'Don't stop running! Don't Stop!!'

My chest and throat ached badly. My breathing was coming in quick gasps, it felt like my legs were about to fall off, I started to feel light headed and my I-pod was broken from my fall, leaving me with plenty of time think. To think about Jake, to think about Martha and John, to think about my curse, to think about my moth---

'Just keep running!'

Ever since I ran into Jake, the voices have gone on a ramp page. Screaming at me! Reminding me of who and what I am … A monster.

I couldn't stand the memories of my past invading my mind, forcing me to remember, forcing me to relive every detail. It was a constant reminder of the past I've tried desperately to forget…..

And so I ran. I ran as fast and as long as my feet could take me. Letting the wind caress my face. Hear it whisper tiny secrets in my ears, overlapping the voices, creating peace. All I wanted to hear was the wind and nothing else. Not the people moving around me. Not the kids playing ball across the street. Not the animals scurrying to the homes, or the vehicles flying passed me, just the wind, the wind and nothing else.

Of course I never get what I want.

My legs were about to give out on me and I desperately needed a drink. I slowed my pace and collapsed on the grass at a public park, trying to catch my breath. My legs felt like jell-o.

The heat was unbearable; half my hair fell out of my ponytail and was now sticking to my face. I closed my eyes trying to clear my thoughts. I could see the red colour behind my eyelids and after a few seconds the red disappeared and the heat from the sun subsided, as if I were sitting in the shade. I opened my eyes and noticed that I was lying in shade. Puzzled I looked around me until I found the source.

Trevor was standing over me with a bemused smile.

"Oh! … Hey Trevor, I didn't see you there." I laughed. "How long have you been standing there?" I asked, slightly curious and slightly creeped out.

"Not long. I was just playing ball with some friends when I saw you. Figured you'd want some company." He bend down and sat beside me, causing his shadow a.k.a my shade to leave my face.

I squinted my eyes and instinctively brought my hands up to block my face from the sun.

"Oh .. Well..Thanks?"

"No problem. So…What have you been doing? You look like you just ran a marathon." Trevor inquired.

I laughed. "Something like that." Trevor raised his eyebrow so I elaborated. "I just ran four miles none stop. I am exhausted."

Trevor raised his eyebrows and let a whistle escape his lips. "Do you usually go out for four mile jogs?" He looked at me with this gleam in his eyes, as if he were impressed.

I smiled, "Sorry to burst your bubble but no, I don't usually run that long nonstop. I was just …" I stopped myself, trying to think of the right word. "….trying to get away."

Trevor gave me a confused look. "From what..?" He prompted.

I looked at him, and I mean really looked at Trevor. Trying to figure him out. He seemed like a decent guy but his eyes shown knowledge beyond my years, as if he had been alive for far too long. I mentally shook myself. 'I'm reading too much fantasy books!'

Forgetting about that little detail, Trevor seemed like a really good guy and extremely confident, maybe too confident. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing.

I took a deep breath and then released it.

"Myself." I whispered.

Before Trevor was able to get a word out I intercepted. "Let's play some BALLL!!!" I screeched. Jumping up then offering Trevor my hand. I watched a smirk spread across his face as he took my hand.

"Alright, lets play ball." Trevor agreed.

As soon as he was up, I let go of his hand and dashed over to where I saw a couple of people playing basketball. I recognized some of them from my school and figured that that was where Trevor was playing earlier.

We played for hours and I was making my team lose. I felt bad, so I decided to sit out and watch for a while. I hadn't been sitting down for more then ten minutes when I felt eyes on me. I looked around expecting to find someone behind me or something, but there was no one there. In fact, they only people outside seemed to be me, Trevor and the three other people who're playing basketball. The sun was starting to set and I figured I'd better get home.

"Hey Trev!" I called, trying to get his attention. He left the game and jogged over to me. He was really sweaty. His hair was drenched in sweat, as well as his shirt had a huge wet spot on his chest.

"Yeah, what's up?"

"I'm gonna go home. It's getting late out." I indicated to the sky as if to prove my point.

"Oh, okay ummm…" He looked back at his game longingly, and then looked back at me. "I'll walk you home."

"No it's okay. You don't have to. I don't live that far from here and I wanna finish my walk."

"Oh, uh, are you sure. I mean I could keep you company and it looks like it's going to start raining soon."

"No its fine. I need sometime to think anyways….." Aha! Like I'd want time to think. "…But thanks for the offer." I smile. Trevor looked at my quizzically.

Then after a big sigh he said, "Okay, but stay safe alright."

"Yes sir." I lowered my voice and gave him a salute. Trevor chuckled shaking his head, then turned around and proceeded with his basketball game.

I turned around and started jogging once again. After about a mile it started spitting. I grabbed my hood and pulled it over my head.

"Stupid rain!"I muttered to myself.

Ten seconds later it started to pour.

Five seconds later I was soaked and freezing cold!

Three seconds later, I felt eyes on me. The same eyes from earlier.

I stopped dead in my tracks and spun around so fast I almost tripped over my own feet. But, just like before, no one was there. I started spinning around in circles, trying to locate the eyes. It had gotten dark and the streetlights were on, creating creepy looking shadows.

I started to hyperventilate and took off running, faster then before, causing my hood to fly off in the process.

I didn't hear any foot steps behind me nor any indication that I was being followed, but I could still feel someone's eyes burning holes into my back. Shivers coursed through my body and NO they were not from the cold.

The wind was moving the opposite direction as me, making it harder to run. It smacked my face along with a dozen tiny droplets of ice-cold water. Every droplet that connected with my face felt like a dozen tiny slaps. It felt so different from this morning, this time the wind gave me no reassurance nor did it calm me down. If anything it made things worse. As if it were trying to wrap itself around me, until I could move no more.


I took great gulps of air, trying to breath. The wind swept past my ears as if it were whispering my name. I propelled my legs to move faster.

"Ever ….."

'Shut Up! Shut Up! Shut Up!'


'Shut Up! Shut Up!'


I screamed and spun around to see a black BMW pull up to the curve. The window rolled down and I sighed in relief.

"Jake!" I breathed. I tried to get my heart under control and control my emotions when I spoke, but you could hear to relief in my tone.

"Yeah! Hop in, you look like you could use a ride." I spoke louder then he normally would have to be heard over the rain. So when he asked it sounded as if he were shouting.

He didn't have to ask twice. I still felt like I was being watched from somewhere outside and the storm hadn't gotten any weaker. So I accepted. I eagerly yanked the door open and chucked myself into his car.

As he pulled away from the curb, out of the corner of my eye, I could have sworn I saw a dark figure standing, not five feet away from where I was standing two seconds ago. But once I turned my head around to check, there was nothing there.