"Here it is," I said. "Opening night." Nate, Jay, and I stood in front of the Jefferson Regional Theatre one week later. George had gotten us front row seats and special VIP passes to the star-studded event.

"Where's the red carpet?" Jay asked, looking around confused.

I laughed and we made our way inside. "There's my favorite people ever!" George rushed up to us and gave us all hugs, including Jay whom he didn't even know. "I can't thank you enough. You saved the show." He looked at Nate. "Nice suit." He winked and left.

I looked over at Nate. He did look quite smashing in a suit. I didn't look quite as sophisticated as him. My arm was in a clunky cast from my injury. But I was wearing a cute little black dress, my only one.

The show itself was actually really impressive. I was proud of everyone, especially myself. At the end of the performance it received a standing ovation.

"I wish that I was in a musical," Jay said after the show as we made our way backstage. The first thing I noticed was the obnoxious frame of roses covering Rita's makeup mirror. The second thing I saw was Tom pull Jackie into his arms for a giant kiss. I nudged Nate in the arm.

"See, I told you he had a thing for her."

Nate just grunted in return.

"Charlie!" Rita rushed up to me and pulled me into a hug. "So you guys are undercover cops, huh?" she asked Nate and I. "I totally knew it all along."

"You did?"

"Well I knew something was up. I just assumed you guys were having an affair. Are you guys?"

"No," I answered and Nate nodded his head. I hit him.

Rita laughed and turned to Jay. "Are you a cop too?" she asked.

Jay nodded. "No I am of a more noble profession."


"Starbucks employee of the month!" he said proudly.

"Really?" I asked. "I didn't know that."

"That's what you get for being gone all the time," Jay said. I had to admit, I felt bad. My job always seemed to get in the way of our friendship. I had to make sure that my next job was closer to home. It was time for some quality Jay time.

Rita suddenly grabbed my arms. "Guess what? I got a job in Milwaukee!"


"Yeah, I auditioned for a part and I got it! I'm moving up in the world."

"Oh my God, no way! Who are the flowers from?" I asked pointing to her mirror.

She giggled. "Chad." I guess she could have anyone she wanted. "Don't you live in Milwaukee?"

I nodded.

"Girl, we're going to hang out all the time. I can see it now; we're going to be BFFs."

"Hey!" Jay butted in. "I'm her BFF forever evers!"

"Are you?" Rita asked. "Well then it's on, biatch," she joked.

"Wow, you have people fighting over you," Nate pointed out.

I sighed. "Story of my life." I pointed over to a group of young women looking at Nate dreamily. "You're not doing too bad yourself."

Nate ruffled my hair and dazzled a smile down at me. "Awww, Charmander. Don't worry. You'll never have to fight for me."

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