Made: Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time: 8:21p.m


How are you,

My Shadow?

I'm just wondering

When you're ready to go.

I'm feeling bad.

And since you're my opposite,

Are you fine?

Feeding off my drained velvet.

I obey your rules—

Your constrictions.

Filled with laws

And restrictions.

I fall deep

Into your darkness.

You're wearing a smile.

I land into the abyss.

I have a question,

I'm just asking to ask it;

Answer if you want to:

Am I your enemy or friend?

When are you leaving?

Because I'm sick of you here.

You're never going.

I'm weak from my fear.

I would miss you,

If you were to go.

So still you follow me.

My face never to show.

I'll send this letter

Long ago.

Goodbye from me,

My shadow.