I sat on the plane to Seattle, waiting to take off so that I could listen to my music. I glanced out of the window and looked out at phoenix and sighed. I'll miss this place, I'll miss the unadulterated heat and my great group of friends.

I decided to move back to La Push, Washington, where I was born. My father still lives there and I'm going back live with him. Ever since my mother married Phil Dwyer — big time baseball star — they've been on the move. He has to go so many places for his job that she ends up going with him. I hated to be alone all the time so I thought it was time for a change. My father was a great man, however since I became a teenager I've spent less and less time with him. I haven't seen him for two years and I've missed him loads. we talked on the phone but sometimes that's not enough.

I felt someone sit down next to me and turned to see who it was. A young man — probably mid twenties — with thick, cropped strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes, a sprinkle of freckles dusted his cheeks and he had strong, sharp features. A total contrast seeing as though the hair and freckles made him look like a boy whereas the strong features made him look incredibly manly.

"Hey." he said, holding his hand out to me, well at least I'll have someone to talk to on this flight.

"Hi, I'm Bella." I took his hand and shook.

"Alfie." I gave him a smile.

"Nice to meet you."

"You as well, Bella."

The plane took off and I took one last look at phoenix before we were off in the clouds.

Alfie and I spoke about loads of things. He told me about his life in phoenix and that he was visiting his parents in Seattle, we spoke about music and our favourite books and films. He was an interesting guy and it was good to have someone to talk to.

Once the plane landed I took off and collected my luggage, looking around for my father. I wasn't searching long when I heard his voice behind me.

"Bells?" I whipped around to find the same old Charlie. Dropping my bags I propelled myself into his arms and squeezed him as hard as I could.

"Daddy!" I yelled, causing people to stare and then smile.

"God, I've missed you, Bells." He squeezed me back and I huffed for breath, he was really strong.

"I've missed you too." he let go of me and held me and arms length. His eyes flickered over me as he took in all the changes that had happened over the last few years.

"Ah, Bells, you're so beautiful. So grown up." he sighed and gave me a smile. I took after my father in everything. He was 6'1" and I was 6ft, he was very well built, as was I. We both had rich chestnut hair and milk chocolate eyes. Skin that was a little pale unlike the deep gorgeous russet tones of most of La Push. And we both had the same signature smile, big and mischievous.

"You don't look to bad yourself, old man." he sniggered and picked up my bags and dragged me out to his truck. He chucked my bags in the bed of the red Chevy and we both hopped in, him in the drivers seat and me, shotgun.

The ride home was pleasant. We caught up more and chatted all the way home. He told me about his fishing trips with Billy Black, his best friend and our next door neighbour. He was going to come over for dinner tonight anyways and he was bringing his son and my best friend when I was home, Jacob. I cant wait to see him again. He was such a scrawny little boy when I saw him last. He was a year younger than me but we always got along like we were twins. If we ever had an argument it lasted all of two seconds before we would be talking and playing again.

As soon we got home I started unpacking, I opened my window and turned up Jeff Buckley's, Hallelujah.

"I heard there was a secret chord, that David played and it pleased the lord, but you don't really care for music, do ya?"I sang along, as I folded clothes away and stuck up posters of my favourite bands and a large poster of one of my favourite movies; Cursed.

I changed the sheets of my bed from the lilac purple that they were, to black silk and chucked an extra pillow on there. I organised all my toiletries on my black lacquered vanity and filled the shelf on the wall by the window with CD's I'd brought with me. I left my laptop and I-pod on the bed and trudged downstairs.

Charlie was in the kitchen, cooking something or other. I glanced at the clock above his head, it was four o'clock. He was stirring something in a large silver pan, when he looked up.

"Everything unpacked?" he asked.

"Yep. Need any help?"

"Not here. Could you do me a favour and go next door and tell Billy to come over at around six-thirty. Dinner should be ready by then."

"Sure thing."

I bounce out through the living room and out the front door. Walking down the path, thinking about planting flowers to brighten the place up a bit. I went the next house to the right, the last one on this street and knock on the old red door. I heard boisterous male laughter coming from within the house and then the squeak of wheels.

The door opened revealing Billy Black in his wheelchair. A huge smile lighting up his face as he realised it was me. I laughed and bent down to hug him, squeezing him tight as he hugged me back.

"We've missed you here, Bells." his voice was deep and warming.

"I've missed you guys too." I let go of him and straightened up, taking in his aged appearance, he was still looking good for a man of his age. His bright eyes and amiable smile made him look a lot younger.

"Charlie said to come over at about six-thirty. Is that ok?"

"Absolutely, dear." Another roar of rowdy laughter came from the living room followed by a few 'ooo's' and 'ahhhh's'. Billy chuckled.

"Come, come. You must go and see Jacob. He has his mates round, hence the laughter." he motioned for me to go into the living room and then wheeled off to the kitchen.

I closed the door behind me and walked into the room on the right the laughter came again and I moved further in the room to see seven giants sitting around the television. A few scattered on the floor, with X-Box controllers in their hands and a few lounging on the large couch.

I searched for Jacob in the group and blinked vigorously when I found him laying on the couch. He was huge. Legs long and thick, his large biceps on show as well as his ripped and defined abs. His shiny black hair fell to his shoulders. He was hot. I couldn't believe this was my scrawny little best friend.

"Baby J?" I called out, using my nickname that I gave him. He hates it 'cause it always reminds him that he's younger than me.

His head shot up as did the heads of all the others. His eyes widened and his handsome face stretched into a happy smile. He jumped up and ran over to me. Wrapping his arms around me and lifting me off of the ground, spinning me around.

"Bella!" he hollered as I began to get dizzy.

"Baby, put me down. You crazy fool." he set me back down and I studied his new hot bod. "Wow, Jake. Your so big."

A snigger came from across the room, in front of the T.V.

"That's what she said." said a tall, lean guy with wavy black hair that fell to his chin. A few of the others laughed, all apart one who was just staring. He looked like the eldest.

"Ok, I suppose I asked for that one." I chuckled and shook my head, "But look at you Jake, your so…so…hot." I said honestly, he laughed at me and ran his hand through my hair, before turning us toward his mates.

"Guys, this is Bella. We used to take baths together. I have pictures to prove it." they all raised their eyebrows.

"Thanks for that introduction, Jake. I'm gunna get Dad to take that picture down from the fireplace." he laughed at me, and one of his friends spoke up.

"Aww, that's you in that picture?" my mouth dropped.

"You've seen it?" his chocolate eyes looked a little shifty.

"Erm…yeah. We all have. We go round Charlie's all the time."

"Oh my god, I'm so going to burn that picture." Billy chose that time to wheel in.

"What picture?"

"The one of Jacob and I in the bath on Dad's fireplace." I answered.

"Aw, but that's a cute picture. I have the same one, framed in the hallway upstairs." he said innocently.

"WHAT!" I ran upstairs and saw the offending picture, hung right where everyone could see it. A six year old me and a five year old Jacob sitting in a white pool of bubbles.

"PEDOPHILES!" I yelled down the stair and heard everyone laughing, including Billy. I ran back down the stairs and jumped on Jake's back, wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck as he enclosed his large hands around my thighs.

"Bells, these are my guys. Paul, Jared, Seth, Quil, Embry and Sam. The other three aren't here, but they are Collin, Brady and Leah." he pointed out each one as he said their name.

I realised that Sam had been the one staring and I observed him for longer then the others. He was big, his muscles were large but delicately defined, his shoulders were so wide that they took up the width of the couch. His skin was a rich russet hue and his hair was a chopped, thick, shiny ebony. His eyes were a dark brown. The worst part was that he had no shirt on, like the others, however his ripped abs were killing me and it didn't help that his denim shorts were hanging low on his hips, revealing a delicious V that carried on beneath the material.

"Hey guys." I greeted.

"Hey Bella." they said in unison. I giggled before I realised how hot Jacob's skin was.

"Jeez, Baby, I could fry eggs on you. You're boiling." I rubbed my hands over his chest, secretly liking the feel of all this new muscle. Hey what can I say, I'm a girl, I'm allowed.

"Stop doing that." Jake shook from side to side, dislodging my hands.

"I'm sorry, that must be really uncomfortable for ya." I said sarcastically, he just laughed.

"No, it just tickles." I shook my head and squeezed my thighs, silently telling him I wanted down. He patted my thigh before letting go. I landed elegantly on my feet, knees bent, and then straightened out to my full height.

"Whoa momma, you're tall for a girl." Quil said, causing me to raise my eyebrows.

"What are you saying?" he bit his lip.

"Erm…erm…that you're tall."

"Are you saying girls cant be tall?" ok, so I may be a little sensitive about my height.

"No" he squeaked.

"I'm not the tallest woman in the world. She's like up there." I pointed toward the ceiling. "She's a lot tall than you. You probably look like an ant to her. She will squish you." Billy patted my hand.

"She's a bit touchy when it comes to her height." he explained.

"Damn straight, I am. It means that I cant wear heals!" I stomped my foot and huffed.

"There, there, baby, you can wear heals around us. Were all taller than you." Jacob soothed and ran his hand through my locks again, letting it settle at the small of my back. I wiped away a fake tear and sniffed.

"S'pose." I huffed and he gave a deep chuckle.

"Always the drama queen." Jake whispered, so I punched him on the arm. He rubbed the spot and everyone in the room frowned at me.

"What did I do?" I held my hand up in mock surrender.

"Ouch!" Jacob said, his voice held disbelief for some reason. I flexed my biceps and kissed them.

"I've be working on my upper and lower body strength. My stamina too. Lots of…running." I shot a glance at Billy, lucky I remembered he was in the room at the last minute and manage to change my words. Although I don't think he was fooled.

"Oh…running." Embry said, nodding his head, exceeding in doing a crappy impression of someone who had no clue what I was talking about. Sam raised his eyebrows and spoke up.

"I bet I could teach you a thing or two about running." his voice was deep and sensual. I cocked an eyebrow this time and smirked.

"I'll bet. I'll be looking forward to our running sessions."

"Plural, huh?"

"Hell yeah!"

"Hey, I can run." Paul yelled from the corner. Billy held his hands up in the air.

"I'm leaving, I don't need to hear about this." he turned his chair around.

"What do you mean, Uncle Billy?" I asked innocently.

"I mean, I don't need to hear my beautiful Bella talking about sex." I gasped in mock horror.

"We weren't talking about sex, yuck, we were talking about running. Silly Uncle Billy."

"Yeah, I was young once too, Kid." he replied.

"Eww, Uncle Billy, gross." he chuckled and wheeled out, "My virgin ears."

"Virgin, ha!" I looked at Jared.

"What you trying to say?"

"There's nothing virgin about you, sweetheart."

"What you trying to say?" I repeated and shoved my hands onto my hips and stood feet, shoulder width apart. My warrior stance.

"Come on. You just ooze sex." I looked down at myself and then lifted my head.

"I do?" all the heads in the room began to nod vigorously. I slowly started to lift the bottom of my t-shirt up.

"So if I was to start by taking my top off, everyone of you would find me irresistible" I chuckled to myself. All of a sudden Jake jumped in front of me and started pulling my shirt down.

"Hey, what was that for, I wanted to see whether my theory was right" I pouted up at Jake, this seem to shake all the guys out of their hypnotic trance, causing them to chuckle

"I don't care, you will not strip in front of them around me and I don't care if your theory was right or wrong, it stops now" he shouted

"Well you know what to do then, turn around and walk out of the door then you wont be around." I replied while sticking my tongue out at him.

"If your not careful, I will bite your tongue off,"

"Oh kinky, where do you want me, on the table or in your bed, I'm up for anything." I teased while raising my eyebrows at the guys. Jacob's eye widened but he didn't back down, we teased each other like this constantly.

"Not on the table, babe. Bent over the table, now we can do that." I chuckled but someone wasn't happy as something like a growl sounded throughout the room.

"What the fuck." everyone stiffened and looked toward Sam, he widened his eyes a little and then narrowed them, in some kind of silent message that all the guys understood. However it just freaked me out. I could imagine that look in a horror movie.

Jake narrowed his eyes and moved closer to me, wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Anywho…that's a whole lotta testosterone going on." I took an awkward deep breath, and look at my watch, five-thirty. I had been here an hour and a half already. Dang. "Ok, Baby. I'm gunna go. I'll see you in about an hour." I reached up and pecked Jake on the corner of the mouth. "Dad will be freaking out." as soon as I said these words, dad came waltzing through the living room.

"There you are, Bella. What was taking you so long?" he practical yelled in my ear,

"I'm so sorry, I got talking with the boys, their alright actually alright for some of Jakes friends" this caused a lot of jaw dropping, looking at all the sad looking faces,

"Just kidding guys, learn to take a joke" just as I was saying this Billy decided to come into the living room,

"Hey Charlie, you missed Bella freaking out about the fact that we still have the picture of her and Jake in the bath, oh and that fact that everyone has seen it including Sam." I shuddered inwardly and gave Billy evils.

"I don't care that Sam, has seen it. I care that anyone that comes in this house and my house can see it. Its not right. I don't care about Sam." all eyebrows raised and Jake pinched me gently on the hip.

"Protesting a bit much there aren't you." he smirked at me.

"No" I said dragging the word out. Jake, and the guys looked at me with raised eyebrows, feeling my cheeks start to blush I quickly stammered out.

" I erm ….. I erm …. I'm gonna go and check dinner… yer erm check dinner."

"Are you tongue tied by my beauty." Sam batted his eyelashes and I flipped him off.

"No, I'm tongue tied by your asshole-ness."

"Is that even a word?" he smirked.

"In my world it is. Get over it, Fido." I flipped him off again, just 'cause I can.

"Why are you calling me, Fido?"

"'Cause you seem like a dog to me." All the guys laughed at that, a little to much if I say so myself. Like I was missing an inside joke or something. I slowly backed out of the living room, tipped toed to the door and carefully opened it, just as I was about to step outside Jake called out

"Hey, were has Bells gone?"

I ran as I heard them all scurry out of the living room, I jumped over the hedge landing on my feet and legged it to the door as I opened it, I looked back and saw them all watching me with their mouths open,

"Muhahahaha, suck on that bitches, you got owned, See you later Jake" I was just about shut the door when I turned back to Sam

"Hey, Fido I forgot, watch out for a secret present on your doorstep, it'll be your dog collar" I pushed the door closed but Sam came out of nowhere and shoved it back open, I yelped and legged it upstairs only to hear his heavy footfalls behind me.

I made it to my bedroom and tried to shut the door, but he was on the other side, shoving against it.

"Surrender, Surrender!" I hollered, still pushing with all my might at the door but he was to strong.

"Never!" he yelled back, I couldn't hold the door any longer so I ran to the other side of the room but before I got there, two arms wrapped around my waist and I was being slung onto my bed, which gave an almightily groan as I bounced up and down.

He pounced on me, his weight settling on top of me, the slight pressure of his body pressed against mine made my stomach flutter. Then he started to tickle me.

I squealed when he found my ticklish spot, just above my hips. Twisting and turning, flattening my hands out on his hot chest and pushed as hard as I could, he moved slightly but then pressed into my hands, applying pressure that I couldn't fight against.

I squealed again as his hands squeezed my sides. He gave a cheer of triumph when we realised that he'd found my spot. He kept squeezing and lightly pinching the same spot, 'till he had me weeping.

"OK, you win. Please stop, I cant stand it anymore." somewhere downstairs I heard Embry's voice say something that sounded much like 'that's what she said.'.

Sam stilled his hands on my hips but didn't move them. He just laid there, above me, and we stared at each other for a while. I studied his eyes. The deep, warm mahogany screamed emotion at me. Emotions that confused me. Adoration, respect and most of all…love.

He said nothing, his gaze flickered over my face and landed on my lips and I felt for certain that he was going to kiss me. I wanted him to kiss me. Something deep inside of me warmed at the thought and whined when he took to long. Some part of me knew that he was the one for me. I don't know how and I don't know why, but it knew and it planned on doing something about it.

He bent his head down, resting it in the crook of my neck. I felt him inhale and then shudder, his body vibrating above mine. Then his placed a kiss on my neck, his tongue flicked out swiftly, tasting me. He shuddered again and pushed himself up.

He flashed me a great smile, dazzling me. "See you at dinner." then he was gone, out of my room, out of my house. But not out of my heart.

Wait, what? Dinner?