Just another murder, nothing to see here

Shooting Justin a glance that said "Get in the closet or else I will kill you with or without witnesses around." I opened the door just a crack. Enough for 'Little Elizabeth' to see what a mess I was, along with a small portion of my room.

"You're not going to let me in, are you?" She smirked and I noticed her perfectly white teeth. Even with braces those suckers had been glamorous back in middle school.

"No, I'm not. Why are you here?" Screw politeness.

"Mom's idea. Ever since your little tea party she's been infatuated with the idea of a reunion between us. So here I am, Adders." She attempted to push the door open with the toe of her heels. Ha. Ha. Ha. Silly girl.

"Adriane." I corrected and blocked the door with my bare big toe, which I knew for a fact would be enough. If recalled correctly, I was the strong one.

"Where am I supposed to put my bags if you don't let me in?"

"In your room. You're not sleeping in here."

"I don't think your mother knows that."

"Might as well tell her while you're down the hall. Second to last door on the right at the very end." I gestured in the general direction, not completely knowing if I was being exact. Oh well, she would sleep on a damned cactus if it were up to me.

"I missed that temper, Adders. See you in a few." She winked and picked up her overpriced luggage. Three bags.

How long is she staying??

Long enough to make life hell again, I suppose.

Fucking swell. Just great.

Suck it up?

Remember last time?

You're screwed.

I slammed the door enough to rattle its frame and make Justin swear. Ugh. Him. I had to deal with Justin and Elizabeth. The universe truly hated me.

"Go ahead and come out, we have to find a way for you to escape. Damn it…" My fingers began to tangle into the lose onyx locks I claimed as my own, braiding them into oblivion.

"Addy, who the hell was that thing?" Justin had opened the closet- which happened to be a walk- in to house all the finery crap my mother insisted I own – and was curled on the carpet clutching his forehead.

"That would be Elizabeth." I fought against myself to add "My mortal enemy."

"Why are you such a bitch to her?" He lay right beside a particularly lacey dress that would come down to my knees. Barely. Justin casually stroked the fabric as if he had been forced into a closet full of dresses every day of his life. Creepy.

"Because she deserves it. Now get up."

"If I did that then the world would start spinning again. No thanks."

"Well don't guzzle down alcohol like its oxygen next time, idiot." I grabbed his hand and tugged, but this time he fought back. His palms were sweaty, anyway, which led to the immediate stoppage of said tugging. I resorted to kicking his ankles, which shook his entire body. Get up you oaf!

"Addy, you're going to make me ralph on your carpet and the pretty dresses if you keep shaking me like that." Justin growled, eyeing my foot, which was about ready for another go at his leg.

"And you're going to make me drag your dead carcass out the window if you don't move within the next five minutes."

"In four minutes I'll let you know if there will be a murder or not." Being hung-over made him almost more of a smartass than me. Why didn't I just leave him on the damned swings? With an angry huff I stomped back into the room and scoured for his shirt. He would at least be clothed while pissing me off.

"What are you doing?" He called too calmly for one who would be killed in the next…three minutes.

"Look at your chest and tell me what's missing." I rolled my eyes and spotted something blue that could resemble the stained Superman shirt he'd been wearing last night. God, that was lame too. Superman was just a damn super. Batman…Spiderman… Wolverine. Those were the real heroes. Everybody who wasn't Justin knew that, apparently.

"Oh. Right." I heard a rustling, followed by a thud and then a groan. Genius, he was truly genius. In the closet there was a low hanging shoe rack that I was willing to bet millions he'd dinged his face into.

"Those weren't there before." He muttered and I silently applauded myself before tossing the shirt into the small room.

"You've got two minutes before I haul your ass out the window. Dead or alive; depends if you struggle." I peered into the closet to find him lounging across the ground with a pained smile. Annoyed, I slide beside him, inhaling one of the worst odors in my lifetime.

"I'd love to see you try."

"Justin…" I tried to make my tone serious. He looked up, startled.


"You smell like a zombie that drinks at a cheap pub. Please don't make me touch you more than necessary." I wrinkled my nose at him and he, once again, lost emotion.

"Where do you go when you do that?" I punched his arm gently.

He ignored me.


"I don't know what you're talking about." Liar.

"Of course not. So if you won't answer that, then how 'bout you tell me where you've been for the past few days?"

"I couldn't tell you in two minutes."

"Technically it's just a minute now."


"Please?" He sighed and sat up, leaning his filthy head against one of the many dresses. Might as well put them to some use. He stretched one jean clad leg (stained, obviously) and pulled the other to his chest.

"The day after you tackled me I met up with Marie…and told her we were over." He winced but continued.

"She began crying and her makeup was running and I just couldn't handle it. So I used my fake-id – don't give me that face, I'm almost eighteen – and got wasted off of anything I could scrounge up with 50 bucks. You'd be surprised, Addy, no one even cared I was there, they were all trying to forget their own troubles. A friend, don't remember who, took me in and I crashed there, then woke up to drink some more. He put up with me for another night and then…last night I don't even remember. Guess I went to the park." He shrugged and turned to face me for the first time, expecting something.

"What do you want me to say?" I was in severe like with a drunk.

"Anything that doesn't involve yelling?"

"I'm not your mother." I'd kill his ass if I were his mother…

"No, no you aren't." He trailed off and that's when I put two and two together.

"Your parents are…nonexistent?"

"You could say that."

"What would you say?"

"Don't worry about it." Justin's hands shook and he focused his energy on anything but harassing me, for once. I let the issue drop for now, although he obviously didn't understand that I was one of the most curious nut jobs on the planet.

We sat in the closet for a few more minutes, completely ignoring the facts that Justin should now be a dead man and Elizabeth was in my house, ready to dish out more trouble than her Prada heels were worth.

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