I woke up, just lying there, on the floor. Alone.

The lights were off and his plate was still sitting on the table, cutlery lying next to it. Another wave of tears threatened to engulf me. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes tight and refused to think any further.

It didn't work.

Turning the lights on, I grabbed his plate and stacked it in the kitchen. I turned on the hot water and began to wash up. Then I dried up. After that I vacuumed, read two books, dusted, decided on a new colour scheme for my house and reorganised my desk. Oh, and lost a lot of dihydrogen-oxide. And learnt the word dihydrogen-oxide. It means water.

He rang my phone a few times but I couldn't bring myself to answer, or even reject his calls. I just sat there, staring at it as it lit up, vibrated and rang. A picture of him winking flashed up on the screen each time. God, I could get lost in those eyes.

I need:




The newspaper.

To call my boss.




A new scarf.

Some meat.


Pay the water bill.




But I'd have to leave the house for that and I can't do that. Not without him. Maybe I'd pass him. I couldn't handle that yet. Or I'd see a friend and they'd ask. No, online shopping is good too. Frozen dinners … for breakfast. It's all good. Whatever floats your boat.

Oh, I need a new rubber ducky too. Mine lost its head in a tragic 'accident'