The week went by so quickly I just wanted to hold on. The gang and I made some new memories, taking millions of pictures of the hike we did and the little beach party we had with everyone. We made sure we spent a lot of time together, basically every minute after school I was with them. And I loved it.

But all too soon they were gone. We took them to the airport about half and hour ago. This Friday evening had just become a little somber. Of course, Rylan stayed, he thinks that he's just going to stay another week because he and Leah are official now and he's head over heels. Unbeknownst to him, tonight is the night we tell him about us. Leah is nearly bursting.

I know that he will take the news well. Rylan's incredibly laid back and even though he wonders why he's acting like a 'girl' (his words not mine), he's happy to if it means he gets Leah. Tonight he get the explanation to everything and he will be thankful. In others words he wont act like I did, that's for sure.

I haven't had anymore alone time with Sam since our night. The guy apologised repeatedly to me the next day as I was in such a mood that I definitely replaced one of the seven dwarfs, and trust me, it wasn't Happy. I don't actually know why I was so cranky that day, I just blamed it on sexual frustration, although I think it may have been something else…don't ask me what, sometimes I'm just a clueless as everyone else.

Right now, I'm having some much need time with my man. Seeing as though Rye was off gallivanting with Leah…those two are so bad…and they don't even get freakin' interrupted. Urgh.

Sam was laying on the couch and I was laying on top of him, my head on his chest, he had one hand stroking my hair and the other intertwined with mine. We're watching the Lion King, I know he wouldn't normally watch it but I really wanted to so he agreed and I think he actually likes it. I love Disney films, cant get enough, even if they make me cry. We had an hour before we needed to head to the beach so we were just chillin' out.

"Mmm, will you stay at mine tonight? I'll lock the front door." I could hear the smirk in his voice, even though he didn't find the fact they had interrupted funny, he began to see the humorous side after he got the guys to literally beg for forgiveness.

"Yeah, I'll stay. I cant wait for Rye to know about us." I mumbled.

"Yeah, I can tell you're excited. You've been bouncing around for the entire day, waiting to be able to tell him."

"Nah, I'm excited to show him. Leah will be the one to tell him." I yawned and stretched out. Sam nuzzled the top of my head.

"Hmm, if you're going to phase tonight them I am, I wanna play." he kissed my head as I smiled.

"Yay! I cant wait to play with you." I giggled. He chuckled and lifted his body fast, twisting us so that we switched positions, me laying down and him on top of me.

He laid his head on my chest and traced circles on my collarbone with a long finger. "I cant wait to play with you either." he drawled, a definite double meaning to his words that made me shiver.

"Stop! I cant think about that now." I whine, he chuckled.

"Sorry, but I have offered countless times this week." that was true, in fact he never stopped offering. I think he had some blow to his ego or something, I'm not sure. I flicked his forehead.

I glanced at his face, seeing the crescent shadows cast by his long eyelashes on his cheekbones. I bent down a little and kissed the top of his head

"Baby, what are you going to do after graduation?" He asked, I nearly groaned, I had been dreading this question as I knew the answer would make the loss of my future education real. Graduation was only two months away as I had come down later on in the school term.

"Erm…well I talked to dad about it and we came to the conclusion that it wouldn't be safe enough for me to leave for collage…and then there's the fact that I cant leave you. Sue's going to give me a job at the dinner and then I'll be able to run around in wolf form when I want."

He sighed in relief, I knew he was scared that I would leave to go to collage but I couldn't do that. I can hardly spend a day without it him. "I know I'm an asshole for saying it but I'm glad." he mumbled.

I stroked his hair, "You're not an asshole. I'd feel the same way if it was you going. I love you."

He snuggled further into me, and groaned softly, "You'll have a good life, Bells. I'll make sure of it. I have money saved, a monthly income, a house. You don't have to work if you don't want, I'll do it all. I'll make a good life for you and our children, I promise."

I didn't know what to say, I was utterly shocked. He didn't need to worry himself over this.

"Sam, I don't care about those things. If you were broke and homeless I would have said 'you go hunt for rabbit and I'll build us a shelter from sticks and leaves.'. I don't need money…I need you, just you."

"Ok, kiss time for the amazing girlfriend!" he called and leant up over me, a hand either side of my head before bending down and pressing our lips together. After a few yummy kisses he laid his head back down on my chest.

"What was up with Collin and Brady this week?" I asked

Both of the boys had been really edgy this week. I hadn't been able to spent that much time in wolf form as the gang were here, but the few time I was I caught a glimpse into their minds. They were definitely hiding something.

"I think they have something going on." Sam chuckled.

I frowned, "What do you mean?"

"Only I know this so don't tell anyone…pinkie swear" we entwined our pinkies and shook in agreement.

"Now tell me." I said.

"W.E.L.L" he said, dragging the word out to build suspense "I think they are doing that thing were teenagers experiment with their friends. Testing their bodies out with each other and seeing all the wonderful things they can do."

I gasped, "No way!"

"I caught a glimpse of them kissing from Brady and it was a recent memory."

"Oh my lordy!" I giggled

"Yeah, it was full on, tongues and soft moaning and everything." Sam's large frame was shaking above me in laughter.

"Oh my God." I was passed coherent thoughts right now.

"Yep" he popped the P and took a deep breath.

I curled my fingers in his hair, it was growing fast, I need to get him to cut it. "Did you ever do that?" I asked.

Sam looked up at me and smirked, "I kissed Paul a couple of time, a few years ago."

I giggled and looked him in the eye, "Hot." he bit my arm, "What? That is hot, mmm I can imagine it now." I sucked in a sharp, appreciative breath.

"You little perv" He said, lifting himself over me and looking down at my face. His lips stretched into a huge smile.

"Absolutely. I have some delicious images of you and Paul together. Mmmhmm. Yummy!" I giggled.

He shook his head and bent down to nibble my lip, "You say that now but I bet if I kissed him again you'd be jealous."

I thought about it for a minute, imagining Paul and Sam kissing, I did get a twinge of jealousy, I'll admit.

"Ok, maybe I would but hey, I wouldn't mind if I got some action from the two of you also." I was teasing now, I didn't actually want a threesome with Paul and Sam…really, I didn't.

"Oh really," Sam smiled and kissed my neck, "Well tuff, woman, cause you're mine and no-one else is going to have you."

"Damn" I giggled as he licked my neck in a long, wet stroke. "Eww!"

"Don't 'eww' me, I'm allowed to do it and you know you like it really" he chuckled.

"You're right…do it again." I yelled dramatically, he did it again, this time with more saliva.

"Ewww…that definitely deserved a 'ewww', before you say anything." I wiped my neck on his and his face crinkled, making me giggle.

"Nice." he said sarcastically. He kissed me again, but after a few seconds I pulled away.

"Hey, can I get a cat or will it try to eat me?" I asked.

He raised an eyebrow, "Why would a cat try to eat you?"

"Cause I'm a werewolf, duh!"

"Don't be stupid, you're still human, you know." he shook his head, "Do you want a cat?"

"Hell no, I'm a dog person." I smirked, "It was just the principle of the matter."

He laughed at me, the deep, rumbling laugh that make me shiver every time. "You are so random. I love it." he kissed me again.

"Hmm, I'm going to get changed before we go out tonight." I said, tapping his shoulder so that he would get up.

"Ok, I'm coming with." he said, following me up the stairs and to my bedroom, plonking himself down on my bed, arms behind his head as he watched me move around.

I grabbed my white summer dress, cause its easy to slip off so that I can phase. I took my current outfit of jeans and a shirt off and slipped my bra off also.

Sam groaned, "Baby, hurry and get dressed before I hold us up."

I giggled and pulled the dress on, it was a halter so I tied it tight behind my neck to make sure my boobs wouldn't fall out. I slipped on some flip flops with it. They were clothes that were easy to get in and out of.

I did a little twirl, "How is this?"

"Gorgeous, baby, as always." Sam smiled. I strutted over to him and sat on the edge of the bed. Sam leant over and kissed my back that was left bare from the dress. He trailed kisses up my back, sitting up on his knees behind me when he reached my neck. I tilted my head to the side as he licked and nibbled and sucked on my neck. I couldn't help but moan when his teeth scraped my skin, he gets turned on when I offer my neck to him as in wolf language it represents submission. He probably wouldn't like submission if he were a normal human but the wolf in him howls at it, especially when it comes from me.

"Sam" I breathed as he sucked on the spot just below my ear. I felt him smile against my skin and them flick his tongue out.

"Yes, Bella." he chuckled.

"More." I gasped as he bit down hard on my neck, I felt his teeth sink slightly into my skin, probably enough to leave dark red indents but not enough to draw blood. I moaned and tilted my head even more.

His hands moved to my hips, pulling me back a little and squeezing tightly, they moved slowly up my sides to cup the weight of my breasts. He caressed them lightly, I could barely feel his touch on my body but it was enough to make me crazy. I pushed further into his hands and he groaned in my ear.

He brushed his thumbs over my nipples and even through the material it sent a shockwave of pleasure down my spine. My head shot up with a moan, only to catch sight of the clock and realised that we were a little late.

"Oh, Sam, we need to stop and leave." I whined. He bit me again before resting his forehead on my shoulder.

"Come on then" he said wistfully.

We got up and headed downstairs, I checked my neck in the mirror to find two deep red bite marks that were so visible anyone would see them from miles away. Sam looked at them, smiled widely at the signs of possession and said 'Oops'.

"Don't you 'oops' me, you totally did it on purpose. Now everyone is going to know why we are late." I pouted.

He laughed at me and grabbed my hand, pulling me outside. We walked and talked, swinging our intertwined hands between us. We laughed softly into the night, listening to the late risers of the animal kingdom chirping and scuffling through the brush. I loved it here, all the nature is amazing.

We walked slowly over the sand, towards the crackling flames of the bonfire and the dark figures around it. We reached the area and everyone looked up at us, and the first thing they notice…go on, guess, just guess.

My freaking love-chomps, I cant call them love-bites cause I nearly lost a chuck of my skin…even if I did enjoy it.

"Wow, nice lil mark there, Bella." Jake chuckled as everyone else laughed. I stuck my tongue out at him.

"Shut it you! Its Sam's fault." I pouted and Sam smirked and nipped my neck again, I gigged and kissed his lips.

"Jeez" Paul said. I looked to dad who was smiling.

"Come on, lets get started." Dad smiled greatly, excited for the night ahead.

We all sat around the campfire. Most of the guys were piled on the log, Leah sat in Rye's lap on the sand and I did the same with Sam. Dad and Billy were sitting almost at the head of the group, an aura of power surrounding them. It was awesome.

I kept stealing looks towards Collin and Brady. They were sitting next to each other, knees touching. But there wasn't a lot of proof of anything. Little, cute smiles now and then but nothing solid. I decided I would have to try and catch them out before I could question them…what? I needed to know.

The campfire crackled and sparked, the smell of cooked meat filled the air as we cooked burgers and sausages and steaks. Munching on them as we went along.

We were all chatting and laughing, it was really nice to spend this time with dad and Billy as well, I haven't really spent enough time with them in a while, with me and Sam and the gang, dad being with Sue — who was sitting next to him at this moment — and Billy just being around.

"— And then she just slapped Bella around the face." Paul said. The gang had decided to inform dad, Billy and Sue about Keira, laughing as they did. At least the elders looked a bit shocked.

"She slapped you" Sue gasped.

I nodded slowly, "Yeah, she's really annoying." I mumbled, biting into some meat.

"But the best part was when Bella smiled at her and Keira was all like 'you have nothing to be smiling about' and Bella goes 'yeah I do' and walks straight up to Sam and frenched his brains outs in front of everyone." Kim said excitedly. I giggled and Sam chuckled in my ear.

"Frenched?" dad frowned, I had to stifle my laughter but some of the others didn't bother.

"Um…kissed." Kim smiled.

"Oh." Dad cleared his throat and everyone burst out laughing, even Sue was laughing at him.

"Well, I'm glad you did that. She needs to know where she stands." Sue winked at me.

"I know, right." I giggled and gave Sam a gentle kiss on the lips, and to my embarrassment everyone 'Awwwed'. "Shuddup!" I pouted as they laughed at me.

"Ok, everyone, I think its time now." Leah mumbled.

Kim and I squealed at the same time, looked at each other and laughed and then turned back to Leah and Rye.

"Um, about time for what?" Rye asked, frowning.

"Well, I have something to tell you." Leah hedged. I bounced my knee with impatience until Sam spanned his large hand against it to keep it still.

"What's wrong?" Rylan asked, frowned properly now, eyebrows furrowed.

"Nothing wrong, honey. I promise." Leah sighed.

"Ok, just tell me then, you're making me nervous."

Leah looked at me and I smiled and nodded, encouraging her to spit it out. She took a deep breath.

"We're werewolves." she rushed, then sucked in another deep breath.

Rylan blinked at her, "Huh?"

"We are werewolves." she repeated, sighing, I could see she was setting herself up for the worst.

Rye blinked again, searched her face with his eyes and then nodded solemnly, "Cool."

Her mouth dropped, I almost cringed, I'm surprised she didn't dislocate her jaw. "What." she gasped.

"I said cool." Rye said slowly. We all watched on, smiling on our faces.

"You're not normal are you?" Leah said, we all tried to stifle our chuckles at her shocked face.

"Nope, you should know that by now, sweetie." Rye kissed her sweetly on the lips.

"And you just believe me?"

"Yeah, I saw the look on your face. I know you're not yanking my chain."

"There's something else." Leah scratched her cheek, then cleared her throat gently. Rylan waited for her to tell him. "You're my soul mate."

He laughed, and her face dropped like a sack of flour. "I knew that already, silly Leah." he chuckled.

Damn it, I'm so proud of that boy its unbelievable. He is amazing.

"Yeah well, I mean you are actually my soul mate — you're my Imprint."

"Is that what you call it? Cool, hey at least I get to be with you forever now." we all smiled at this comment, they were so darn perfect for each other.

Tears welled in Leah's eyes and I bit my lip to keep my 'aww' in, I doubted that she would appreciate it. I leant back against Sam and lifted my hand to bury it in his hair.

"So this means that I can move down here without it being weird, right?" Rylan asked, smiling.

I squealed really loudly and started bouncing up and down, clapping my hands. The others laughed at me and Leah kissed Rylan fiercely.

"Bella, stop!" Sam yelled, and grabbed my hips hard. Everyone turned to us as I gently sat back down in his lap.

"Oooops." I smiled innocently and they all laughed at me again.

"So, Bells, you're Sam's imprint, I take it." Rye said.

"Yeah, and he's mine." I said.

Rye's face dropped, "What."

I frowned at him, "I'm a werewolf."

"Holy shit…how long have you known?" he asked, his eyes wide.

"A week after I got here, at my Imprint campfire thingamabob."

"Dude, show me." he said, I giggled and stood up.

"Ok, Dad, Billy turn around." I said, they did.

"What about the others." Dad said.

"Ah, nothing they haven't seen before." I replied.

"Sue's seen you naked?" he asked, his voice sounded shocked.

I laughed at him, "No stupid, but she knows what everything does and she is a woman too." Sue laughed and Dad groaned and shook his head.

I stripped quickly and phased even quicker, cause I knew Sam was about to say something about me being naked in front of other people.

"Holy shit!" Rylan yelled as he took in my huge white wolf-form.

"Aww, so stunning." Sue smiled as dad and Billy turned back around. Dad was smiling proudly as was Billy. I sat down and Sam ran his hand through the thick fur on my back.

"Oh lordy. I didn't think you'd be that big or that white…or that big." he looked shocked.

I walked over to him slowly, he didn't shrink back or flinch which was a good sign. I licked his face, a long sweep of my tongue. He didn't move for a minute, completely unblinking.

"Ew" was all he said, wiping a hand down his face. The others laughed at him. He reached his hand out tentatively, I nuzzled it and that's when he felt it was safe to stroke me. He dug his fingers into my fur and smiled.

"Wow…so soft." he mumbled as he stoked me even more, all over my neck and shoulders. I licked his neck and face, just like I dog would but I couldn't help it.

"Ok ok, lets stop stroking my girl, I want her back." Sam whined.

I stopped and looked at him, seeing the signs of frustration and annoyance. I sighed and rubbed my muzzle once more against Rye's cheek and then butted my head against Leah's making her giggle before trudging over to Sam and looking at him. He frowned and I licked his face.

"Oh, yeah." he said before standing up and stripping.

"Jeez, Sam, give a guy some warning, yeah." Rye yelled.

"Sorry." Naked Sam said, just before he phased into a big black wolf.

"Dude, so cool. Black and white." Rylan smiled, nodding his head.

Come on, I wanna play.I ran away from Sam and towards the sea, my paws hitting the swash of the waves, getting my fur wet.

I'm gunna get you, baby. I cant wait to sink my teeth into you.

I laughed in my head, nice imagery there, didn't you already do that?"

He was running after me now, so close his canines nipped at my hocks. I pushed my legs faster, going deeper into the water but he leaped onto my back, bringing me down. I turned my head, grabbed his front leg in between my canines and pulled him with me. We fell into the crashing waves, and rolled over each other, fighting for top position.

You won't last long Pup. I teased.

Who are you calling Pup…Pup. His reply was accompanied by chuckles.

You, that's who! I giggled as bit his flank, twisting my large frame under his to escape.

I jumped up and ran from him again, I saw the others watching and laughing as Sam scrabbled up and chased after me, his paws slipping in the sand, black fur blowing back in the wind.

I looked back at him and chucked in my head. Try and keep up! If you catch me we can phase back.

Hmm, watch out for me. I'm coming.

Already…wow, I am good. I giggled at my own lame joke.

You're right, it was lame. Sam thought but I could hear his entrancing laughter.

Shut it you. I pushed myself faster, running circles around the group, Sam followed me, switching directions every now and then.

I stopped in the space Sam and I had been sitting and he was opposite me, next to Rye and Leah on the other side of the fire. The flames spat sparks between us and danced bright orange in the ebony pools of his eyes.

Very poetic. Sam gave a wolfy chuckle. Then vaulted, yeah you heard me, vaulted over the fire. I was so nervous about him getting set alight that I forgot to move and he landed right on top of me.

Sinking his teeth into my exposed neck and lying down. I sighed in defeat and kicked my leg up to hit him in the stomach.

He rolled off of me and phased, still laughing from the high and pulled his clothes on. I waited a while to cool down before phasing myself.

I turned my back on the others and pulled my dress back up and tying it behind my neck. I plonked down in Sam's lap and pushed him down into the sand. Lying above him I planted a kiss on his forehead, then his eyelids, the tip of his nose, and when he groaned in frustration I kissed him gently on the lips.

"Woo, Bella's in control in that relationship. You go girl." everyone laughed at Sue's comment and I made myself more comfortable, lying on top of Sam, my cheek resting on my arms and my stomach against his.

We spent the next few hours telling stories and listening to some. It was great, just as amazing as the first time. Rylan was in awe the entire time, listening with his mouth hanging open. It was funny to watch. Leah was playing with his hair as his fingers tapped a pattern on her hip idly.

At about midnight Sue was yawning and dad pulled her up. Wrapping his arm around her waist and kissed her on the head.

"When are you coming home tonight, Bells?" he asked. Hmm how to answer this question. I looked at Sam and he shrugged his shoulders.

"Erm…well…I'm going to stay at Sam's tonight." I smiled innocently.

Dad narrowed his eyes and then sighed, "Ok, be careful" I have a feeling he was talking about something I wish he wouldn't be talking about.

"We will." I said, looking away from him as Sue laughed quietly.

"Yes, I get the bed to myself tonight." Rylan smirked, he would be sleeping with me in my bed for a while…apparently he was transferring down next week or something. I dunno, he's sorting it out with his parents, who happen to have truck loads of money and are willing to buy him a place of his own.

I looked between Leah and Rye. "You better be on your own otherwise I'm going to murder you so hard!"

"'Murder me so hard', you're an idiot." he shook his head at me and I stuck my tongue out.

Sam jumped up, pulling my with him. "We'll be going now." He said.

"Use protection!" Jake called, I glared at him.

"Shut up…we are going to…make cakes." I said, frowning. Sam looked at me and laughed.

"Well…its definitely gunna be sweet." He mumbled, making the others laugh.

"You suck." I pouted.

"Isn't that what you'll be doing in about fifteen minutes?" Paul asked nonchalantly. I gaped at him.

"Ok, ok, shut it now. My poor ears…my daughter…urgh!" Dad shook his head and pulled Sue away with him.

"Bye daddy, bye Sue." I called.

"Bye, honey!" they yelled back in unison.

I pulled my hand from Sam's and ran to Jake, straddling his lap and burying my head in the crook of his neck. I felt as if I had been neglecting him since Sam came along. I didn't like the feeling.

"Hey honey, I love you." I whispered.

"I love you, babe. Don't worry about me, enjoy yourself, ok." he said, he knew me all too well.

"Okie's, we need to spend some time together, just us."

"We will, you just need to get over the hype of Imprinting first. In a few weeks everything will be normal between us. Hell, its nice to see you two happy." he smiled.

"But I miss you." I pouted, he kissed the tip of my nose.

"I know babe, but there's nothing to miss. I'm with you everyday. Silly girl." he ran his hand through my wet hair and smiled. "It was nice to watch you out there."

I sighed and hugged him before getting off of his lap. "It was fun. We will do it sometime. Goodnight."

"Night." he smiled and patted my leg.

I wandered over to Sam who was watching me with a little sad smile. I skipped over to him and grabbed his hand. "See ya, guys."

"Bye, have fun!" they called in unison.

I giggled as Sam waved goodbye and we moseyed off towards the road. He put his arm around my shoulder and I stuck my hand in his back pocket. I could feel his anxiety about what was to happen when we got to his. He didn't need to feel nervous, I would be happy no matter what.

"Do you feel that I'm taking you away from Jake?" he asked quietly.

I looked at him and blinked, "No!" I pinched his butt, "Why would you think that?"

"Well, its just that you where saying that the Imprinting was effected you're relationship with him."

"Well it is but that isn't you. I'm not spending enough time with him. I'm not balancing it right. But I will, I just need to get used to being with you permanently." I smiled reassuringly at him.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Yes, yes I am. Now come on, I'm waiting for you to rock my world." I teased, bumping his hip with mine.

"Oh, baby didn't I already do that?" he chuckled.

"You tell me." I squeezed his rear again and he bent his head to bite my ear.

We walked for a little while longer until we got to his house. The sexual tension was on a high, heat sizzled between us and we kept stealing looks at each other. I was near bursting point with lust for him as well as love at this moment.

The door was barely closed behind us before I was shoved up against the wall and Sam's lips connected with my own. Melding together, his tongue pushed passed and delved deep into my mouth.

For the next few minutes the air around us was full with moans and groans of pleasure as our hands roamed. Sam quickly locked the front door and turned back to kiss me again. I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist, his hands moving automatically to my ass to hold me up. We walked up upstairs, I shifted slightly to align my centre with the large bulge in his shorts, both groaning at the friction.

He walked us into his bedroom, leaving the door open, he threw me on the bed and followed me eagerly.

"Mmm, baby, I cant wait for long. I cant do slow now…later…later we can do slow, I need you now." He said between kisses. I nodded vehemently.

"Later." I moaned, I needed him too much now.

He crawled backwards off the bed and pulled my ankles so I slid to the edge. He untied my dress, yanked it down my body and threw it towards the door. I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them off, his erection sprung up and almost poked me in the eye but I managed to pull back at the last second.

I reached out to take him in my hand but he smack me away with a flick of his fingers and pulled my hips so that I was perched on the edge of the bed. He bent his head and fastened his mouth on my breast, twirling hid tongue around my puckered nipple. I moaned and tried to reach for him again but he stopped me short with a narrowed look.

"Baby, I wont last long if you touch me." he mumbled against my skin before taking my nipple between his teeth and tugging slightly. I cried out and he smiled, sucking strongly before biting down gently.

My legs quivered and the apex between my thighs ached and throbbed for his touch. I thrust my hips off of the bed and he chuckled to which I growled threateningly. He paid no notice and switch his moth to my other breast. Tugging, teasing and sucking just the same. I was whimpering and moan inaudible words by the time started to kiss wetly over my ribs and down my stomach.

He dropped to his knees on the floor, my legs either side of his chest. I pushed my hips out to rub myself against his chest, I need some relief. My core connected with his chest, the pressure was great, as he pulled my hips back a bit I saw that I had left a wet spot on his skin. He looked down at himself and his eyes darkened with lust and a low growl rumbled from his chest. He let go of my hip to wipe the spot with his fingers and then brought his fingers to his mouth, licking away any trace of my lust.

He pushed my hips back a little more and spread my thighs wide, so that I could feel the stretch of my muscles. He looked down at my dripping slit and moaned, he bent his head and took a long, slow stroke with his tongue.

"Fuck, do you know what this does to me, baby. Seeing you so wet for me." he growled again sending vibrations through my sensitive skin and making me cry out.

He swirled his tongue around my clit and gave it a flick that made me arch my back. All the while he was looking up at me with smouldering eyes, watching my face and the thrust of my breasts into the air with each arch of my back.

I couldn't help but circle my hips into him, wanting more of him and his mind-blowing tongue. He smirked up at me and held my hips tighter so that I couldn't move as he delivered swipe after swipe to my folds, diving deeper to press the tip of his tongue to my throbbing bud. At the same time he thrust two fingers inside of me.

The intrusion and the feel of being stretched sent me off into shattering orgasm. I yelled out his name as my body bowed off the bed, he held me against his mouth still, wringing out any lingering aftershocks of my release and swirling his tongue around my pulsing folds.

I collapsed onto the bed as he chuckled triumphantly and moved above me, sliding his arm under my hips and dragging me further up the bed. I was still catching my breath when he turned me to lay on my stomach.

"I want you like this." he breathed against my neck.

He trailed wet kissed down my spine, he hands running up and down my sides. He shifted his body down mine, nipping my hips and biting down on my left cheek. I yelped in surprise and he eased the sting with a wet lick.

He shifted up onto his knees, spanning his large hands on my hips and pulling my knees up. My ass up in the air and my lower body pressed against the bed, my head resting on my arms.

He pushed his length between my legs, sliding back and forth, spreading my moisture over him. I tilted my head down so I could see under myself and watch his cock glide between my nether lips. I moaned at the scene and he took that as a sign that I was ready.

He quickly reached over to the bedside cabinet and pulled out a silver packet. Faster then ever, he tore the plastic and rolled the condom on, throwing the open packet onto the floor.

He pulled his hips back, letting his erection settle into place before he sheathed himself balls deep inside me with a long, hard thrust.

"Fuck." we both gasped, groaning at the feel of him inside of me. The feel of us becoming one as we joined ourselves together.

He growled low in his throat. "So…tight" he gritted, I could hear the grinding of his teeth.

He pulled back so that only the head of his length was inside of me and then pushed forward fast. My walls quivered and pulsed around him. He settled into a fast, hard pace. He thrust forward and brought my hips back at the same time, allowing him to go real deep.

I watched his cock thrust in and out of me and his balls smack my sensitive bud. Each time he pulled out I'd get a glimpse of his hardness covered in my juices and couldn't stop my groans.

The room was filled with the smacking sound of flesh-on-flesh and the deep, reverberating groans and moans. He said my name over and over again as I said many words, most of them beginning with F and ending with me.

He stopped suddenly and I whimpered loudly, moving my hips back to try and keep up the movement. He grabbed my hips tightly, not letting me move at all. He twisted my body so that I fell on my back, holding one of my ankles and pulling it up, ducking his head underneath it so that we were now facing each other.

"I want to see you when we come." he groaned.

I lifted my hips and circled them, our pelvises grinding together. He gave a jerky thrust and fell forward, bracing himself on his hands either side of my face. He brought his knees up to that he could piston into me.

It wasn't long before I felt that telltale coiling feeling deep down inside of me and I was lifting me hips with every thrust he gave. His groans we're getting louder as were my whimpers and breathy moans so I knew he was close.

"Yes, baby. Ah, gods, I'm gunna come." he rested his forehead against the bed right next to my ear. The sound of his harsh breathing send my pulse into overdrive.

"Mmm, I'm so…close." I bit out as he plunged deep.

"Come…with me, baby." he grunted erotically, he lifted his forehead and I saw the light sheen of perspiration and the tightness of his jaw. He looked into my eyes and flashed me a loving smile.

I was so close that it was a fight keeping myself from releasing before he did, I wanted our first time to be together, no matter how soppy that sounded.

Three more hard thrusts and he was shifted to the right a little and I couldn't hold it anymore. I screamed out his name as my climax rocketed through me, bringing on his own release. He growled loudly and bit down hard on my shoulder as my body wrung every last drop from his.

"Ah, that's it baby, milk me dry." he breathed, his words caused more aftershocks to squeeze him. He carried on with small, jerky thrusts until he knew there was nothing left and then collapsed onto me.

"Oofta" I gasped under his weight and he immediately rolled off to the side, taking me with him. Our bodies still joined.

"Sorry." his breath was harsh, his chest going up and down at a fast pace. I sucked in some air and smiled, placing a kiss on his chest. "I don't want to move, but…" he trailed off and I knew what he needed to do.

I lifted my leg, letting him slide out of me, causing us both to suck in a sharp breath. He jumped off the bed quickly and walked to the bathroom to dispose of the condom and clean himself. He was back in a flash with a damp washcloth and gently wiped the sweat from my body with small circular strokes.

He joined me again, wrapping his arms around my body and pulling me into his side. His fingertips traced circles onto my thigh and the other hand was buried in my hair, which was a little damp from sweat.

"That was…there are no words" I giggled. He nuzzled the top of my head.

"Amazing, magnificence, incredible, wonderful…I could go on and on." he said, chuckling in my ear, "A little rushed though, but I promise, in…" he checked the clock on his bedside cabinet, "five minutes, I'll be ready for round two and it will be long, slow and just as perfect."

I sighed happily into his skin, "Five minutes, aye."

It was more like three and a half. He was true to his word, we made love properly, face-to-face arms wrapped around each others bodies. We looked into the others eyes the entire time, our faces so close that our noses were touching. We rocked together only near the end did it become gentle thrusts. Our release was just as strong, maybe stronger than before.

That started our chain of christening every room in the house. Making at it like the animals we are in every way and place possible. The bathroom, the spare bedroom, the hallway, the stairs, the kitchen — against the fridge and up on the counter — and also there was the dinning room table.

Finally at 4.13am did we collapse in an exhausted heap on the living room floor. Buck naked and in bliss, I curled up to his side and drifted off into a deep, dreamless sleep.

We were awoken early by a slamming sound, followed swiftly by the loud chatter of the guys. Sam just had time to grab the blanket from the back of the couch and throw it over us before they came barrelling into the living room. The came to a swift halt when they saw us on the floor.

"Oh…erm, well we didn't expect this." Kim giggled, I glared at her and she shut up.

"This is not your house, cant you knock!" I growled and Sam mimicked me

"We're just not used to anything good happening around here, so we…forget." Jake smirked.

"Smells like you had a good time last night." Paul chuckled and the other wolves stifled their laughter.

"Smells?" I frowned.

"Yeah." Paul said, inhaling deeply through his nose and shuddering. I smelt the air and was surprised to find that it still held the telltale aroma of sex.

"How did you get in here anyways…Sam locked the door last night." I glared.

"We used the spare key." Embry shrugged.

"The spare key." I said slowly.

"Yeah, the one under the mat." Quil bit his lips to keep from smiling.

I turned slowly to face a sheepish Sam, he shrugged gently, "I forgot"

"How could you forget about the spare key?"

"Well," he said, dragging out the word, "Its not like I used it."

I blinked at him and fell back to the floor, flung one arm over my eyes and the other I pointed towards the door. "Get out." I cried. The guys hurried out and I got up and wrapped the blanket around my body.

"Hey, what about me?" Sam asked.

I shrugged, "Figure it out yourself, Mr Forgetful." I giggled as I made my way up to the shower. Ignoring his cries of how unfair it was and that he was going to make me pay.

I definitely couldn't wait for that.