I asked a favour to the great, blue sea

The sea asks, "What can I do for thee?"

"Could you send these flowers to her with my note?

These two things hold one favourable, meaningful quote..."

The sea then asks, "For this favour, must I venture far?"

He thinks for a second and says, "Not very... I could get there with no car."

The sea wonders, "Lad, why don't you venture with me there?"

The boy became nervous, "Umm… I'm just scared to tell her I care..."

The great blue responds, "Won't seeing her reaction be more fulfilling?"

The boy signed, "I know it would be… But the risk are so high, I'm just not willing...

If I tell her face to face, what would be her reaction?

A good, bad, or maybe satisfaction?

Please sea, I'm scared of what she'll say…

It may cause me to smile or just feel dismay

Please sea, this is my only cue

I just need to know what really is true…"

The sea hears his plea, but still stood his ground

"If you do care… Then you should be proud

Be proud of what you feel

Inside you know it's true and real

I know you know you want to see her grin and expression

Come now boy... Swallow your pride and come with me for your confession :)..

She'd want to see you and feel your presence

While you serenade her with words and presents

Just take this chance… wouldn't it be worth it for this?.."

not done.. lazy.. ughh... like anyone reads anyway :D