A/N- Weres, wiccans, and vampires and ect are placed in here. I haven't gone into much detail onto the first chapter in it, but it'll be cleared up by the third. Apologies in advance of course.

Chapter One:

Learn Your Lesson the First Time

A loud growl erupted from it's throat as it's blinding hatred green eyes stared into the other wolf's. The fangs were only a couple of inches long and looked even more deadly as the fresh blood was just an added effect. The gray fur was ridden with the thick maroon red liquid as well. Torn ears lay back on its head, the lips pulling back into a frightful snarl.

"You may want to change back. You would look more threatening to me you know?" The female growled lowly. She was still human, standing only around 5' 5". Her caramel brown hair fell just past her shoulder blades, a eerie silver tint in it. The venom in her eyes would've killed if it were possible. Petite and lean, but all the more muscle under the small body.

The wolf snarled louder, but shifted back into his 6' 2" human. His shoulder were broad, not brushed by his army cut hair. He was tall, broad, and scarred to hide what used to be a natural beauty. His eyes were now a hatred ridden green and his hair was gray-blonde hair had blood in the rough strands. "You really shouldn't even ask me. Either way you still lose, puny wolf. I don't see how they can call you an alpha." The larger male stepped forward, trying to make the female step back as he tried to intimidate her.

She gave a smartass, cocky smirk at the older wolf. "I thought I already told you to get lost once, Raymond. Plus, don't call me puny. I can kick your ass, and it's not my name. If you going to call me something, call me my name." She answered simply, the smirk still plastered onto her face. The puppy dog brown eyes held a challenging look compared to the other's hatred.

"You mean, Alexander? You don't deserve to hold the name Pain Wolf, kid. Your nothing compared to him anymore." Was the last thing Raymond said before he raised his fist, aiming a fist at the female's jaw.

Alex growled, catching his wrist and twisting it roughly to the side, kneeing him in the stomach in the process.

The fight went on until the blade was drawn by Raymond. A slice over the right eye and temple sent Alex over the edge. She slipped over into wolf, aiming, and acquiring, the deathly bite to the jugular.

Foot steps echoed loudly in her ears. This hurts like hell... Alex thought, shifting back into human, holding her head.

"Alex! Are you ok?" Another female asked, coming up behind her.

"Stop yelling, Babe... I'll be fine..." Alex answered, voice barely a whisper, seeing at how loud it sounded in her pounding ears. She tried to leave with Akelia, but just ended up falling back into her girlfriend's arms. "Damn it..." She sighed, letting herself be laid in Akelia's lap.

Akelia wrapped her arms around her girlfriend, supporting her head on the front of her shoulder. "Alex, are you ok? Speak to me Alex, please." She begged. The green eyes were pleading at Alex's brown ones to stay awake.

Alex couldn't help but smile. She looked up at Akelia, right side of her vision starting to get blurry from the blood running down the side of her head. Her puppy brown eyes held a gentle look as her eyes trailed over the older girl's face and light blonde hair. "I'll be ok Akelia... Just take me back, and... Don't worry if I pass out... It's only from blood loss." Alex answered, giving the same cocky smirk at her girlfriend she always did.

The last thing Alex remembered was a steady stream of curses from Akelia. Instinctively, she shifted closer to her girlfriend, closing her eyes. Listening to Akelia say, "Damn it, come on babe, stay up. Fuck..." She passed out in the older girl's arms, bleeding still and bruised from the fight.

Akelia frowned, cursing still, unsure what more she could do. She helped with the wounds, closing them at the least, before trying to get her Alex to help...