Fading Ashes

"Oh I did, I can! You said I am, when I wake and amazing beauty."

Graduation. Something, so totally amazing but also ends your life. Your school life that you go off to college but it's not the same. There aren't going to be the same people you went to school with for 6, maybe 10 years. It's absolutely horrid to know that most of those people, will be deleted from your life…in an instant. But then again, graduation brings upin a whole new experience and whole new freedoms. Your finally old enough to escape your house and the things that bind you to where you stay, as well as going off to college and experiencing some alienthings. It's amazing, and over helmingly terrifying. Basically it's like falling in love or jumpingoff a cliff into thrashing waters. It's somewhere along those lines to say the least.

Almost two months have passed since my graduation. I've been so busy preparing for college and starting a new life, as well as leaving one that I love very dear. In a few days though, I'll be able to see all my favorite people, all in one place. Then, after that upcoming gathering, another one will commence of the prime group of Willow Springers.I wanted the Willow Springs gathering to come and pass quickly, but now I don't ever want it to come. See, beforeI was helping Rebecca and Cameron plan the WS gathering. It's not like I hate them, I hate almost no one, it's just that they got on my nerves then. And some people were hard to find since they didn't have facebooks or even cell phones. To sum it up, a total pain in the ass.

"…I've got your picture, I'm coming with you, Dear Maria count me in! There's a story at the bottom of this bottle…"

"Hola Janeyy. What's happening?" I greet.

"Nothing much, unpacking the remanents of my college stuff and…Warped Tour tickets!"


"I know!" Janey yells, "And a few of our kinda sorta FAVORITE bands will be here!"


"You and me will be going to the Virginia and Maryland stops. As well as the New York one, where, I will be to help you move in!"

"Janey, you. Are. AMAZING! I love you for now and forever!"

"I love you too dollie. So talk to you lataaa."

"See yah hun."

"Bye darling. "

A smile that, probably uses all my facial muscles, is plastered to my face. It's not like I haven't been to warped Tour or concerts of my favorite bands, it's just that this ime at Warped will be so much more amazingly intense.

"Okay Lyvi, calm down. Deep breathing..AHHHH….okay.......AHHH! Okay, I'm good now time to find some more designs." I say to myself.

"Mhmghnnn!" I mumble.

I slowly rub my eye while one arm supports myself. A giant sigh escapes my lips as I look oout my enormous window. I haven't seen Jake in weeks! Or Kyle! Or TJ! I know they"re busy for school and summer plans, but, I miss my dorks.