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Chapter Four:

Electric Fire

Point of View: Normal

Alex's Patrol

"Careful damn it! Stay down!" Alex growled over the fire that had lit up at the edge of the city somehow. Her eyes burned, looking around from her cover behind one of the buildings. She had four of the other wolves with her, and she knew there was at least one more vampire group over on the other side of the city as well.

"What are we gonna do Alex? We're stuck under fire!" A larger gray wolf rumbled, his eyes wanting to finish this.

"Don't remind me…" Alex mumbled, only glancing at the bigger wolf. She looked around, trying to remember the maps she made herself memorize. "Next building has a hidden door. Think we can make it Steph?" She turned her eyes on the small white female with the group.

Steph looked up at Alex, frowning. "I know you three can…" She went back to tending to the arrow wound, trying to get it to heal faster.

Alex's frown deepened. "Jack, you're up. Get Steph over to the next building. We'll meet you two inside." She ordered the big black wolf with them.

Jack glared a bit at Alex, hating that he had to take orders from her, but did as he was told. He was the biggest of the four, standing five foot just in wolf with jet black fur. "Come on." He half growled, pretty much lifting her onto his shoulders as she yelped. With a curt nod to Alex, he easily slipped around the edge of the building and towards the next one.

Alex turned back to the large gray wolf. "We're going to have to go the hard way. They know this four is together. Around this side," She pointed the way opposite that Jack went, "is a way to a window on the far side. We can slip through easier." Her frown stayed, wondering if they were even going to make it now. "Let's move Killer."

Killer frowned, but nodded. "Let's not get killed too." He said, watching the arrows and bullets hit the ground right where they were going to have to run through.

"We'll go on the next reload."

The next reload time seemed to be forever, but in truth, it was only five minutes later. On Alex's "now", they both darted past the main firing spot that was keeping them pinned. Bad part now was they were in the open until they got around to the other side of the building…

Cassandra's Patrol

"Fuck, where's Alex and her team?" Cassandra cursed, watching as the fire started to build up more.

"We didn't see them on our way out. They must've been by the fire when it started." A vampire panted, standing behind Cassandra. He was one of the four of the group that was supposed to be out the same time Alex's was.

Cassandra raised her bow, letting another arrow fly. Her and ten other good shots were keeping the vampires back towards the fire, if not in the city. "They're already ten minutes late… Something must've gone wrong." Her voice was edgy now as the thought of Alex and the others dying must've spread through her mind.

The wind was picking up a bit. The tall grass that edged the city was starting to light up as the fire was fed by the wind. Other wolves and vampires were closer to the fire, keeping the rare vampire or two back.

Cassandra shook her head. "We're going to have to finish this." She muttered something about being sorry before handing her bow to the vampire by her. "I know you can use that." She stepped back behind the line of archers, focusing herself for what Alex was originally suppose to do.

Alex's Patrol

"DAMN IT!" Alex's howl of pain rang out loudly. She fell as a bullet went through her leg. "Fuck that burns…" She swore, trying to push herself up.

"Come on Alex!" Killer called running back. He grabbed her by the scruff, having to drag her to their cover.

Alex grumbled curses to herself, looking at her leg. "Through and through at least… Anyone have any of their clothes left?" She asked, looking up at them.

Steph shifted back, her shirt utterly destroyed, so her torso was almost bare, as well as her lower body. She took what was left of the shirt off, tossing it to Alex and shifted back. "Shut up guys, and if you don't stop staring I'll be the death of both of you." She growled. Lightly, she came over and started to splint Alex's leg. "Nice going… Get wounded like me."

Alex shook her head. "We're late. We have to get out of here." She whimpered a bit as she stood up on the wounded leg. She shook her head as Killer offered to help her. "No, I can manage." She looked around, but looked up at the fire. "We're going through it…" She announced after a moment.

They all looked at her like she was insane. "What the hell are you thinking? We'll burn!" Jack growled.

"It's called I've practiced Jack." Alex snarled in return. She walked closer to the blazing heats. She watched it for a moment before closing her eyes and focusing on it.

The heat began to die down in the one spot and the flames began to spread apart. They protested, flicking out at each other to stay together, but moved apart far enough for the wolves to get through.

"Go." Was the only command Alex could make out as she held the flames as they were.

The group ran through, Alex last and didn't stop until they had made it back to Cassandra and the other archers.

Alex collapsed at Cassandra's feet, cursing from the pain her leg was giving her.

"Help me Alex." Cassandra said, hearing Alex's voice.

Alex nodded, leaning up only enough to help feed the fire so it finished the city. "Fuck…" She breathed, falling back down after it was done.

Cassandra dropped to her knees as well, drained. She stayed still, trying to breathe.

Back home


"How many did we lose?" Alex asked, shifting in her bed to look at her girlfriend.

"Just stay still Alex… You're going to reopen your wound and I'm not going to heal you again." Akelia answered, moving onto the bed with Alex. "You only lost twelve; four wolves and eight vampires." She kissed Alex softly. "You should be proud you didn't lose more."

Alex nodded, snuggling up to Akelia. "Still don't like losing anyone though." She answered simply, sighing. She closed her eyes laying her head on the other girl's chest.

Akelia wrapped her arms around Alex, holding her close.


Cassandra sighed heavily. "She made it barely again Nich." She was standing at the window, looking outside. She had changed into her normal clothing after returning and everyone was back in their own houses or with the other healers.

"But she did, so I guess it's all that matters." Nicholas answered, moving over to her. His arms wrapped around her waist, laying his cheek against her shoulder. "She's strong, she'll make it."

Cassandra shook her head a bit. "That's not my point Nich. I almost lost my daughter… It scared me before, but now actually seeing it… I think it frightens me more."

Nicholas nodded. "I know what you mean, but I don't really know how you feel, darling." His words were soft, holding her close to him.

Cassandra sighed again. "It's not normal Nich…"

"What isn't?"

"That she means this much… I mean, we're on the same side of the war, but she…"

"She, what Cassandra?"