Of Heartbreaks, Murder, and a very Rude Prince

"And so it begins, the great battle of our time," said Dennis as he stared at his sister lying dying on the floor. Lucas turned to look at him, his eyebrow arched, questioning.

"Dude, Gandalf much?" He said, a slight chuckle escaping his lips, despite the situation.

"Bite me okay? Can we just clean up this mess and get out of here? I don't like the woods; something about those trees unsettle me."

"Now I KNOW you've been watching The Lord of the Rings way too much. They don't move, they don't talk, and they won't kill you." Lucas stepped over Beatrice, knelt down beside Bianca, and lifted her, struggling under her weight. "Diet my butt. She still feels heavy." He looked over his shoulder and yelled, "Remind me again why you fell in love with her?" He walked over to his horse, stepping over an assortment of uplifted roots and scattered twigs in the processes, his sister feeling heavier and heavier with each step he took.

"Need some help?" Dennis looked on as his best friend fought to get Bianca onto the horse without furthering the damage caused to her and without hurting the horse in the process.

"Nope, I'm fine. No help needed," said Lucas as he finally managed to shove his sister onto the horse, quite unceremoniously at that. "See?"

"Whatever dude." Dennis walked over Beatrice and lifted her up effortlessly, carrying her over to his horse and placing her upon it in one fluid motion. He placed himself behind her soon after.

Lucas rolled his eyes at his friend and mounted his steed. "I wish MY sister was thin. Come on loser, let's get home. My mom is so going to have the biggest fit over this."

Dennis snorted. "Trust me, Ms. Spick and Span ain't going to take this lightly either. And of course, I'm the one who's going to get blamed for not taking care of precious princess Beatrice."

Together, they set their steeds in motion and headed North, towards home, towards a three day journey with injured sisters and towards insurmountable danger.

By the time the sun set, Bianca started to regain consciousness. She was murmuring something inaudible to the wind, and Lucas paid her now mind, though bits and pieces did reach his ears. "Frog prince…dangerous…liar…golden hair…demise."

"Dude! Catch a load of this loony. Your beloved is muttering on about a dangerous frog with long hair," exclaimed Lucas to Dennis.

"Leave her alone. She's probably having a nightmare."

"And that's what makes it funny! You really need to catch on homie."

Dennis only rolled his eyes and marched forward, leaving Lucas far enough behind to flash him a rude gesture without receiving anything in return. Though Dennis did look back for a moment to make sure his friend had not been left too far behind. Upon assurance that they were both within thirty paces of each other, Dennis turned his sight back onto the road and found a pink tower with no windows save one, and no doors staring him right in the face. He stopped his horse and motion for his friend to hurry towards him. His green eyes slowly examined the height of the brick tower and found that its point reached the edge of the very lowest cloud. Was this for decoration? Or was this giant pink thing something much more sinister.

"What in the world…" Dennis heard his friend exclaim from beside him. It sounded a little distance though, as if hearing him from the bottom of a well. "Dude."

Suddenly, a head, or so they hoped, appeared out of the window, waving frantically. "Help! Please help get me down," said the voice from the window, which certainly sounded like a woman.

"Danger," mumbled Bianca. Lucas looked down at her. Maybe she was not crazy after all.

"Dennis, we have to get her out of there. Bebe just whispered 'danger.' You know she's all weird and future knowing." Lucas dismounted his steed and rushed over the tower, trying to find something, anything, that could be used to bring her down. By an old wheelbarrow, he found a very long piece of rope and brought it over to the window, but soon realized that there was no way to get it up to her. Suddenly, something very heavy, but very soft hit him square in the head, rendering him unconscious.

"Oh for crying out loud," exclaimed Dennis as he threw his hands up in the air, got off his horse and walked over to where Lucas lay, his limbs sprawled out in an unsightly way and his already pale face transparent. Dennis realized at once what had hit Lucas. It was human hair. Really, really, REALLY long human hair. And of the blonde variety!

"Tie the rope to the end of my hair, I can find a place to hang it up here and propel down," yelled the woman in the window. Without hesitating, Dennis did as he was told, tying the rope securely to her hair.

Just as the hair had disappeared out of sight, Lucas' arm sprang up towards his friend and grabbed a handful of his tunic, using it to get himself up. "Did you save her?" Lucas looked at Dennis in the eyes as he spoke. For the first time since their friendship began, Dennis saw a hint of seriousness in his friend's eyes. Dennis only smiled and reached out a hand into what seemed like thin air, only to grab a rope, the rope, and look up.

"I'm working on it," he said as he yanked on the rope to make sure it was well secured. "You can come down now!"

The girl in the window with the long hair placed herself on the ledge and began to slowly work her way down the tower. Lucas stared in astonishment as she lowered herself from her prison.

"Dude, could you do that in a dress?" he asked Dennis.

"Not in a million years. But thank god she can."

"If I jump, can one of you catch me?" The girl who used to be in the window with the really long hair did not wait for a response and launched herself from the rope. She looked like a big piece of cotton candy hurtling towards the earth. Lucas rushed to grab her, but instead, only really managed to break her fall. Dennis rushed over and removed her from on top of his friend and checked to make sure he was alright, which he was.

"Lookie here missy. Normal people don't go throwing themselves from ropes. You could have killed him!"

The girl now on the ground with the really long hair only smiled. Bianca screamed. Dennis looked over at her, and then at the one who propelled down a tower in a dress. "Stay here," he told her and rushed to his beloved, shushing her back into her slumber almost instantly.

"It's dark, maybe we should just stay the night," said Lucas once he was beside Dennis.

"Dude, aren't you the one with that nifty ability to produce light? Why don't you do that while we get away from this place? I don't feel too comfortable around here."

"What? The killer trees going to get you? Get a grip and be a man. Rebecca says she's tired. Might as well just set up camp."

"She has a name?"

"Dude, duh!"

"Fine, fine, fine. We'll stay, but I don't like it."

"Whatever Dennis. Just help me set up the tents. The girls can sleep in one and we'll sleep in the other."

As the night progressed, Dennis and Lucas struggled to get the tents up. They had never actually been camping before, and therefore, knew very little about tent pitching, but eventually managed to get it to work. Lucas pulled out a few lanterns and made them light up. He placed one outside the girl's tent and the other outside theirs. They got their sisters off of the horses and placed them snuggly into the tent.

Lucas turned to Rebecca and whispered, "sorry, but we really didn't expect company. You can have my blanket and I'll share with Dennis."

"That's fine Lucas." She took the blanket and disappeared into the tent.

"I'll do first watch," said Dennis as he positioned himself against the tower, the tents to his right obscured whatever may be behind them, but it didn't bother him. That was not where he was expecting the attack. Lucas quietly went into the tent and within a few minutes, light snoring could be heard emanating from the tent. The wind blew softly across that night. He wondered for a second what Bianca was dreaming about. Why she was so afraid of a frog prince, and golden hair. With these thoughts on his mind, he drifted off to sleep.

After what felt like a second, Dennis awoke to the sound of a blood curdling scream. Was it Bianca again? He rushed to her tent and found only Bianca inside, sound asleep. His eyes inched over to Lucas' tent, the silhouette of two very feminine figures were fighting. He ran over and when he looked inside, all his eyes saw, was blood. But whose? Beatrice was trying to pull away a knife from Rebecca's hand. Or was Rebecca fending off an attack? Instinctively, Dennis grabbed hold of Rebecca and tossed the knife on the floor. His eyes caught sight of the most gruesome display he's ever seen. His friend, his best friend was ripped open. His entrails were scattered across the ground. His neck was missing a piece, as if someone has taking a large bit of it. He looked at the girl he was holding. Her eyes shone red, blood dripped from her pointed teeth. She shrieked and flew off out of the tent and into her tower.

"I tried to stop her, but it was already too late. He's gone Dennis," said Beatrice as she held out her hand to her brother, beckoning him away from the sight. With tears in his eyes, he slowly exited the tent.

"We'll bury him tomorrow morning, away from here," he said more to himself than to his sister.

"That's perfectly fine. I'm sure his parents would appreciate that."

"I went out to save you, but instead, I think you might just have saved me." Dennis looked ahead at the lanterns. Their lights were still bright. The only thing he has left of Lucas. He looked up at the tower where Rebecca sat looking down on them. "I'm going to kill her. I swear, as long as these lanterns are lit, I won't stop trying."

Beatrice only looked ahead. Her eyes lined with unshed tears. "And I'll help you." She stood up and walked over to her tent. "But first, we might as well sleep."

"You do that," he said. "I'll keep watch." And so, with that, he looked up towards the tower, and plotted his revenge.