Crying can sometimes be the best remedy. This proved to be true when Bartholomew and I found each other.

I wept and wept, figuring out it really was him, that he hadn't forgotten me, and that he still loved me. Now this is the truly miraculous part. My tears fell into his blinded eyes, and somehow, by some marvelous magic, my tears brought his eyesight back. When I realized he was actually looking at me, and not at some spot above my head, I kissed his eyes and laughed.

Green, the color of Bartholomew's eyes and Persephone's. When he looked at me with those eyes, I knew that I loved him, and had never stopped loving him. He stared at me, and for some reason I blushed.

Bartholomew suddenly realized that I was holding something in my arms. He peered down at Persephone, his daughter. Did he know? Could he tell? A smile swept over his face as he locked eyes with the most beautiful creature in the world.

"Is she mine?" he questioned. I nodded and he smiled even wider. He took Persephone into his arms, both staring at one another. Persephone giggled and I realized that even though she had never met him before, she knew who he was.

This was my family.


"I came back for you," Bartholomew began his story. Persephone was fast asleep in his arms. He had not let go of her since he had first held her. "I wanted to see you again. Before you got married, I mean. And I had brought a yard of cloth to help with your rope ladder…

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Let down your long hair!" I called. Your hair fell down and I began to climb it. It seemed the same as any other time. But when I reached the top, I realized my mistake.

"What do you think you're doing?" It was Dame Gothel. She grabbed me by the neck of my shirt and pulled me into her face. Her breath stunk to the high heavens, I remember that. I noticed that your hair was tied to the hook next to the window. You weren't there.

Dame Gothel picked up a pair of scissors and brought them to my throat. "You stupid bastard!" she cried. I didn't know what to do. My hands clawed at hers, I hoped that I could somehow get away. She laughed at cut my cheek with the scissors, leaving a painful gash that had blood dripping from it. I pulled my legs up to the side of the building and pushed off. Dame Gothel didn't react as quickly as she should have, and I slipped from her grasp.

The thorns under the tower tore at me, and scratched my eyes. That's how I lost my vision," Bartholomew paused and looked at me. I was so shocked. I had no idea that he had gone through all of this. I thought he had just come to the tower, saw that I wasn't there, and left. Bartholomew continued his story.

"It was treacherous, not being able to see. A tree would poke me and I'd suspect it to be the witch. I couldn't defend myself from anything that might attack me.

Love propelled me forwards. It kept me going through the toughest of times. I was destined to find you, and I knew it would be difficult.

I did give up once, though. It was too much. I had just fallen, and I was lying crumpled against what I assume was a tree. I hadn't found anything to eat because everything around me was bare. I couldn't hunt. My outlook did not seem good. So I lay down and closed my eyes, though my view was no different. Then, while I was asleep, you appeared in my dreams, and you were singing. You were holding something in your arms, and you were trying to present it to me. I reached for you and what you held, but every step I took closer, the farther away you got. It was like the most perfect nightmare.

So I stood up and continued on my journey, your face swimming in my head, pushing me on. I think it has been three months since that dream."

I looked up at Bartholomew. Three months? That would be exactly when I had Persephone. The "something" in my arms must have been her, our daughter. Somehow I had appeared to Bartholomew, with Persephone in my arms, telling him to come back to us. And he had. We were together at last.

That night we slept under the stars, Persephone between Bartholomew and me. I had a family, two people who finally loved me for who I was, and I was living the life I had wished for. Maybe a sad story can have a happy ending.

And Persephone smile up at the stars.

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