Dear readers,

You may have seen my notice on my blog about writing; I have decided to take down a few of my unfinished stories, and I will not be re-posting them until I finish them. I'll leave up the page as I don't really want to lose the reviews, but the stories will no longer be available to read until I've finished them, or am very close to being done. When I do begin to get inspiration back/finish the story, I will re-post the story under the same document.

Why am I doing this?

Because I love you readers enough that I hate posting a new story, sputtering about, then losing my inspiration and taking two years to finish. I don't like putting you all through that suspense and disappointment, and I don't like the pressure of feeling like I am under unwavering obligation to finish every story I post since I have finally completed one book. You as writers probably know that we get a lot of ideas that don't pan out- some of those ideas take off like dogs after a fox, but peter out because suddenly... there's nothing left.

So I will quit posting stories I won't finish, and from now on most of the stories you see posted will be short or poetry.

Please don't hate me for the decision- I know most of you are rational and lovely enough to be understanding... but y'know, I have gotten some crazy obsessed reviews over the years. ;)

Also, remember to check my blog for updates- I have started posting there again, so if you want news as to my writing status, go there. It's not all restricted to writing, but whenever I have an update, I will post it there. I'll let you all know whether I've begun writing on a story again, whether I've gotten some new ideas, whether I will begin posting a story... etc. And then you can sift through all the useless crap about my life to find the updates on writing... or choose the "Writing News" category, if you don't want to read my random posts.

Happy reading, lots of hugs, and profuse apologies for putting you through the suspense and disappointment.



P.S. I will miss getting reviews from you all regularly- some of you have become people I look forward to hearing from. Ok... most of you. ;) So... comment on my blog. I'd love to keep hearing from you between story lapses.