I have just got started a relationship with a lovely Russian girl named Andi. Now, I dont usually do the whole relationship thing. But, this sweet little treat reeled me into one just in one glance. Shes sweet, cute, and funny. Shes like my perfect match. Im a wild tomboy and shes a sweet little girly-girl. We got together last week. She and I met in a popular host club in Japan. The girls of that club played cupid with us. My favorite hostess, Hitomi, and I sat drinking and joking around when I noticed Andi walking by. I couldnt help but to stare at that luscious Russian girl walking by. She made her way over to the bar. I watched on still.

Wow! I said out loud. I heard giggling behind me. I looked and saw Hitomi smiling at me. I looked at her oddly.

What? I asked. Hitomi smiled at me in a warm way.

Do you think shes cute? she asked me. I looked at her surprised.

What?!? I asked her. Hitomi shrugged at me.

I mean come on! she called. She is pretty cute! If you dont think so, Ill take her. To me, that sounded like a challenge. I looked at her quite bold.

And what are you saying, my sexy friend? I challenged her. The hot babe shrugged at me. She shook her head at me.

Nothing, nothing, Hitomi replied. I looked her again sharply playful.

Dont think I can win her over, huh? I questioned. My lovely hostess smiled at me.

Can you? she asked. I looked at her in my bold flirty way.

Why, yes I can! I said aloud.

Okay, Hitomi replied. Prove it! I stood up right away.

Alright! I said. Ill do it! I walked over to the lovely red-head over at the bar. The lovely red-head looked up at me. I froze up right away at her sexy little smile. I had a temporary setback with fear. But then I recovered when I remembered that I had my bet on the line. So, I gathered up my pride and walked over to my prey. I sat down next to her.

Hi, I greeted her.

Hi, she said back to me. I looked at her surprised.

You speak Japanese? I asked her.

Yeah, my target answered. I stared at her amazed.

Im Miho, I forced out of my mouth. Shigi Miho. The red-head smiled at me boldly.

Andi, she replied. Andi Katina.

I see, I replied. Then, she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I found myself honey-sweet surprised. Okay, I didnt expect this at all. She seems a little more adventurous than I thought. Well then, nothing to do than to go along with the ride and see where it takes us here. I kissed her back in a gentle yet semi-romantic way. We seemed to stay like that forever. The hostesses all clapped for us all around. And Andi and I have been together since that fateful night.

But lately, her attention seems to be elsewhere. I think shes thinking of cheating on me with her boss. The question in is named Noizchild Johnson. Ive only seen her once or twice. Shes so pretty! Why is that my beloved Japan has a fetish for catgirls? All of the boys and girls all drool over Noiz for her nice body, high talent, and noticeable black cat ears and tail! Andi talks on and on about her. She seems to be in love with Noiz. Andi doesnt have to say if she wanted to. I can see it in her eyes! I just want to scream now every time I hear Noizs name. Grrr! THAT WOMAN IS NOT THAT PRETTY!!! *Sighs in high anger*

Thing is, Noiz never seems interested in Andi in the first place. Shes not fooling me though. Those women sometimes play straight with a woman they like and when they have her in a secure place, the poor souls are seduced away by the evil temptress. No! I cant let that happen to my Andi-chan! Not at all. I have to stop that evil seductress Noizchild before I lose Andi to her. But, I cant stop my Andi from working there. That would be just unreasonable. So, what can I do? Then, an idea came to me.

The next day, I applied for a job at Tokyo-Zion Academy. I filled out my application and turned it into the hussy Noizchild! I sat in her office as she looked over the paperwork. I waited as I glared at her coldly. That hussy looked up at me smiling like a sweet little angel. You cant fool me, bitch! Ive met your type too many times! You wont catch me off guard at all, Noizchild Johnson!

This is really good, she said to me. Impressive resume here. But, what job are you applying for here?

Anything! I said in a rush. Just give me anything!

O-kay Noiz replied. Lets see what I have here! She opened up her registry file and looked at all of the available courses that she had. I looked on with her. We scanned the courses for a couple of seconds.

Lets see, Noiz spoke again. There is a Japanese II class, Japanese I parts one through three, Art III, Designing I, Physics, and Computer science.

Yes! I said quickly. She looked at me as if I had gone off my rocker.

What? Noiz asked me.

Yes! I said again. I will take all of them! She didnt seem to know what to say after that. I smirked at her in my head. Ive got you now bitch! Once I get the job, its game, set, match. Noiz smiled at me again.

Okay then, she said. I looked at her slightly confused.

So do I get the job? I asked her.

Yeah, Noiz said slightly surprised. I guess you do. We need more people anyway. Ill see you Monday! Score one for the woman! But, I kept my own emotions down long enough to make it through the job interview.

Thank you, Noiz-san, I said to her with a bow. Noiz bowed at me back.

Great, she replied back. You can go now. I wanted to rush out of there right away. But, I didnt want to look like an idiot in during so. I slowly got up and walked out the headmistress office. Once out the door, I cheered out loud in joy.

Yes! I called out loud. I won, bitch! Ill keep Andi right by my side now! Eat that Noizchild!

Miho? I heard someone ask me. I froze and looked up right away. Andi-chan stood in the hallway looking at me confused. I suddenly felt so stupid now. My girlfriend looked me up and down.

Miho, she said. What are you doing here? I smiled at her innocently.

I work here now! I answered honestly. She looked at me slightly confused and surprised.

What? she asked me. I walked closer to her.

I work here now, I answered her again. I just got the job! A moment of silence passed between them. Andis face lit up in joy.

Thats great! she called out loud. Well be working beside of each other from now on! Andi hugged me wildly. Im so happy! she called in that sexy Russian accent that I love so much. I smiled and leaned my head on her shoulder.

So am I, I said. So am I.

Love Makes People Do Crazy Things