Okay, my first attempt at writing a novel ever. please dont bash it becuase its about vampires. i do plan to publish one day, but this novel is still in its early stages. have a lot of rewrites.

Main story: Girl meets a guy online who turns out to be a vampire. Instead of making her his next meal he accidentally makes her in to a vampire then runs off. She decides to chase after him in an attempt to stop him from killing others like her that fall in to her trap. At same time there is another vampire after him. *not going to reveal much, I dont want to spoil the whole plot*

Vampire Dreams


I died earlier this morning. But I am still alive, I think.
Let me explain before we jump the gun here. Something happened to me the other night. Something I don't really remember and don't know how to explain. It is even hard to understand as I relate it here.
Something that turned me into a vampire.
And it happened in the bathroom of a movie theatre. I am a creature of the darkness now.
The ones I have always read about from Anne Rice books and saw on T.V when I was little. Like the old Dracula movies with Lon Chaney or the new ones with Gary Oldman. It was all too good to dream about if someone told me earlier that I would be one today. Now that's its here, though, I see that it wasn't as exciting as I had imagined.

Chapter 1

Change of Plans

My summer vacation was ruined! Instead of my grandeur of staying inside watching old horror flicks with two of my greatest friends in the whole world and spending endless hours on the computer I have to go camping. Why camping? It's so boring being out there with the mud and bugs and the whole forest smells like a giant toilet. Well it does. Animals just go where ever they please. It's totally barbaric.
My dad must think this is a bonding experience for the two of us. First time in sixteen years that he actually wants to do something. Doesn't he know I rather stay indoors with the air conditioning for two months instead?
I grimaced as I told my friends my big change of plans for the summer.
"How can he do this to you?" said Sammy.
"He's positively the worst father ever," said Kim tossing her hair back. It had a bad habit of falling in to places where it didn't belong. We looked like total opposites walking side by side in the hallway. The queen of horror and the cheerleader.
One wouldn't believe that I was the neat freak. Unlike Kim, I don't just throw everything on the floor. Cartering to a mostly dark wardrobe it is even harder to find anything at all in a giant pile of clothes, especially if you are looking for a certain black halter top. Last time that happened it took me a week to find it again and it was that time when Kim stayed over for a week when her mom was on a business trip to Chicago. It was the calamity known as Hurricane Kim in my house. It strike everywhere that week.
Kim and I shared the same tastes, so it was good enough. We both enjoyed horror movies and the occult. She preferred werewolves though over my vampires. Like the nursery rhyme of the two sisters where one prefer tea while the other coffee. We always joked about that. We were the closest thing to each other as sisters. With her parents divorced she always suggested that her mom should marry my dad. He does seem really lonely since my mother walked out of our lives when I was three, but I don't think it's possible for him to ever fall in love again. His work as a local reporter was taking its toll on him.
I grimace even more. Especially watching Kim open her gym locker. Its contents gave way to an unexpected avalanche.
It made me proud that this school was too cheap to have regular lockers in the hallway.
"The worst part is no computer," I fixed my black hat. "I can't even stay connected."
"We should have a girl's night out at least," said Kim trying to push her gym uniform back in the locker along with numerous shower products. "Before you leave for your trip."
"Yeah," I gave a little smile. Kim always knew the right thing to say to cheer me up. "My place, Friday, is 7:00 alright?"
"Yup, right after cheerleading practice," said Kim tossing her hair again.
"I can't make it," said Sammy, "I have to watch my brother." She rolled her eyes. "I don't know why he can't watch himself. He's like ten." She paused. "I think."
"And that's why you need to spend more time with your brother," I reply smiling. "I think he just turn nine. Remember his birthday last month?"
"Oh shut up, Kate. You know sometimes I wish I was an only sibling like you."
"I guess you can only dream."

After school I walked home alone as usual. In the stupid heat too. It was getting windy again too. A norm for desert climate. Kim had cheer leading practice. Something we didn't have in common. That was the main difference between us. She was super popular and I wasn't. I went the same route as I did everyday, right by the soccer field.
These precious few hours after school were spent on the Internet in numerous chat rooms, talking with people who actually understand me better. It always tends to be that way; random people you never met learn your deepest inner most secrets more then the people around in real life. I probably pored out more details of my life online then in real life.
A stray soccer ball flew past my face nearly missing my nose as I jumped a foot backwards. I heard a chorus of laughs that made me spun around to see the school's boy soccer team. I quickly spotted the ring leader, Jayson . Jayson was the most popular guy in the school in addition to being the star captain of the soccer team and the star in every girl's fantasy. Except for me.
"Hey Bloody!" he shouted. "Can you give us our ball back?"
I smiled as I picked it up twirling it in my hands. He was making fun of my last name again, Blood. He was the one who started that sick nickname.
"What do you say?" I teased. I loved to toy with him. It was probably my number two most favorite pastime.
"Please give us back our ball?" he choked out.
"Not quite."
"Forget it. We'll get another one; you can use that one as a kissing dummy. Want a picture of me for it?"
He turned around and gave a high five to a couple of his buddies. I put my bag down on the sidewalk and threw the ball right at him when he turned around.
SMACK! Right in the nose! It knocked him over too. Score.
The whole team laughed. I think James gave me a thumbs up but I was already booking it out of there. I didn't want to see the aftermath of what just happened.
I thought, at least he got his ball back. But I doubt it was the last I would hear out of him. One more day of school left, he was going to retaliate somehow tomorrow.
I finally reached my only safe haven in the world, my room. My dad worked long shifts at work so I wasn't expecting him until late. I flipped on my laptop and popped in my favorite mixed track.
My room was the prefect dream room and it should be, since it was my dream room. My walls were all decked out in black and various posters. A couple of old school art projects cluttered it as well. Nothing really Picaso. Nothing could penetrate me in my fortress. I sighed happily.
Once the Internet icon appeared, I went to my favorites list, clicking on Gothic Anonymous, my favorite forum site. I logged in as my screen name, 'Bloody_Gnome' and began searching topics to chat in. Kim wouldn't be on for another hour or two becuase if cheerleading.
I scrolled down in the forums after checking my private messages and any updates recieved.
Let's see. Here's one by some desperate loner seeking a girlfriend. Good luck with that.
Past. Next topic, Should I wear underwear with this?
Definitely past.
Here's one in my interest field: Calling all vamps. Click. Post by a Blood_sucking_fiend:

Hey does any1 know any goth clubs in Arizona?

Arizona? Hey, I live in Arizona. I searched the top of my head for any places in that demographic. I quickly wrote back:

DK. Never seen any where I lived.

I exited the post to find a different topic to go in to. How to be Goth. Someone who needs guidance on being a goth. That or being a troll. I clicked on it anyway.
Click. I guess I can help someone out maybe.
I jumped. Stupid computer with its noises. I wasn't used to receiving private messages. Usually Kim and I just post in forums to talk to each other. We figured whatever we talk about would not make a difference to an outsider reading it.
I switched over to my message inbox. An unnamed email from Blood_sucking_fiend. What does he want? Is it even a he?

Are u in arizona? where do you live? Maybe we can hook up.

I'm not the usual type to be meeting strangers from cyberspace in real life but this guy might be just as desperate as I am. Especially in the middle of nowhere. I wrote back:

Depends if you're a psycho or not. Prove to me that you are at least sane.

I hit send and then clicked on his profile. No picture yet. A total noobie by the looks of it. This could be fun. Seventeen years old, I just hope he doesn't turn out to be forty. I need to probe him more.
Man that was fast, not even a minute. He must be a techno nerd to type that fast. I opened it.

That really hurts my feelings. You just looked like a really cool person to talk to. thanx bye.

Uh oh. I typed back.

I was only kidding. No hard feelings. I just want to make sure you're not a sex craze maniac.

BOING! Blood_sucking_fiend:

I assure you I'm not. Do you need pictures to prove I'm not some old desperate loser?


Sure, it'll help me sleep at night.

An attachment came with his reply. I opened it and a quick snapshot showed up. The date and time of the picture showed up in the bottom right so I knew it wasn't a fake, it was dated like a minute ago. And it looked like it hasn't been tampered with it in Photoshop. I believed him.
He looked like my type, dark and gothy. Someone I would never see at my school. He had straight shoulder length black hair cut in uneven strains. His skin was a ghoulish white color with dark rings under his eyes, but it could have been the camera flash. Truthfully he looked like he hasn't slept in weeks, maybe never.
Someone who has spent countless hours infront of a computer monitor.
He met my approval though. His attach message was included under it.

If only it helps you of dreaming about me at night.

What a romantic. I can give him a chance and if anything goes wrong I have my pepperspray that my dad gave me last year handy somewhere.

Okay, but can I at least know the name of the guy in my dream tonight?


My name is Kain. And what may I ask is the name of the girl in my dreams?

Should I give him my name? I guess my first name will be fine. He at least gave me his.

It's Katherine, but every1 calls me Kate.


I like Katherine, it suits your picture better.


Thanks. Hey, I'll talk to u later, k?

I signed off. I have to make dinner for my father unless he'll order pizza home again. That's how it usually is around here. He brings home junk food unless I make something.
I stretched a little before making it to the kitchen. The cabinet was almost empty. Nothing but spaghetti, can soup, ramen, cookies and chips. Spaghetti will suffice. I can make meatballs with the ground beef in the fridge and make a sauce with the leftover tomatoes we have. I got a couple of pots out and started to boil some water.
Kain was clouding my mind while I was chopping tomatoes and garlic. We need to decide on a place to meet next week, maybe while my father goes fishing at the lake. He would understand why I wouldn't want to join him in that. I can say killing worms goes against my religion or something and then he would probably dismiss me for the rest of the day.
Dinner was almost done when he came strolling in.
"Hey Kate, smells good," he dumped his suitcase on the kitchen table and suspiciously checked out my creation. "It's that spaghetti and meatballs?"
"No, its worms and eyeballs, dad," I joked, "and we eat on this table."
I removed the suitcase and put it in the hall closet where it belonged.
"Sorry, hon," he helped setting the table while I finished up. "It's a tough day at work. I'm glad we're going on that trip next week. Kate, I know you're not really in for it…"
"You think?" My tone harden like a rock. Every year he went, so it should not have come as a surprise to me. But when he told me I had to go. Just another excuse for bonding.
"…but maybe I can take you to Vegas once it's on the way. Sorta."
"Really?" My eyes widen as I placed the bowls of spaghetti and tomato sauce on the table.
Vegas? Yeah it was sorta out of the way from Lake Havasu but still, something I haven't seen before.
"Yeah," he said instantly reaching for it.
"You're positively the best father ever!" I screamed and gave him a hug.
"Thanks," he said spooning mouthful of noodles on to his fork before plopping them in to his mouth.

Dad offered to clean up afterwards so I scurried off to my sanctuary. I check my email and was disappointed to see no new mail by Blood_sucking_fiend. He had sign off for the night. Kim had pm me instead asking where I was. I told her that I decided to cook dinner for my dad and his offer to take me to Vegas during our camping trip.
I knew Kim was etastic for me. She has been to Vegas last year and told me everything that he saw there. I knew she could tell how sadden I was because the only thing exciting that happens to me every year is the stupid camping trip in Havasu.
I quickly told her of Jayson and why he might have a nose cast tomorrow at school before signing off. As I laid back in my chair I came to the conclusion that this summer might actually turn out not to be boring afterall.