Never shed a tear to show how weak you're
but when you can say nothing from your heart,
I think you should start crying loudly, maybe
somebody will hear and come to you to heal
every wound that pierces your broken body.

I really feels breathing it's hard and painful,
it's not as if the air was candies with poison,
it's just I'm so powerless before the pain
that embraces you everyday and everynight.

So let me cry with no reason,
let my tears be free in its way,
they're gonna to you with a smile
I can't give anymore cos of the lies.

Always be strong though you aren't
but when you fall, I know you fall,
sometimes give up forever it's the easy way
to live this curious life full of unknow days,
so you're gonna run away, right?

I really feels I'm invisible and everybody can see me,
it's not as if they care about how big my mistakes are,
it's just they can't care about themselves either, we're
just caught in our fool and fake game we think it's living.

Please, let me cry until my voice breaks,
let my tears draw a way to a new day,
they're gonna kiss and wish you sweet dreams
since I still can love you like the first day.