal dos enter through the wall. I stammered watching it look at me. I starred at it as it starred at me, sitting and standing we stood as statues seeing who would move first. When the door opened the beast launched at me on the bed. There was this whistling sound.

"Stop." The maid said and I fall off the bed fainting. The maid rushed to me to see is I was all right.

When I woke up I found the maid and two men talking over me. I then felt pain on my side.

"She opened it back up." The man said.

"Brother she's up." Came the other man.

"Hey there girly. You hit the ground pretty hard." She said looking down to me. I then felt really week. I shut my eyes when I felt hands on my neck.

"She's losing too much blood." Came the young man's voice. I hear the scarred and sorrow in that voice.

Several days later I was up and walking around like nothing had happened. I never saw the dogs other than around younger master Drake. I always stopped and move as far away as I could away from him.

"Drake what is wrong?" Came John's voice. He looked to his little brother's saddened face.

"Nothing older brother. Just keeping an eye on the girl is hard when she runs off a lot." Drake said sitting down watching his brother put the book down.

"So teach her to not be afraid of the dogs." He said when he heard two girls' voices outside. The older brother stood up, went to the door and saw Kara walking with Susanna. "Kara come here." John said and watched me turn around worried.

"Yes." I said walking. When I was in reach I was pulled into the room. I tried the door but he locked it somehow. I looked around to find another door when I saw the young master and his pets.

"Don't look to them." He said trying to distract me fast. I turned my head to find him walking to me. "If you don't look their not there." He said.

"But I can still….."

"Try not to. You are afraid of them. So don't look." He said completely blocking my view of the pats. "They won't hurt you. They are only trying to see if you're a good person." He said when he grabbed my arm and pulled me closer to the pets. He commanded them to not more as he pushed me closer.

"Please stop." I said grabbing my waist and shitting my eyes about to cry. He wrapped his arms around me.

"It's okay. They won't hurt you." He said into my ear and he picked me up and sat down with me in his lap. I opened my eyes to see what he was doing when I saw a pat. "Don't move and he won't hurt you." He said into my ear. I grabbed his arm when I saw facing the dog.

"They don't bark loud do they?" I said when I felt a hand stroking my arm.

"Just don't move." He said and I looked to the large dog in front of me. I let it sniff me when another came closer.

"Tell them to back off please." I said. There was a loud bang and the room was blown up on one side. The three dogs started growling when he stood up and sat me on the chair.

"Well, well, if brother hasn't found himself a new play toy." Came a woman's voice from the smoke.

"Leave her alone sister." He said when I saw a lady. She was warring all red leather with a red coast. I looked to her and found she looked beautiful. Then drake stood in front of me.

"My, my. You seem awfully protective of her. What is she? Vampire, werewolf, demon, elf?" She said and I looked weird at his back.

"She's human." He said when I saw wings show on his back. There was rattling at the door when I turned to see that it was chained.

"You know it's forbidden to have her here." The woman growled when I heard growling come from drake. I then saw him lung forward as the dogs came to the chair.

The scene that showed itself in front of me scarred me to near death. Drake was being beaten when the three dogs came into the fight. Drake hurt her as much as she hurt him. I started to see tails, fangs, horns, and claws as the fight rages on. I sat there frozen in shock when drake was beaten down till he passed out. Two of the three dogs were wounded and couldn't move as the last one was standing between me and the lady in red.

"What do you want?" I said and the other woman stopped.

"I want a lot of things. But right now I want you. If brother here wants you it's for a reason." The woman said.

"What if I come with you? Will you leave drake alone?" I asked standing up when the dog growled.

"Are you saying you want to make a deal with a demon?" The woman in red asked when there was a large bang at the door and chains were broken.

"Yes. I'll go but don't hurt them anymore." I said. "I don't care if they or you are demons." I added when I bent down to the dog. "Sorry." I said to him when I walked forward.

"Kara no!" Johny yelled when there was a chain around my neck.

"Looks like lover girl saves you after all." The lady said when I was picked up.

"Kara!" I hear Johny yell when I was in the sky.

"Kara, what a pretty name. You'll be mine now. Brother will come and try to rescue you and he will finally die." She said and I felt tears on my cheeks. I then saw this carriage in the sky when I was through in and the woman walked in. she retracted her wings and sat down. "Now you are coming home. You will be my personal slave." She said and I laid there crying silently till I fell asleep.

When I woke up I felt like I was going to be sick. I blinked my eyes open when I felt I was chained to the bed at my neck. I sat up the best I could when I noticed I was in a nightgown, a very sexy nightgown. I sat there looking around when I saw everything was red and blue. But not me. I was warring black.

There was a door sound when I turned my head to the left and saw the red lady. This time she was dressed up in black.

"Well it looks like my little princess has woken up." She said I finally realized I had to pee. She came over to me as I moved my knees back and forth.

"Uh may I umm….." I started when I looked down.

"What do you want dear?" She said as I felt a hand on my leg.

"The bathroom." I said blushing not knowing why.

"Ah yes, let's see, where did I put that caller?" She said and I looked to her. She pulled off the other chained caller when I had a black leather caller placed on with an electric zapper.

"Try leaving through that door and you have ten seconds when it goes off. Enough to knock you out." She said when she pointed to another door. I got up and walked to see a bathroom. I walked in and used the toilet.

When I came out I saw her lying on the bed with her eyes closed. I took a walk around the room looked around. When I looked at a third door I opened it to see a walk in closet.

"Wow!" I said when arms wrapped around my waist.

"I see you like what you see." She said when I knew I did something wrong. "Come on. Shut the door." She said and I did. I was then lifted up and brought to the bed. "Having you as a pet might not be that bad." She said looming over me when I felt a hand on my thighs. I shut my eyes when I felt like crying. It seems that is all I can do now is cry when I am scarred.

"Open your eyes." She ordered and I shook my head. "Why not?" She asked. I did open my eyes when I saw he gasps.

"You are just like my human master." I said when she growled.

"Who did this to such a beautiful creator like you?" She said and she was getting angry.

"The man that lives next to Drake's and John's house." I said when she stood up and I saw fangs, claws, and horns. "Wait!" I said grabbing her hand. "The girls did nothing but get hurt like me. Don't hurt them please?" I asked when she smiled to me and showed me her teeth.

"Don't worry your pretty little head." She said and pulled me into a kiss. I gasped when I felt her teeth. She laid me down when she pulled me away. "Get some sleep." She said and stormed out. I sat up and found a mirror. I looked in to it and found being with her can't be bad. Her brothers wanted to have me but I found I was liking her more. I walked back to the bed and sat down. I got under the covers and found it warm. I slipped off into a deep sleep.

When I woke up I felt arms around me and something else at my legs. I blinked my eyes open when I saw a snake. I gasped out wordless words when I felt the arms waking up.

"Spike don't scare her." Came her voice when I gasped and shut my eyes tightly. I felt the snake sliver away when a leg was replaced between mine. I then felt kisses on my neck. "Its okay spike was just saying hello." She said when I was pushed onto my back. "You know you really are pretty cute." She said when she pulled me into another kiss. This time I couldn't help but kiss her back. When she pulled away she smiled to me. "You seem to be forgetting about drake." She said.

"I don't like drake." I said blushing and looked away. I hear her laugh when she got off me.

"Let's take a bath." She said when I touched the caller. "It's water proof." She said pulling me up. When she stood me up I walked behind her into the bathroom. I watched her turn on the tub. "Well get undressed." She said and I nodded. When I was naked I was pulled into the tub to find it cold.

"Gah." I said trying to get out but she sat down and pulled me onto her lap. "It's freezing." I said when I felt my lips start to shake and turn blue. I then felt heat coming off her body to warm up the area around us. I moved closer to her when I felt her chest against my back. Her arms around my waist.

"That better?" She asked kissing my neck.

"T-Thanks." I stuttered out starting to warm up.

When I was warm enough I felt nice and comfortable. I felt something on my back when I looked over my shoulder to see what I saw a smile on her face. Then I saw a bar of soap and was wondering on how she was going to wash my back under water. I shook the thought away when I noticed that her hands made me feel at peace. When he hands went low I jumped and made a squeak sound.

"Looks like someone needs to get use to touching hmmmm." She said and I tried to get out but one of her arms wrapped around me. "You're going no were." She said and I whined. She has seen me naked and is now touching me and I have never seen her.

"What are you trying to hide?" I asked when her hand stopped.

"What makes you think I am hiding anything?" She asked and started to nibble on my skin.

"Because I've never seen you naked. And now you won't let me go. What are you hiding?" I said when I felt her smile.

"You're smart." She said. "I was born a little different from a female."She said.

"You have a male part?" I said when she opened her legs and I felt, as I said, a male part.

"And here I thought you would run." She said when I gently laughed. I turned back when she kissed me. She turned my body when I felt soap start to be spread on my stomach. I pulled back and smiled to her.

"If I'm not use to dicks by now I don't know who is." I said when the door barged open. I wrapped my arms around my chest as I looked up to the person and saw she was panting.

"Maim you are needed down in the lab." She said when I looked down to see that she didn't want to move. I went to her ear to whisper to her.

"You have to go. You're needed. I'll stay in the room." I said and kissed her neck. I heard growling come from the other girl when she started to growl.

"I'll be down there in a minute." She yelled and I pulled away because she yelled into my ear. When the door shut I stood up when she gave me the soap and stood up. I watched her walked around until she left. I finished washing up, as the water started to get colder without her.

When I went into the other room for clothing, I saw this maid outfit on the bed and looked at it weird.

"She wants me to ware that fine." I said and went to put it on. When I was done I looked and saw I looked food other than the caller. I then sat down and waited for her to arrive.

When she did I saw she was tired and wobbly. I ran over to her when her knees gave out.

"Damn people." She said when I saw she was pale.

"What happened?" I said and helped her to the bed.

"The same thing that happens all the time." She said and I laid her down. I then went and grabbed a rag and something to hold the water in. When I got back into the room I found she was fast asleep. I got the rag wet and washed off the cuts. I got her undressed and cleaned the wounds.

When I finished and she stopped bleeding there was a nurse walking into the room. She looked to me when she saw the bowl of water. She came up next to me when she pulled the blanket down to see the wounds.

"You cleaned her well." She said.

"It's not my first time cleaning someone up." I said and looked down to her.

"Well she'll be asleep for a while. Can I get you anything?" She said and I looked up to her pleading.

"Do you have any food. I could eat a steak right now." I said when she smiled to me.

"I will have someone bring something up for you." She said and I smiled and needed. She left and I stayed there watching over her. When the door opened it was twenty minutes later. I went to open the door. When I did several people came in. I watched everyone poor in and the noise get really loud. When I shut the door I slammed it. Everyone looked to me.

"Keep it down." I said glaring at them.

"You really are a strange human."

"Yeah and no one's toughing her." Came her voice on the bed. They went to her when I backed away from the door just as it was opening. A steak with mushroom and potatoes came in and she handed it to me. I thanked the nurse and went to eat.

The crowed stayed until I hear her call for me and I was sticking a piece of meat in my mouth. They left the room when I saw her stand up and walked to me.

"Sorry I'm just hungry." I said when she smiled to me.

"It's okay. Want to tell me what happened to my clothing?" She asked and I smiled.

"Couldn't wait to see you naked again." I said and laughed getting her to laugh. "I actually had to undress you to clean off the blood." I said and stuck the meat into my mouth.

"Well next time redress me." She said and kissed my forehead. I nodded my head and finished my food as she got dressed.

"Come here Kara." Came her voice when I stood up and walked to the closet. When I walked in the door was shut and the light went out.

"What are you doing?" I asked trying to looked around until I felt hands on me. I jumped when I felt her pull me into a kiss.

"Time to get changed. Do you trust me?" She asked when I nodded my head. I then felt her hands all over me. When I was down to my bra and underwear I felt her tongue on my stomach. It made its way up to my chest when I felt my cheeks blush.

"You're blushing." She said and I turned my head but she grabbed my chin. "Don't hide." She said when I saw two glowing eyes. I gasped when I saw her pull away.

"No." I said and grabbed her arm. I walked closer to her when I saw the eyes. "Don't hide." I said and I was kissed hard. I felt her bring me somewhere when I was laid down on a bench. She was then over me kissing my. She slowly made her way down my body. She pulled my bra down when she took in one of my nipples into her mouth. I gasped and thrusted my hips up.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself." She said and I smiled until she bit my nipple. I then gasped when I traced my hands down her chest. I then grabbed her chest pulling her up. I kissed her and wrapped my arms around her. I then felt her pull off the caller. I opened my eyes and pulled away to see her glowing eyes.

"What?" I asked.

"You are going out of the room. This one allowed me to shock you. I may know you won't run but other people need to see." She said and I nodded. She placed it on when she fixed my bra. "And as much as I am loving this I'll have to continue this later." She said and pulled me up.

When I was dressed she pulled me out because I couldn't see. When we got out she pulled out a remote.

"That it?" I asked and she nodded. "Just don't sit on it." I said and she laughed. I then went to the mirror to see I had a hickey on my chest and showed half way.

"You wouldn't have cover up do you?" I asked when she shook her head.

"You look better with them." She said and I looked at her sideways. I was then pulled out of the room with her.

"First we are going to a meeting." She when I made a face.

When we got into a room I saw it wasn't a meeting room. I was pulled to a love seat and then sat between her legs. I looked at her weird when two ladies came onto the stage.

"Victoria so happy to see you can join us." Came a man's voice but I was gapping at what was in front of me.

"Yes well I was distracted." She said when she pulled me back. She licked my neck and I shivered.

"Well your girl seems like she never seen a show." He said.

"I'm used to being in them not watching them." I said turning my head. I was then pushed backwards and kissed by Victoria.

"If you want to join them…." She started.

"No. I like whom I am with." I said and smiled. She then sat me back in her lap. I smiled when I got a bra in the face. I blushed and pulled it off and through it back at them. They looked to me but I just laughed and smiled to them.

They talked and I watched the two girls fucking. It wasn't something new to me but it was in a way. Vic kissed my neck a lot and sometimes got a little touchy feely. But after a while I started to go numb.

"Victoria will you pay attention." Said the man.

"I've never paid attention before. You're just jealous that I brought someone with me." She said when I heard the girl's orgasms over the rest of her statement. When I looked back she looked at me weird. I then turned around when she grabbed my hips and I kissed her. I heard a low growl from her but I didn't care. The man then stood up and left.

"That was very naughty of you." She said and I looked at her desperately.

"Is it later now, because now I am all hot again." I said and she smiled. I then felt her hand slip up my dress as she pulled me into another kiss. I felt her rip my underwear when I whimpered.

"Shh slow down." She said.

"Hmmmm this is my slow." I said and kissed her. I then felt a finger slide into me and I groaned. The one finger was joined with another two when I felt them exploring me. I moaned when a finger crossed something in me.

"You like that don't you." She said and I had to resist the erg to back my hips. She went to kissing my neck when she pulled her finger out. I gasped but then I was on my back. I grabbed her pants and pulled her hips down.

"You are the longest person to not use me. Now I need to have you." I said and she smiled down to me. I undid her pants when I heard a scream from the other two. I looked and saw one was biting the other with their wings out.

"Just think that is going to be you if you continue. So stop now or forever hold your peace." She said to me when I yanked her pants down and she gasped. I looked to her dick and smiled.

"Forever peace held." I said and she stood up and pulled me up. I then saw her removing her clothing. I did the same when I was pushed to the floor.

"You know I am no easy fuck." She said and I smiled.

"Wouldn't want it any other way." I said when I felt her dick at my legs. I pulled them apart when she became comfortable.

"Ready or not… here I come." She said and drove herself in. I through my head back when there was kisses on my neck. I grabbed at the carpet not wanting to have claw marks left on her back. She started to thrust into me when I moaned loudly. She then sat me up when I looked to her.

"Go ahead, move yourself." She said as she laid back on her hands. I grabbed her shoulder for support as I started to thrust my body up and down. I looked into her eyes and was locked to them as I moved on her. Her eyes were so beautiful and I wondered if they could look better but I could be so wrong.

I was pushed down when she looked at me hungrily. I didn't know what she was saying to me in her head but her eyes told me that I was greatly in need of grabbing onto her.

"I grabbed onto her back when she thrusted into me harder than before. I had to shut my eyes to keep them from going to the back of my head.

"Kara you're so good to me. I will always protect you." She said and I smiled. I pulled her into a kiss when I felt fangs. I opened my eyes to see horns as I felt claws on my hips. I then saw her wings when I felt like I was going to explode. I pulled my arms from her when I smiled and tilted my head to the right and tried to calm down.

"Kara…" She started.

"I love you." I said when I felt this knot form at the base of her dick as she climaxed inside me. I gasped and moaned as I felt her fluids mix with mine. I then felt her bite my neck and I moaned again. I then lost conciseness, when I felt these tail like things over me.

I passed out feeling her hand stroking my arm as her teeth settled into me. I don't know what she was doing to me but I felt my body change in ways I never knew.

When I woke up I saw on a bed. I looked around and saw it was Vic's bed. I groaned at the head ache when I realized my boobs where bigger. I looked down and saw that they where practically double the size. I sat up and felt very weird. I walked over to the mirror to see I was taller, only a little, and that I had these fanged like teeth. I saw this tattoo on my shoulder and I turned my body to see it spread to my back. I was then wrapped in arms. I looked back to see Victoria.

"You enjoying yourself?" She asked when I smiled.

"I just don't look like me anymore. And the nice new add-ons are feeling weird." I said and she smiled back.

"I couldn't help myself but you have to get dressed to se can go check something out." She said and I looked to her weird.

"Do you have anything that would fit me?" I asked when she looked down to me a little bit with a sly look in her eyes. She pulled away from me and pulled me to her closet.

We spent half an hour trying to find something that would fit my chest size. When I was walking in the hall I felt everyone's eyes on me when Vic's arm wrapped around my waist. I moved closer to her slightly and saw she didn't mind. After several hall, two sets of stairs and several doors we found ourselves in a medical area.

"Miss Victoria. What brings you down here?" Came a woman in all white and I looked to her weird.

"We need to know if she is pregnant." She said and I looked to her.

"But we just…" I started and saw Victoria smile to me.

"I'll prep the room." The too joyful nurse said.

"so soon?" I asked and she pulled me in front of her and wrapped her arms around me.

"Yes. We have this magical way to see about two hours later if someone is pregnant. I'll tell you tonight about the claim that you have." She said and I grabbed my neck. She smiled to me and pulled me into a kiss. I kissed her back but my head was spinning with thought that would have to be answered. The biggest one is am I pregnant.

"Please this way." Came the nurse's voice and Victoria pulled away and saw her eyes where a different color.

"You go in and I will be waiting for you out here." She said and I nodded. I turned around and took a deep breath. I then nodded and walked forward. I tried to clear my thought as I took each step. I didn't know what was going to happen but I had to wait and see.

When I was laying down I heard a soft sorry and I looked to see a gas was released and I passed out.

When I woke up I found the nurse over me dead when I saw John. He looked at me weird when I gasped.

"No john what are you doing!?" I said when I heard Drake's and Victoria's voices. I turned to look and hear him gasp.

"You have been marked by her." He said about to grab me when I kicked him away. I stood up and ran to Victoria and Drake fighting.

"Stop this!" I yelled when I charged at Drake. When he saw me I punched him hard. John came p behind me when I ducked and kicked his gut. Somehow they seemed so much slower. I ran to Victoria and helped her up.

"Kara please run." She said.

"Not without you." I said and opened the door and turned to find them running at us. I shut it when I started to hear it bang open. I moved back to Vic when I saw she was hurt bad.

"You have to get out of here." She said when I smiled to her.

"I'm never leaving you. Now or ever. You're mine." I said and I kissed her.

"I can't protect you in this state. I need to sleep and heal but you have to go." She said. I shut my eyes when I felt my mark burn.

"I'll be the on protecting you." I said eyes shut when I bit into her neck. She grabbed onto my arm and I felt something weird happen to me. When I opened my eyes they were burning. The door exploded open but there was this wall behind me in a flash.

"Get some sleep." I said when she fainted. I stood up when I grabbed her sword. It was huge but felt so light.

"Kara move." Drake said. I turned when they gasped and took a step back.

"You hurt her. Now you're going to pay." I said.

The rest is a blur for me to remember. I was fighting them but I didn't feel like it was me. My eyes burned and my neck glowed. I somehow had this magic whenever I felt threatened.

When drake and john was badly hurt john ran over to him and they left. I turned back to Victoria and saw she was sleeping peacefully. I walked to her and dropped her sword. I picked her up and brought her to her room.

I laid her down when I saw her eyes opened. I smiled to her and she sat up as I hit her bed passing out. I heard her voice when I felt her arms around me.

"Please tell me she will be alright." Came Victoria's voice.

"That is up to her." Came a woman's voice.

"She would like a glass of water." I said getting up and rubbing the side of my head. I then felt Vic land on my with her arms around me and her face rubbing against my chest.

"I'll have someone get you something." The nurse said and I nodded. I then started to stroke my hand threw her hair when I felt her start crying.

"Victoria look to me." I said when she grabbed me tighter. "You have to look at me in order for me to kiss you." I said when she made a small laugh. She looked up and I rubbed her tears away with my thumbs and pulled her up into a kiss.

"I thought you wouldn't wake up." She said grabbing my hands.

"I told you before. I'm not leaving you. That means both of us." I said and she looked at me shocked.


"Yeah and going to be a strong little thing too." I said looking down when I pocked my stomach. I was then pulled into another kiss.

When the burse walked in Victoria was laying next to me. She brought me a plate and placed a glass on the nightstand. When she left I started to eat when I felt a hand stroke my leg. I saw her eyes where clouded and wondering. I smiled and kept on eating.

"Kara?" Victoria said and I looked down to her when she looked up to me. "What am I going to do with you?" She asked and I laughed and smiled to her.

"You are going to keep me here and wait for your heir." I said and she pulled me into a kiss. I smiled and kissed her back. I laid there in her arms feeling warm, safe, and tired. I didn't know how long we stayed like that but it was nice.

End of part one. Next part coming soon!!!!

From Sasorilover!!