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Warnings: One, really. Bad language.





That which is inevitably predetermined; destiny.



Fate's a bitch.

Seriously, She is. I know this for a fact.

It was a good two- or three-hundred years ago that I met Her. I was walking along through the woods, minding my own business, when She appeared right before me.

"Can I help you?" I'd asked Her.

"You are fated to meet your One True Love." She'd told me.

"Really? That's fascinating. Now, if you don't mind, I have somewhere I've got to be." I'd said.

"However," She'd continued, completely ignoring me, "You will not be his One True Love. Instead of him falling in love with you, you will help him find the one he is destined to fall in love with. In the end, you will be alone, and because of this, you will suffer."

After that, She'd left, disappearing in a puff of glittery smoke.

A bitch, right?

Now, two- or three-hundred years later, I still have yet to meet my supposed One True Love.

Of course, Fate didn't specify when, exactly, I would encounter my OTL, but still, two- or three-hundred years is a damn long time to wait for my heart to be torn apart by an unconditional love, don't you think?



"Oh, come on!" I yell, struggling to open the damn chest. The chest is large, heavy and old, and just-so-happens to be the container for the treasure I am currently seeking.

I've actually been searching for this particular treasure for over four-hundred years, but haven't had any leads as to its whereabouts until recently. A man at bar in an out-of-the-way town was talking about it to his fellow drunks, none of whom were really listening, and I just happened to overhear- okay, I was eavesdropping, but that's beside the point- him.

I went up to him and started asking about the treasure, but, at first, he was a little wary of me and wouldn't give up any information. So, after buying the drunken man four more drinks, he eventually gave up all the information I needed.

So, here I am, in a decrepit, old castle, in the middle of an enchanted forest, with a treasure chest that refuses to open.

It figures that a treasure I've been trying to find for four-hundred years would be a box that I can't fucking open.

"Damn it!" I curse, hitting the chest with my fist, then curse again when I feel a splinter lodge itself in the flesh of my hand. "You've got to be fucking kidding me!"

"Um…are you okay?" I hear a masculine voice ask from behind me. Shocked, but trying not to show it, I turn and glare at the man, noting his armor and sword, the apparel of a hero, whoop-de-fucking-do.

"Does it look like I'm okay?" I ask him angrily, standing up and kicking the stupid chest for revenge, and only succeeding in stubbing my toe through my not-very-thick boots. "Son of a bitch!"

"Perhaps, you shouldn't hit the chest, as that only seems to be creating more problems for you." My male spectator says.

"I think I'm aware of that, you dumb ass!" I snap at him.

"I'm only trying to help, madam." He says in a placating manner.

"Oh, ew. Do not call me madam. My name's Desserai. Dess, for short, got it, hero?" I inform him, wrinkling my nose disgustedly at the 'madam'. Seriously? What woman actually likes being called a madam? It makes me feel so old, despite the fact that I'm a five-thousand-something-year-old immortal that looks eighteen.

"I apologize if the term has offended you, Lady Desserai." Hero boy apologizes.

"No, not Lady Desserai. Dess. Or Desserai, if you must." I correct him.

"I apologize once more, Desserai." He says, bowing his head slightly.

"Hey, man, seriously? Stop being so formal. It bugs the shit out of me." I say, turning back to my nemesis, the chest.

"Desserai, your language does not suit a lady." He tells me, stepping forward to watch my attempts to open the chest.

"Like I give a fuck? I'm no lady, hero boy. I'm a Treasure Hunter, and us Treasure Hunters? Yeah, we're not exactly known for our eloquence." I mumble, taking out my dagger and poking it into the lock on the chest and wiggling it around.

"I see…would you like some assistance with that chest, Desserai?" He asks me.

"No." I respond, biting my lip as I wiggle the dagger around more forcefully.

"That is not a very efficient way to pick that lock. May I suggest turning it instead?" He suggests, kneeling down beside me.

I try doing what hero boy says, and, to my surprise, the lock opens.

"Hell yeah! That's what I'm talking about!" I yell excitedly, pulling the lock out, and opening the chest. I giggle happily when I see the contents of the chest, and reach my hand in to pull it out, only to be stopped by a gauntleted one wrapping itself around my wrist.

"What the fuck, hero boy? Let go." I say, trying to tug my wrist out of his gentle but strong grip.

"I fear it is not wise for you to touch that." He tells me, eyeing the blood-red ruby warily.

"Oh? And why the hell not?" I ask, glaring up at him.

"It could be cursed." He states, and I snort, finally managing to wrench my wrist out of his hand.

"I'm immortal. No curse is gonna affect me." I inform him, grabbing the ruby and pulling it out.

Then, my hand catches on fire.

"Dess!" Hero boy cries out suddenly, dropping his polite act, and slapping the ruby out of my grasp.

"Hey!" I yell indignantly, reaching back down for the ruby.

"What are you, stupid? Don't touch it!" He snaps, grabbing my hand, and holding it away from my precious treasure.

"Hero boy! What the hell? Let me grab it!" I demand, struggling to tear my hand out of his.

"No! It's cursed, you bloody fool! It just lit your hand on fire!"

"I could see that!"

"Then why are you trying to pick it back up?" He asks.

"I already told you." I sigh, shaking my head, "I'm immortal. Look at my hand, hero boy, no signs of burns, right?"

Hero boy uncurls his fingers from their positions wrapped around my hand, and studies the appendage thoroughly, turning it over to check both sides.

"I don't get it." He mumbles after he finishes his inspection.

"What's not to get?" I ask him, picking the ruby up and letting the flame curse burn itself out before stowing it in the pouch on my waist. "I'm immortal. I don't die, and if I get injured, I heal almost instantaneously."

"I didn't think immortals really existed." He whispers, staring at me in awe.

"Really? We're all over the place, you just gotta know how to look." I say, standing up and rubbing the dirt and dust off my pants. "We've all got one thing in common: our eyes. The eyes of all immortals are odd colors, like, purple, orange, yellow, grey, silver, white, pink, etc."

"Or blood red." He mumbles, his baby-blue eyes focused on mine.

"Yes." I agree, blinking slowly, "or blood red."

Hero boy continues to stare at me, and I stare back, for lack of nothing better to do. Hero boy has very pretty, large, innocent-looking, baby-blue eyes, framed by thick, dark eyelashes; the kind of eyes any girl would kill for.

His skin is a dark caramel color, whether from genetics or spending quite a bit of time outside, I have no idea.

On top of his head, wavy, raven-black hair falls to just below his ears, framing his face perfectly.

With his perfectly muscled body, I'd have to say that hero boy looks damn good.

"So, hero boy," I say, interrupting the silence that was growing too long for my liking, "that whole polite act really was just that, an act, huh?"

"What?" He asks, blinking himself out of the little trance he'd fallen into, no doubt from my overwhelming beauty.

"You were all polite earlier, now you're talking like a normal human being." I tell him, watching with amusement as panic filters in to his eyes. "Don't worry, I prefer it. I hate it when people are all polite to me, and I'm sitting here saying words like fuck and shit and damn."

"You really do have a very dirty mouth, though." He says, smiling a little.

I snort. "Dirty? Hell no, I don't have a dirty mouth. I have a vulgar mouth. There is a difference. When I think of dirty, I think of perverted, you know? Vulgar? Well, that's what I am, and I'm fucking proud of it."

"Dirty or vulgar, or whatever you want to call it, it still is not how a lady should speak."

"Like I said earlier, 'Like I give a fuck?'" I say, rolling my eyes, stepping around the still crouching hero boy, and walking out of the treasury. I hear him follow.

"So, hero boy, what's your name, and what the fuck are you doing in this run-down, old place?" I ask after a few moments of silence.

"Oh! My name is Matheus DelAndrews III. I was asked to come here by some of the nearby village residents to get rid of the monsters haunting this castle. However, when I arrived, all the monsters were already dead, or not doing anything remotely monster-like." He explains.

"Oh, yeah, well, a few of them kept trying to kill me, but all they managed to do was scratch me up a bit. It got annoying after a while, so I just killed the ones that kept attacking me. The ones that weren't doing anything monster-like? Well, they were like that when I got here, so don't look at me. I think they're just using this place to sleep in." I say, stepping out of the castle and into the bright sun.

"How did you kill them?" He asks.

"My sword." I reply, turning slightly so he can see the weapon hanging off my left hip.

"Ah, I see." He mumbles.

"So, Matty, I guess I'll be leaving you here, then." I say, turning to him and sticking my hand out for a handshake. When he just stares down at it, looking confused, I sigh.

"It's a handshake, dear. You grab my hand with yours, and we move them both up and down in a somewhat friendly manner." I explain, grabbing his hand when he still doesn't make a move to shake mine, and doing all the handshaking myself.

"Well, see ya, Matty!" I say, turning away from his and walking in to the dark trees of the enchanted forest.

"Wait!" He calls, and I stop, twisting my head around to look back at him. He has his hand stretched out towards me, and the look on his face is one of deep confusion.

"What?" I ask, allowing annoyance to creep into my tone. His eyes, which had been staring down at his outstretched limb like he couldn't figure out why it was like that, moved so they were looking up at me.

"I-I'm not too sure why, but, I feel like I should go with you." He says, disbelief coloring the words.

"What the fuck? That doesn't make any-" I stop mid-sentence, thinking back to two- or three-hundred years ago to when I when the bitch that is Fate.

"You are fated to meet your One True Love."

"However, you will not be his One True Love. You will help him find the one he is destined to fall in love with. In the end, you will be alone, and because of this, you will suffer."

Well, son of a bitch. What do ya know? Looks like my One True Love that I'm destined to help find his OTL has finally appeared.

Fucking fantastic.



"Dess, do you any idea where we are?" Matty asks for the fifth time in the span of three minutes.

"Of course I do, Matty, I've only been here forty-three times before." I reply for the same amount of times in the same time span.

"Are you sure? I mean, you look awfully lost." He presses, glancing around us with slight trepidation. I do the same, except without the trepidation, taking in our surroundings.

A mildly creepy swamp filled with massive, old, trees and smelling of rotting flesh and wet dog.

As I said earlier, I have actually been here before, just not in this particular part of the swamp. The part of the swamp that I've actually been to has a moderately large village, and, in this village, a very pretty girl lives, waiting for her OTL. This girl, by the way, would be the sixth girl I've tried to match Matty up with. I have yet to succeed.

This village is supposed to be where we ended up, but, as you probably know, transportation spells can be a little off.

"We're lost, admit it." Matty says, rubbing his face wearily.

"No, we're not lost. We're in the right area, just not the right spot." I inform him, looking around us for something that looks familiar. When I see nothing, I sigh.

"Yep. We're lost." I finally admit, grinning at Matty's horrified expression.

"Dess! We're in the middle of a swamp with potentially life-threatening creatures inhabiting the water we're standing in! How can you be so nonchalant about that?" He asks.

"I'm immortal. What the hell do I have to worry about? Nothing here can kill me, at least not that I'm aware of. So, really, the only one who has to really be concerned, is you, the completely mortal, perfectly capable of dying, human." I say cheerily, picking a random direction and walking in it.

"Come on, Dess, that's not fair." He whines, obediently following me like the loyal puppy he is.

"Life isn't fair, and Fate's a bitch." I say humbly.

"What?" He asks.

"Never mind. You won't understand until you've lived as long as I have, and, since you're not immortal, that won't ever happen, so you will never know what I mean." I say, laughing a bit.

"You're really not a very nice person, you know that?" He mutters sullenly.

I shrug my shoulders, "I'm not trying to make friends, so I honestly have no reason to be nice."

"Doesn't that get lonely, though?" He asks. I sigh. We've had this conversation I-don't-know-how-many times in the eight months we've been together. It always goes the same way, too. I say something that isn't exactly nice, he says I'm not nice, I say I'm not trying to make friends so I don't have to be nice, and he asks if that's lonely. I answer him the same way every single time, too.

"Being lonely is a lot less painful than watching friends grow old and die."

"But, Dess-"

"Hello? Who are you?" Matty and I turn in the direction of the voice, noting that it is female.

The young woman, for that it what the speaker is, is very pretty. She's got long, chestnut-brown hair, and soft green eyes. Her skin is pale, but not sickly, more like ivory, and flawless except for a light pink tinge on her cheeks.

I look over at Matty, and, upon seeing his love-struck expression, I feel a slight pain in my chest. I rub the spot with my hand absentmindedly, so used to it, that I don't think anything of it anymore.

Despite the fact that I've been helping Matty out, trying to find his OTL- though, he's not aware that that's what we've been doing, he thinks that I'm just taking him with me on my treasure hunting adventures- for the past eight months, it still hurts every time I see him ogling another girl.

He is my One True Love, after all.

"My name is Matheus, and this is my traveling companion, Desserai." Matty says, introducing the both of us to the petite woman. "May I ask what your name is, my dear Lady?"

I roll my eyes. Matty brings out the disgustingly formal politeness every time we meet a new girl. And every damn time, the girl it's directed at blushes and giggles like an idiot.

"Oh!" The girl squeaks, blushing and giggling- see?- at his tone, "My name is Adrianna."

"Adrianna? A beautiful name for a beautiful woman." Matty exclaims, walking up to the girl, grabbing her hand, bringing it up to his mouth, and kissing the appendage lightly.

"Why, thank you, dear Matheus." She sighs, the blush adorning her face darkening a bit.

I gag, and turn away from the sickeningly sweet scene, rubbing my eyes furiously when I feel the sting of tears.

Fucking hell! I am not about to cry! I'm a fucking five-thousand-something year-old woman! No way am I going to cry over a twenty-eight year-old child.

No way.

I stare down at my reflection in the murky swamp water, distorted by the ripples. My expression is depressingly sad, and I wipe it off hurriedly, not wanting to show Matty my sadness, and not a moment too soon as I hear his voice from behind me.

"Dess? Adrianna says she knows the way to the village." Matty says, placing a hand on my shoulder and turning me around.

"That's wonderful news!" I exclaim cheerfully, plastering a large smile on my face. And Matty, the blissfully oblivious soul that he is, takes the smile and comment at face value, and grins in return.

Once his back is turned to me, I let the cheerful façade fall, and sigh. In all honesty, I'm sure how much longer I can handle the pain of watching him fall for other women. It just hurts too much.

Just because I'm immortal, doesn't mean I don't feel pain.



The village is just as I remembered it being. I mean, I was only here a couple years ago, so it really shouldn't have changed all that much, and it hasn't.

It's still quaint, and it still smells like shit.

Oh, and the residents still don't like me.

"Adrianna! How could you bring that disgusting thing back to the village?" An older lady scolds, grabbing the girl and shoving the tiny thing behind her back.

"Wha-what? Grandmother? What are you talking about?" Adrianna asks, looking very confused.

"That, that, thing, is not human!" The old lady yells, pointing a wrinkly finger at me.

"Dess? What's she saying?" Matty asks from beside me, a stunned expression on his handsome face.

I sigh and shrug, "Apparently, the people of this village think that because I'm immortal, I'm not human. I guess it doesn't really help that an immortal burned half the swamp down about ten or twenty years ago."

"That's terrible. Why'd they do it?" He asks.

I put my finger on my chin, looking up as I try to remember, "Um…I think it was because the swamp was growing so far so fast, that it was beginning to overtake the surrounding lands, destroying all the villages in its path."

"So…why are the people of the village so mad?"

I snort. "Hell if I know."

"Out!" The old woman suddenly screeches…right into my ear. I jump back, putting a hand over the abused ear, and glaring at the old lady.

"What the fuck, old woman? Are you trying to make me go deaf?" I cry.

"I will not tolerate your presence in my village, you despicable creature!" She yells, shoving me back with surprising strength.

"Hey! That's not-"

"Fine." I say, cutting Matty off, "I'll leave. See if I give a fuck."

I then proceed to turn on my heel, and walk out of the village.

"Dess, wait!" Matty calls.

"Stay there, Matty!" I tell him.

"Why?" He asks.

"Find the Ebony Spider." I instruct him, using the treasure I used as my excuse to bring him here.

"Oh, and, take your time." I add, grinning at the red tint on his cheeks.



Six days later, as I'm chilling in a tree about three miles out from the village, I hear Matty's voice calling me.

I jump out of the tree, landing in the murky water with a quiet splash, and walk in the direction his voice was coming from.

A few minutes later, I see Matty, standing in the middle a small clearing, a large, black spider clutched in his hand.

"Matty?" I call, laughing softly at him when he jumps.

"Dess! There you are! I've been looking for you for hours!" He exclaims, running up to me, and placing the black spider in my outstretched hand.

"You found it already?" I ask him, frowning down at the Ebony Spider.

"Yeah. Adrianna knew where it was, and took me to it." He explains.

"Oh? Adrianna did, eh?" I ask, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Yeah." He says, blushing a little.

"So…did anything happen between the two of you?" I ask, putting the spider in my pouch, where all the treasures we'd collected over the eight months we'd been together were stored.

"Oh…no." He mumbles. I raise my other eyebrow to join the first one.

"Why not? You two seemed like you had a…connection." I say, rubbing my chest when I feel the familiar sting.

Matty shrugs, "She told me she thought I was sweet, but, she already had someone she was in love with."

I immediately feel happy, but don't let it show. "That sucks."

He laughs, "You're so sympathetic, Dess."

I grin, happy that I can make him laugh, "Yep. That's me, Desserai: Sympathetic Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire! Not only can I find any treasure you ask me to, I can also sympathize with you. What more could you ask for?"

He laughs some more, and I join him.

Even though I know he'll never love me the way I'm starting to love him, I might as well just enjoy the time we have together, and try to make it as enjoyable as possible.



A year's passed since the swamp. Matty and I have met many young women, all eligible candidates, but none of them were the right ones.

Also along the way, I've collected quite a bit of treasure, and Matty has slain quite a few creatures, saving several damsels in distress in the process.

Now, we are in a small mountain village, not because of some treasure or woman, but because we happened to be passing through, found the village to be very relaxing, and decided to stay for a few days.

"I like it here." Matty says as we lay on a small field together, watching the stars in the night sky glitter.

"Do you now?" I mumble, yawning widely.

"Yes. It's peaceful, calm, the kind of place I've always wanted to settle down in." He explains.

"What? You don't like the traveling lifestyle?" I ask, turning my head to look at him. He has a content smile on his face, and his eyes are half mast as he stares up at the sky. He looks…peaceful, I guess.

"Not really. I've always wanted to marry a wonderful woman, have multiple children, and live in a quiet place like this where I wouldn't have to worry about my family being hurt." He says, sighing softly.

I cringe, feeling that spot in my chest tighten painfully. As an immortal, it is impossible for me to have children. My body will forever remain the way it was when I turned immortal, young and not fully developed. It can't change, and having a baby would require my body to change, to adapt to the new life growing inside me, which my body can not do.

"I enjoy traveling. Being immortal, if you stay in one place for too long, you eventually see people age and fade away, slowly leaving you behind. After a while, everyone you originally knew from that place is dead, and all that remains are the children of those people. It gets painful." I tell him.

"I can understand that. It must be terrible being immortal." He says.

"You have no idea." I mumble, rubbing the spot in my chest.



We end up staying longer than a few days. It's been three weeks since we arrived at this village, and Matty's met a woman.

She's pretty, sweet, and tough all at the same time. She wasn't fooled by Matty's polite act, and got him to give that up right away. She's down-to-earth, and easy to get along with. Hell, even I like her, and she's the girl Matty's slowly falling in love with.

The two of them are always together now.

Matty no longer has time for me.

I think…I think this is the one.

I think, Matty has fallen in love with Krystal, and Krystal, in return, has fallen in love with Matty.

And, knowing this, I can't help but feel that our time together is almost up. For some reason, I feel that, soon, Matty will marry Krystal, and the two of them will settle down together, have a few kids, and live happily with one another.

And no longer will I be needed.

The spot in my chest is constantly hurting now, like there's a fire burning within body, slowly melting my body from the inside out. I can't hide the pain anymore, but, it's not like I have to hide it from anyone, since Matty is never around.

I'm not bitter, though. I've come to accept that Matty and I will never be together. But, just because I've accepted it, that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt any less.

At night, I lie in the field where Matty and I had our last real conversation under the stars.

What do I do there?

Sometimes I think. I think about the past, thinking back on all the relationships I've been in, and how many people I had to lose before I figured out that if I didn't make any friends, I didn't have to worry about getting hurt when they finally left me.

I think about my treasures, and how I've gotten them, and how many more I'll get before the world runs out of them.

But, mostly, I think about Matty. Matty, the man I've come to love, and the man I know will never be able to love me back.

And it hurts. It hurts so, so much.



Three months later, Matty and I have drifted further apart. We speak on occasion, but he's so involved with Krystal that he only remembers me when she's not with him, which is a very rare occurrence.

For a while, the only things we said to one another were things like, 'hey', or, 'good morning', and things of the sort.

Until two weeks ago.

Matty came up to me, face flushed, and breathing erratic, a wide grin on his face.

"Dess! I'm getting married!" He'd exclaimed, practically vibrating with excitement. I'd stood there, shocked for a good minute before I finally managed to smile through the inferno in my chest.

"Congratulations, Matty!" I told him, patting him on the shoulder. Matty laughed and wrapped me in a tight hug.

I couldn't breathe.

My chest was a whirlwind of heat and pain, burning a hole in my heart, and, if I wasn't immortal, I'd probably die from it.

I patted him on the back awkwardly. I could feel tears threatening to fall, and I forced them back, smiling as wide as I could at Matty when he pulled back.

"Thank you so much, Dess! If I hadn't gone with you on your treasure hunting adventure, I'd have never met Krystal! Thank you so much! How could I ever repay you for what you've done for me?" He asked me.

"Eh? Don't worry about it. Just be happy, okay?" I said to him.

"Haha! Thank you, Dess!" He cried happily.

Then he kissed me on the cheek.

I didn't notice Matty running off to tell the other villagers he'd become friends with.

My cheek was burning almost as hot as my chest. The pain destroyed my concentration, and the tears that had been threatening to fall, finally did, pouring down my face in steady streams.

Not wanting anyone to see me like that, I'd run to the field, and then run even further, and then even further, to a place where no one could hear me scream.

And that's what I did.

I screamed. Loud and long. I screamed so loud, and for so long, I could taste blood on my tongue.

My tears soaked the shirt I was wearing, and my hands tore at the ground.

Eventually, though, I had to stop screaming, and I allowed my throat to heal.

Eventually, though, I had to stop crying, and I let my face dry, and my tear ducts replenish themselves.

Eventually, though, I had to go back to the village, and I had to congratulate Krystal, and watch her marry the man I loved.

So, that's what I did.

Two weeks later, I'm standing at the back of the crowd watching Matty and Krystal be wed.

I stay through the vows, and I stay through the exchanging of the rings.

I don't leave until the people around me start clapping and cheering, the kiss between Matty and Krystal sealing their marriage.



Ten days later, I'm standing on a quiet beach, listening to the sounds of the waves, and watching the sun set.

I hear the soft swishing of someone walking through sand, and I turn to look at my visitor.

"I told you that you would suffer." Fate tells me, staring out of the setting sun.

"Yes, you did." I say, returning my eyes to the burning oranges, and cooling purples of the sky.

"And did you?" She asks.

"What do you think?" I retort. I feel a slight gust of wind, and I see something glitter in the corner of my eye.

Fate has left.

So, She comes just to say I told you so, huh?

Well, I guess that proves it.

Fate really is a bitch.



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