The Mindless Ramblings Of An Incoherent Space Manta Ray

Ground control
Report in
We've got ourselves
A little situation

This is ground control
What's your position
And your issue

Ground control I've never seen the light in the day
or the dark in the night
Something yes something
It's not quite right

Major this is not the time for philosophical debate
You will advance to your target
Do I make myself clear?

How will they spread my ashes?
When I come down from high above?
Tell me
Will they clean me up?

It seems I've sobered up since that space flight
Yet clarity has reached a limit
Once broken as followed by the green spacewaves
Do tell me where they will spread my ashes

Now it's low
Never quite been like this before
Indeed its a new year
Like any others

Where do I seek my refuge and restoration
My body cannot handle this gravity
My body to ashes
As death approaches

So tell me now what they say
The light only comes in the day
Yet it is dark as night
And what is that, that thing so bright?