"The world is made of cities and the spaces between them; and cities are made of people and the spaces between them."- Hwei


They say that reading about an elephant is not the same as standing next to one. This is the reason why I desire to see the world. I had spent years looking at pictures and photos. I had spent years reading descriptions of griffins. And I have always desired to breathe the air and touch the feathers of such strange things. My name is Max, and I will be your story-teller.

I had just recently finished my studies when a strange twist of fate granted me an opportunity and a small fortune. Soon, I began to frequent the local pub where many strange people and creatures came and went in hopes of finding chance for travel. Once I met a fish who wore a helmet filled with water on her head and flew a hot-air balloon. Another time I met a bird who dressed in a diving suit and piloted a submarine. On this particular night I met a wandering spirit and he greeted me like this.


"In this life I can be certain of two things. One is my own existence. The other is imperfection.

My apologies, we have not been formally introduced. My name is Bruce but everyone calls me Zen. I am a wandering spirit: a pirate without a sword, a philosopher without text, a scientist without experiment and adventurer without destination.

Someone much wiser once told me "The world is made of cities, and the spaces between them. And cities are made of people and the spaces between them." - Hwei. I am an explorer of the spaces in-between because it seems that folks are much more interested about the destination, an end rather than a beginning or the space in-between. But I believe in the spaces. I believe where we are going and how we get there deserve more credit. I am heading out on a journey again soon, after all wandering spirits never stay in one place for too long.

You may come along if you wish but I must warn you my adventures take me to many strange places where you may witness strange things and strange events. I only require you to remember that sometimes things may not be all that they appear to be. And sometimes I may not see things that are exactly the way they are."