With all that there is to say in the world; Hi I'm Cheyenne and I'm one of those lame nerds that spends her nights at bookstores with her laptop making mix cd's. My room consists of shelves of anything and everything-bolts of fabric, glasses with a wide variety of frames and exotic vodka bottles the neighbors give me. In the midst of it all is a bed, but not like any other. The idea is from the basic bunk bed but instead of a bed on the bottom, my desk resides there. My hobbies, other then maintaining a 4.0 include admiring lead singers of piano based bands, organizing my shelves and taking my vintage bike to various thrift shops. Moving along now, the excitement of my life starts when I meet the love of my life. Instead of it consisting of doves and a golden setting sun, it was the musky scent of the library and head butting. How romantic.

One; top left: My Collection of Glass Objects

I woke up at six that day despite it being a Saturday. I was due to meet Ember outside our apartments at seven. If I said this around my parents, I wouldn't head the end of it. They prefer to call it an artistic studio. Since my parents are both in the profession of music and art, we needed a place with room to create and to hold whatever we hoard inside. Which explains why out house looks like an art supply store exploded in here. Anyway, Ember Dawn Naoise-the crazy name pretty much sums up her addictive personality. I swear on my Polish glass collection that she knows me better then even my parents combined. From her daily hand picked wardrobe to her handmade headbands, she's the best friend sent from heaven. Plus she's only a staircase away so life becomes even better. I trudge down my ladder and onto the floor. I go into my bathroom to face the blandness that is me. My natural mocha brown hair is in a bun, my wide framed 50's retro glasses and my practically black eyes set against my pale skin with the random freckles on my nose face me, practically screaming how ordinary my features are. I look like an abstract painting. You could say it's another perk of being an outsider-you have lots of time to point out things about yourself. I wash up and run to my closet and pull out an off the shoulder shirt with some jeans. I grab a headband of my rack (both courtesy of Ember), ruffle my hair and put it on. I throw the usual into a tote bag and bolt out of the door; grabbing my large headphones off the doorknob and on my neck they go. I walk to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and scribble down a temporary farewell note to my parents. As I start down the stairs, I remember forgetting the mix cd I had made. I walk up the stairs and to our place only stopping to be greeted by Ember, by my door, spinning the mix cd that was in my room on her finger.

"How…what…did you…" I stuttered.

"Ummm remember the 'I-have-the-key-to-your-house-in-case-of-the-impossible' thing we made a month ago or so ago?" She retorted.

Of course I remembered. I threw my hands in a surrendering fashion and within seconds we are doubled over laughing. We go down the stairs as she puts the mix cd in her cd player.

I then began to ramble. "See, I don't think its my best but I had this wicked idea in English class and no idea of mine comes without a soundtrack so after classes I started looking through my ipod and chose some Andrew Bird with a hint of The…"

Ember laughed, cutting me off. "Its great, Chey. This just proves it. I think we are both getting high off music."

"Well it depends what kind of high; the illegal marijuana that kills you or the medical kind?" I shot back. Ember sighed, and we sat on some steps. I was awaiting her lecture.

"Come on, you-know-we can't go on living our life off vintage bookstores and Internet meme's! We must explore the open and empty social life we must fulfill! The closest to a night out we've ever had was getting snowed in at Boarders." She took a long dramatic pause then stood up to get to her bike. I followed and started my response, opened my mouth, then closed it. Maybe life isn't about what I think it is. Maybe those popular kids have it right-life might be about having a social life and getting dolled up for parties.

I took a breath, "Then why have we liked it so far? I mean the party scene also includes the huge change of getting drunk and who knows what next!" I stopped to take a breath and make a mental note to calm down and stop excessive arm waving.

Ember laughed. "Because its time to think and burst out of the box!"

Burst out of the box. Sounds dangerous. We started riding toward the local fabric store so I could get some more needles and Ember needed some string. Then we headed to that new thrift store that had opened right next door to the fabric store. Not only that but Ember saw a dress that she "Just HAD to see it on me." It turned out to be a strapless dress with way too much ruffles for its own good. As I stepped out of the dressing room, Ember looked rather satisfied.

"This is perfect, Chey. It even makes you look taller!" she exclaimed.

I frowned at the mention of my height. "I don't have anywhere to wear this."

"HELLO! LIVING UNDER A ROCK? Freshman ball! This dress is your calling!" She exclaimed once more.

I sighed and was convinced to buy the dress. As a result of my extreme pestering, we ended up going to the library. I went toward the history section to check out a book on World War II for a report. I also wandered to the poetry section. I looked for "Fragile Things" by Neil Gaiman but found nothing. I went over to get a book on Robert Frost and acquired a small stack of his works to further analyze-consider it a hobby of my English teacher that has rubbed off on me-that and the wonders of sentence diagramming. I left the section only to remember that I left my wallet by the section. I went back and before I knew it my head hit something, someone tall-very tall-and fell back. I somehow managed to lift myself off the floor and see who I had rammed into. Doing so, my heart also stopped for several seconds. His long, skater hair was pushed back for me to see his deep green eyes. I would have noticed more but my glasses had fallen off as well. We just stared until I started talking

"Hi…um…I'm…I'm Cheyenne….er…..youcancallmeChey…ermm….sorry, here ,let me help you…" I stuttered.

His hair went back to cover his eyes right to the rim of his nose. I stared at him as helped him up.

"Yes…thank you. I'm Robin and uh…um…I think you are in my history class…" he mumbled.

"YOU LIKE NEIL GAIMAN TOO?!?" I interrupted as I noticed "Fragile Things" lying on the floor near him.

"Um…I guess so. It's for this…um…English project…" he mumbled once more.

I asked him (way to fast if you ask me) about how I needed the book as well and we agreed to work together. We decided to meet at my roof deck the next day. As I stumbled over words to tell Ember this, she just replied and sighed, "And the nerd fell for the rebel."

Naturally at this I had to have minor hysterics.

Note: I hope this doesn't epically suck. If it does please tell me. :) And most of these are real events only twisted heavily. Most names have been changed.