If you would let me,
I'll fix that bleeding heart of yours.
Stitch it up real good.
And kiss the pain away.

Love is the best cure for heartache.
However, it's also the most painful medication,
If used incorrectly.
But trust me,
I'm a professional.

My diagnosis is never wrong.
I'll prescribe you the right dosage.
Keep you high until you don't need the sedation.
But when the high is gone,
I'll still be there.
Making you smile when you need it most.
Let me be your doctor, baby.

I won't even make you wear those
yucky green paper curtains they
make you wear at the hospital
that show your ass to the entire world.
I wouldn't embarrass you like that.
Doctor's oath.

I also vow to keep you under my
Tender loving care.
Is it illegal for doctors to
Fall in love
With their patients?
Who cares.
I'd break the rules to see you smile.