This what I think happened to Red Riding Hood. Enjoy.

Red Riding Hood

"Red!" A voice called out from the window of a small plump house.

Red lifted her head up and sighed quietly before heading over to the house. "What, Mom?" She asked and her mother smiled sweetly before handing her a basket through the open window.

"Be a dear and take this to your grandmother, okay?" She asked, and Red took the basket before nodding. Red turned around and silently grumbled bitterly before heading off towards the forest.

"Stupid grandma has to live in a forest…" Red muttered before pushing her auburn hair out of her eyes. She glanced around the eerily quiet forest before grimacing to herself.

"Now where am I?" She whispered until a chuckle reached her ears. "Are you lost?" A sweet voice asked and Red turned her head and paused as she stared over to where a long brown haired girl stood with her back against a tree.

Except this girl had wolf-like ears on top of her head and she wasn't wearing anything at all. Red's face turned the same shade as her red hood as the wolf girl moved closer and smiled at her.

"The name's Wolf." The wolf girl said before put a finger underneath Red's chin and lifted her head to look at her. "Well? Where might you be going?" Wolf asked and Red stuttered slightly before answering. "My g-grandma's house. Small house with a yellow roof."

Wolf's smile widened before using the finger she had underneath Red's chin to turn her head. "That way." Wolf said and Red nodded before hurriedly running off after muttering a thanks. Wolf stared after Red with her gold eyes before smiling and disappearing into the forest.

Red breathed a sigh of relief as she saw her grandmother's house lay out ahead of her. She ran up to the door and knocked a few times.

"Come in." A weak voice called out from inside and Red slipped inside quickly. She put the basket down on a nearby table before hanging her cloak up.

"Grandma?" She asked into the house before stepping into her grandmother's room. "Oh, hello dear." The grandmother said with a smile as Red walked over to her.

"You seem… bigger, grandma." Red said with a raised eyebrow before her arm was grabbed and she was thrown onto the bed with a hard bang. Red's face turned crimson again as Wolf got on top of her with a wide smile.

"Red…? Is that you?" Came a muffled voice from the closet nearby. Red didn't answer as Wolf covered her mouth with her own.

Red stifled a moan as Wolf's hands worked down her body; removing anything she got her hands on.

"Red…?" Came the voice again, but Red didn't answer as Wolf's tongue slipped into her mouth, making her moan.

"Red?" The voice came more urgently, and Red had had enough. "Shut the hell up, grandma." She snapped towards the closet and Wolf smiled before nibbling on Red's ear and making her moan again.

"B-But…!" The grandma tried to say until Wolf cut in. "If you don't want me to rip her throat out, shut the hell up and let me do her." Wolf snapped and the closet immediately went silent.

Red stared at Wolf until she moaned as three of Wolf's fingers slipped into her pussy and started fingering her roughly. Red moaned loudly as Wolf started to bite her neck gently while increasing the fingering.

Red started to hump against Wolf's fingers after a fourth was put in and the speed increased. Red gripped Wolf's shoulders as she humped harder against the fingers making them go deeper. "Ah… Oh yeah…" Red breathed before screaming and orgasming onto Wolf's hand.

Wolf smiled before removing her hand and licking the cum off her fingers slowly while Red panted quietly.

"Oh, you can't be tired after that." Wolf said before licking the bite mark on Red's neck. Red looked at Wolf silently before smiling.

"Then how about you take me somewhere without anyone else around and really make me scream." She whispered and Wolf's smile turned into a grin.

Later that day, a traveling woodcutter finally found the grandmother and released her from the closet. The grandmother was in a state of shock, and after three days, the search for Red ended. However, every night people can still faintly hear screaming from the forest.

Short but sweet. I might do more with Red Riding Hood. Depends on what else I can use...