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"Let's get this over with, shall we?" Aeryn, the Angel king, said as he sat down in the chair opposite Zacchaeus. His blonde hair was cut close to his scalp and his blue eyes were the color of ice. I shivered in my seat.

Zacchaeus nodded and leaned slightly back in his chair. "Kaylynn came to me two days ago proposing a compromise." Aeryn looked me over, his eyes cruel and cutting.

"This is the prophesized one?" He asked sharply. Zacchaeus nodded. "She doesn't look like much."

Fiery anger rose up inside me. "Excuse me but if you're going to continue making rude comments and interrupting then maybe I'll end the war right here, right now." I said, a slight flame flickering over my fingers.

A smirk played across his thin lips as he pushed his chair back and stood. "Try it, I dare you." Grandpa's hand rested on my shoulder and pushed me gently back into my chair. "That's what I thought." He said as he sat down again.

This guy was a bastard. The sooner this meeting was over with the sooner I could be away from him. "To make a long story short I'm sick of this war and so is everybody else." I growled.

Aeryn chuckled but the laughter was cruel and heartless. "I'm not tired of the war. In fact, I rather like it." His smile contorted his face and didn't match the hatred in his eyes.

"Well you're just a power crazy bastard." I slammed my hands down on the table and rose from my chair. "Angel territory is one of the largest sections of land in this realm. Your population fits easily inside its borders. You have no right to invade vampire territory or to push the Demon's borders back any further. This war has caused nothing but death and destruction. It is a stupid power game that has been going on for far too long." I realized then that all eyes were on me. Clearing my throat, I tried to remember what I was going to say next.

"What do you know about my territory? You've never set foot on my land and have no idea what's been going on in this realm for the past hundred years." He too, was out of his chair and leaning across the table towards me.

"Oh yeah, well I doubt you do either. Tell me, what started this war in the first place?" I straightened up and pushed my curls away from my face.

Silence rang clear through the room. Grandpa was looking at me with an unreadable expression. Zacchaeus was staring at Aeryn but not really seeing him. Aeryn was glaring at me and I could see thoughts tumbling around in his mind.

"It doesn't matter what started it!" He finally yelled. "That's all in the past. What matters now is why the war is being fought in the present."

I smirked and shook my head, curls falling over my shoulder again. "That's where you're wrong. Everyone's been so caught up in this crazy battle between 'good' and 'evil' that no one really cares what started this whole mess but I've been researching."

"Is that why you haven't been at any of the battles?" Aeryn snorted and I glared at him.

"Like I said before," I started a fire in the palm of my hand and held it in front of me, watching the flames as they flickered over my fingers, "I could end this war right here, right now." The Angel king fell silent, eyeing the flames warily. I smirked. "As I was saying, I've been researching during all my free time, reading books dating back to the years just before the war started." Aeryn snorted but didn't say anything. "They have some very interesting information on how this realm used to be.

"You see, the war didn't start the way you told me Grandpa, although that was a large factor." I told him, remembering the time he told me about the small battle between him and the Angel king at the time. "You see, shortly after you relinquished your title as Demon king and handed the seat over to Zacchaeus, Adair came to power and he was upset. As it so happened, his lover had been one of Artaxerxes' lead warriors and been killed along with him. Putting the blame upon the Zacchaeus he began a series of small attacks to the kingdom.

"You," I said, looking straight at Zacchaeus, "started to get fed up with the attacks. None of the attacks were big enough to cause any deaths but your people were beginning to fear an upcoming war. You met with Adair to try to come to an agreement but as soon as you met with him you were overwhelmed by his beauty. An agreement was made and the attacks stopped. The two of you began to meet frequently."

Zacchaeus stood, his cheeks flushed with color. "Yes, I know of all this already. Tell me, what is the importance? They started the war years before that with the attack on your grandfather. That was just the calm before the storm."

I shook my head. "No it wasn't. This time of peace lasted for years while both sides were training warriors. Adair was simply using you so it would be easier to attack."

"Why are you telling me things I know?" The Demon king was angry, his eyes glaring at me, dancing like blue fire.

"Because this is important information and not everyone knows it." I yelled back. "So just sit down and shut up so I can finish explaining."

He looked shocked that I had the audacity to yell at him like he was no more than a common demon but sat down anyway. "Thank you." I straightened my shirt and pushed my curls away from my face again, I really needed to learn to carry a hair tie with me. "As I was saying, Adair was just using Zacchaeus to find weak points in the Demon's defenses. Little did Zacchaeus know that the leader of his warriors was planning a secret attack as well."

Zacchaeus' eyes flew to Grandpa who flushed and looked away. "Anyone could see that he was just using you." He mumbled.

"The attacks occurred at roughly the same time. Many lives were lost, including Adair's. For a long time after, things were silent. Both sides were working to rebuild what had been lost. Aeryn, Adair's son, came into power knowing nothing about what had been going on. While his father had worked with politics and the upcoming battle Aeryn had been writing books and working on inventions. He found he like the power though, and planned another attack. Using his newfound talent in strategy he began to gain the support of his followers and train more and more warriors."

Aeryn looked down at the table and I took pride in knowing that I had at least a little power over both leaders. "After a few successful attacks one of Aeryn's scholars came to him and told him of a prophecy that had been made hundreds of years ago. Aeryn searched for the best teacher he knew of and found him living in the Mortal Realm. Aeryn did all he could to persuade him to come back but only succeeded when he told the man of the woman and son he had left behind here in the Supernatural Realm." My eyes began to burn with unshed tears but I refused to let them fall in front of three of the most powerful men in the realm. "He was taken away from his family to train an angel to sway this prophesized one to the Angel's side.

"Zacchaeus learned of this and did the same, calling in the best teachers of his territory to teach this young child."

I began to pull on the information I had just read of the night before. Shocking facts that had stunned me and kept me awake all night, my mind whirring. "When time came for it the two representatives for each side were sent to the Mortal Realm. For years they searched the realm for the Proclaimed One that had been described in the prophecy. They finally found her, me, and began to try to sway her using the methods they had been taught.

"When word got to Aeryn that I had sided with the demons, which at the time was false information, he found the man that had taught Zephyr and threw him in a heavily guarded cell, ripping him away from his son and wife."

Aeryn stood, his chair falling back with a loud crash. "He purposely sabotaged the mission!"

"With good reason!" I yelled, slamming my hands on the table and leaning forward so that my face was mere inches from Aeryn's. "That was my father you took away from me. He didn't know who I was at the time and probably still doesn't because you've kept him away from his family, both of them! He didn't want anything to do with this war or even this realm, that's why he left in the first place." My eyes were overflowing with tears but I quickly wiped them away and composed myself.

"Kaylynn, I think that's enough." Grandpa said, trying to push me back into my chair.

"No, Grandpa, it's not enough. No one understands what this is all about. There's no reason for the sides to still be fighting. No reason at all." I pushed myself away from the table and began pacing. "All of this started because of a few accidental deaths and some misunderstandings. Now we've got a power hungry king trying to take over the whole realm for his own personal gain and everyone holding grudges against one another."

The room was silent and I faced the wall, trying to regain my control of my emotions. "I still don't see the point of this meeting. I was told you wanted to compromise and all I got was a lecture about a matter about which I don't care." Aeryn said arrogantly.

Flames erupted around my hands as my anger reached frightening levels. "I'll show you a compromise." I whirled around and threw fireballs at him. Most of them hit the table in front of him but one scorched his arm and sent him to the floor, crying out in pain.

"You little bitch." He yelled as he stood, a dagger in each hand.

Zacchaeus ran to my side and projected a shield around the both of us. Grandpa flipped the table and used it as cover as he made his way over to us.

A dagger hit the table and stuck but before I could grab it Aeryn summoned it back to him. I threw a few fireballs and directed them straight for him no matter how many times he tried to dodge him they kept coming back.

Finally, after long minutes of battle, Aeryn fell to the floor. Zacchaeus lowered the shields and we all cautiously approached the fallen angel. For a long while no one moved, not even Aeryn. Grandpa knelt beside him and felt for a pulse. I watched with bated breath and tears stung my eyes as he shook his head. I had killed him.

"Kaylynn…" Grandpa reached out a hand but a flinched away. The corpse of the Angel king was lying on the floor with scorch marks and burns all over and it was all my fault. I ran out of the room.

An hour's time found me at the abandoned park where I had first met Wyatt, my half brother. If this used to be Vampire territory then Angel territory, the original Angel territory, couldn't be far off.

I began running again, blonde curls flying out behind me and beads of sweat running down my face. My black and white yoga pants were sticking to my legs and my feet were crying out in pain. I paused to take off my tennis shoes before throwing them behind me and continuing to run.

Soon houses began to fly by me. I went through village after village until I came to the center of the kingdom. I marched inside, ignoring the guards who tried to stop me, and straight to the main room of the castle. Important looking Angels were scattered around the room and warriors came and went.

Because of my fair hair and pale skin no one questioned my heritage. I marched over to one of the angels at the bookshelves and tapped him on the shoulder.

"You shouldn't be in here." He said as he looked me up and down. "Only authorized officials and warriors are allowed in the castle."

"Says who?" I challenged, my breath still coming in heavy pants.

"Says King Aeryn."

I snorted. "Yeah, well Aeryn's dead. I just killed him."

A collective gasp sounded around the room as all eyes turned on me for the second time that day. "I am the Proclaimed One." I announced, spreading my arms wide and raising my voice so all could hear me. "If you don't heed my warning your race will be wiped from this realm for eternity." I hoped no one called me on my bluff. "Vampire territory shall be vacated immediately and borders reset to the way they were before the war started." A small crowd had gathered around me and I recognized the leader of the warriors from pictures in the books I had studied. "You will cease attacks on any other territory and a peace treaty will be written up and signed or I will send Demon warriors to your villages and cities."

Within a few weeks Angel warriors withdrew from Vampire territory and attacks ceased. Wyatt was elected as the new king and I knew that he would lead the people right and mend the ties between the Demons and Angels. My father was released but in the Supernatural Realm he was bindingly married to Wyatt's mother.

My mother moved back to the Supernatural Realm with the twins and Sophia and moved in with Grandpa. As sad as I was to move away from the Mortal Realm and away from Aimee, I moved with them to Grandpa's house but spent every other week with my father and stepmother, Cora. A few weekends a month I'd go to the Mortal Realm and visit Aimee but she soon became my only friend outside of the Supernatural Realm.

The twins were the first to start showing powers and they were even more of a handful once they did. Sophia followed a couple months later with telekinesis. Grandpa supposes that the change in atmosphere brought their powers to the surface but I personally think it's because this is where they truly belong.

A few years after the end of the war Daemyn proposed and we were married two months later. We bought our own house near the border shared with Angel territory and had two beautiful children. Gabriella is our daughter who just turned four and Nathan is our son who's turning two in a few weeks.

Daemyn teaches at the local school and I stay home with the children. Every Sunday we go visit Daemyn's mother and my family. Normalcy has finally settled in around me and I can't say that I miss the days of war.

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