Where were you when I needed you?

That night not long ago.

I really haven't really got a clue,

As to why you would sink so low.

That night that I walked while crying,

Wondering when you would come home,

I could not help but think of all your lying,

And how often you did roam.

I had been with you all these years.

Yet you did throw it all away.

All the love and all the tears,

And yet you did still stray.

I know that you were with her,

That night not long ago.

That night where my tears made my vision blur.

And my heart was full of woe.

For, you see, that very night,

Though you did not know,

I was full of pain and fright.

From the hurts that he did blow.

That night that I was walking home,

Without you, though you should have been there.

He came again, hiding behind the dome,

And hurt me without a care.

I struggled, but it did not matter.

He would not halt the blows.

And over my head a bottle he did shatter.

As the blood just flows and flows.

I collapsed, and only then did he think to halt.

He reached into my pocket, as he had done before.

And took the money he so craved, the reason for my assault.

And he walked from my limp body, done from his chore.

Eventually, I suppose, someone found me in the street.

But by then it was far too late.

And over me they lay a sheet.

As I reached Heaven's Gate.

But do not worry.

I still can't hate you.

Especially now as I watch your eyes grow blurry.

For, you see, I loved you true.

Though I cannot help but wonder one thing.

Had you not cared to cheat,

And if with me you had been,

Would I not have been beat?

Would I still be alive?

Or was it fate?

That I not thrive?

And now be knocking at Heaven's Gate?

But, what's done is done.

There is no going back.

I wish only one thing for you, only one.

That you find happiness, that with me you did so lack.