Writer's note: well... I was on and in the light rail today just thinking. Thinking... ugh... hate thinking... I dislike you a lot thinking. :(.. Seriously. I couldn't help but THINK. About... something. I dont know. Then whilst cleaning my house _ sort of... I thought about it again. Ugh. Whatever. Poem now...

Sometimes, I see you as ocean

Seeing as you're always in constant motion

But at moments, you're like a picture in suspension

Not changing for now while you have my attention

And I could say a thousand words about your frame

But... ahahah. Those words would be almost the same.

At times, you're like a joyful song

So I just smile and listen while I sing along

But through scenes, I see a different character

Even if each one is played with the exact actor

It's gotten me confused and caught me in enamor

Even if my mind is in a steady clamor,

I still need to know, but this patience is my curse

I really never know what to think for better or worse

But that won't change my outlook of you

And I will have to follow your decision fro to

I hope I'll get an answer, but I just don't know what moment

Cos finding the answer myself isn't my obvious talent

So... for now, I'll be on hold

Don't fret, it really isn't cold

Just tell me cos I'm hanging onto this chapter

Even though I know deep inside... it's no happily ever after...