Chapter 14-Dancing Queen

Clark's POV

My eyes were riveted to Giselle's face. She was making a speech about the effort and determination all the girls have. She was wearing a form-fitting lilac dress, the bottom sweeping the polished wooden floor with a tint of glitter. Behind her, the red velvet curtains were drawn, and I knew Adele was on the other side, probably pacing up a storm. I couldn't wait to see her, all her hard work paying off. And I couldn't help but think, "I did this." I smiled bitterly.

By the left corner of the stage sat a shiny black piano. Seated in front of it was Caiden, who was practically vibrating with anticipation. His black suit was perfectly ironed, and his dark hair had been slicked back, as was his request to me earlier. He couldn't sleep the night before, and had to be forced to eat some food before coming here. My father couldn't be more proud of him; every few seconds he would make a face at Caiden when he turned around from the piano bench. On the other side of me, Adele's mom, Marie (as she makes sure I call her), sat with her boyfriend. Adele told me there were no explosions when she finally told her mom about this, just a slight heart-to-heart that makes her cringe just thinking about it.

Giselle finished her opening words, exciting the stage with a huge round of applause and a wave of her thin arm. The tittering of the full audience stopped completely once the curtains were drawn and the dancers took the stage. Caiden, with a dramatic sweep of his arms, began the music, and the girls began their routine. All twelve of them were extremely good, but I knew my girl would be better.

Half an hour later, Giselle sashayed back on the stage with a microphone in hand. "Our final piece of the night will be a solo performance by Adele Herrera. Although she is, technically, a beginner, her grace and fluidity display that she is right up there with the dancers you have just seen. That is why she deserves to close the show. Please give you attention to Adele, ladies and gentleman!"

I stood up and let out a loud whoop, and Marie put her arm around me and cheered as well. The curtains were drawn back and Adele appeared center stage. She was wearing all white, and looked sexy as hell. Her blue cast stood out on her wrist, practically reflective in the spotlight. Dell's doctor said he could have taken it off, but she declined. She was afraid that the new lighter weight of her arm would throw off her motions. I don't know anything about ballet so I just agreed with her.

Adele became still once she got into position; I could practically feel the coiled tension in Adele's stance. Her right leg was extended outward, her foot at pointe, while her opposite arm drifted up behind her head. Her hair was in a tight bun at the top of her head, her eyes tilted downward. Adele's mom now gripped my shoulder tightly, and I looked down to smile at her. The first soft notes of the piano twinkled through the stage; all else was silent. I didn't want to blink to risk the first twitch of her muscles. The music was steadily getting louder, more insistent, and with a low-noted clash, Adele looked into up the crowd and began to move. The tempo was increasing, and Adele moved into a giant leap and then a complicated looking twist. Even I, with no experience whatsoever, knew she was performing at her best. She was leaping all over the place, lifting her legs, twirling on her toes; I was in complete and utter awe. I had never seen her full performance until today.

Caiden was banging out the music, moving his head along with the beat, his hands and fingers a blur of activity as they caressed the black and white keys. The music was reaching a climax; Adele was upping the ante: leaping farther, bending lower, and moving faster. I knew every single person in this room was captivated. Adele arched her back, standing on one foot, her arms extended beyond her chest, reaching out toward the audience. With a last strum of the keys, the music stopped. Adele twirled twice, and then lowered herself toward the ground into a split, head angled to the floor.

The audience was silent.

Adele looked up, still on the ground, and grinned. All of a sudden, everyone was on their feet, giving her a standing ovation. I was probably squealing, I don't even know; I was just concentrating on her face, flushed with exertion, full of happiness and accomplishment.

I threw a bouquet of white roses onto the stage. Adele rose up and grasped them in her hand, her eyes finding mine. I winked and smiled. She blew me a kiss.

Caiden left his place at the piano and wrapped his arms around her waist. She bent down and kissed his cheek. Arms linked, she curtsied low while he bowed gracefully. The red curtains closed, but the applause continued. Giselle travelled back to center stage; her eyes glistening with unshed pride and her accent thick. She waited until the clapping died down before speaking. "Thank you very much for attending; you all must be very proud of your dancers. Please stay for food and drinks in the dining hall. Have a great evening everyone."

Mariewas blowing her nose into a crumpled tissue as we all moved up the aisle toward the exits. My father clapped me on the back. "Great show. Adele was amazing…and Caiden too. He's just growing up so fast…" His voice got a little gruff at the end. Oh boy. My father –the sap.

"They really were." I replied, following the crowd as we spilled out into the dining hall. I looked for a door that might lead backstage, wanting to congratulate Adele as soon as possible.

Giselle seemingly came out of thin air. "Clark, I know what you are thinking. Let Adele change, hmm? You will see her soon enough. You have done a wonderful thing for her, my dear." She pecked me on the cheek and then went over to Adele's mother.

I went over to the food table, grabbing two plates and piling on everything I could reach. I was hungry and I knew Adele would be as well. I saw Daniel sitting a table with my father and Caiden. I went over to them and set the plates down, ruffling my brother's hair.

"You were awesome, Caiden." I took a dinosaur book I had bought for him out from under my arm and handed it over.

The tips of his smile practically touched the lenses of his glasses. "Thanks, I love dinosaurs! I had so much fun and everyone was so good…especially Dell. Oh, she was amazing! And," he added, growing slightly pink, "She looked real pretty."

"That she did." Maybe she'll give me a private show later?

In my opinion too much time had passed before the girls finally made their way out. I stood up from my seat the minute I heard the bustle around one of the doors. I made my way across the room, fighting my way through the seemingly never ending line of women until I saw my black haired beauty at the end of the pack. She was taking out the scrunchie in her hair as she walked. All of her make-up was washed off, and she was in a black t-shirt and jean shorts. Still, she was gorgeous. I've honestly never seen her not.

I caught her by surprise as I titled her up with my fisted hand and caught her lips softly with mine. She jolted with surprise but quickly kissed me back. I felt her hair fall around us as stayed locked together. I trailed my hands down to her waist and lifted her up, twirling her around. She could twirl ten times better than me, but she didn't seem to mind.

"You were amazing. Really. And I could come up with a million different adjectives to describe you but unfortunately I won't have you to myself all night to tell you." I placed a kiss at her neck before letting her slide down my body. A jolt of lust went through me. I ran a hand through my hair and calmed myself down. We were in front of a ton of people after all.

"Thank you, Clark. I feel amazing. I can't believe I did this!" Her eyes crinkled at the corners as she stretched her mouth into a wide smile.

"Baby! You were breath-taking." Adele's mom found us and she practically flew at Adele. Their height difference was amusing; Adele towered over her mom.

Everyone took turns congratulating Adele, including Giselle, and then stole Adele to have her eat; she must be starving. As she devoured her food, just as I predicted, we made small talk with everyone else at the table. Daniel presented her with a bouquet of lilies, and I could tell the gesture meant a lot to her. She thanked him profusely, and the exchange meant a lot not only to Adele, but to Marie. She loved the fact that there was no animosity to the two important people in her life.

After another round of food, I noticed Adele becoming tired, her eyes drooping. It was ten o'clock at night, after all.

"Want me to drive you home, Dell?" I asked, my hand moved to her thigh underneath the table.

She nodded. "I am exhausted."

I chuckled. "As you should be." We said our goodbyes to our families, who were still chatting away with a neighboring table (with the exception of Caiden, he was sleeping in my father's lap), and swept out of the room. I had my arm around Adele's shoulder, and I felt her use it for support. I held her bag with my other hand, the flowers she received from Daniel and I placed carefully in them.

"Where's your car?" Luckily, I didn't take mine, having rode here with my Caiden and my dad.

She gave me directions and soon enough I was settled behind the wheel. I reached over and buckled Adele in before driving off toward her house. I drove out of the parking lot and onto the road, extremely glad I paid attention to how we got here today. For performances, Giselle uses the local theatre, and I have never been here before now.

I pulled onto the parkway. Adele's eyes began to drift closed and I turned off the radio.

Sleep, my Dancing Queen.

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