My Preface

I was angry. I was so mad that


Could've torn myself into pieces. You


To realize that I was under so much pressure,


Have to understand that I was under


Stress than I had been in a long time, more


Even that time when I got caught. If I


Got caught again, it'd be the end.

And if I don't, it'll really be the end.

Author's Note- I know... you all probably want to kill me by now from the frequent change in stories. This is just one I found prewritten, so I thought I'd post it and hopefully work on it at times. I can tell you for sure that I plan to continue Abnormal (which I plan to rename to "Gambling With The Heart"), so if you're reading that, I can say that I will continue to work on that. The others are more unpredictable.

I'm sorry about everything. I've been kind of MIA recently... I've been super busy. So if I usually read/review your story, and I haven't lately, I'll really try to get back to that!


Oh, and tell me what you think! Please? Or... not. Whatever.