Fading Ashes

"Here, one kiss, one hug, one wedding the last and nothing"

"Hey, sorry if I made you wait."

"Yeah," he says quietly the words drifting off into oblivion.

"Want some coffee?" I offer holding my drink out to him.

"No thanks." Little interest in his voice but at least there's some politeness.

"Okay, well let's go then." My lips pressed together feeling a bit weird.

Robin and I share my umbrella but the height difference isn't helping keep Robin dry. Most of the walk is semi awkward until, "Here." Robin takes the umbrella from my hands. At first he stands straight but a few stray drops find their way to my face- the tall boy takes notice and slouches a bit so I don't get wet.

"Thanks. So…how's life?" I press my lips mildly making a happy look that is more expecting and trying to feel least awkward.

He doesn't say a thing for a few seconds then says, "Okay." With no enthusiasm what so ever.

'That's…"I try and think of a word to not sound bitchy. "…Nice. Wanna get something to eat?"

"Nope." I find myself playing with my lips again to avoid saying anything I shouldn't.

"Do you have a tattoo in mind?"


"How 'bout you ask a question." I suggest.

"No thanks."

Ughh in a few minutes bird brain has managed to make me wanna rip a stack of papers and throw them in his face then storm off taking my umbrella with me. This is gonna be one hell of a day.

"Why not?" I demand getting quite testy.

"Cause." He manages simply.

"Cause why?!"

"I don't want to."

"Ugh fine then!" I yell with this look on my face that looked disgusted and angry at the same time.

I'll just text Bien, Josh and Sadaf. If I attempt anymore conversation with him I'll scream.

After the majority of the trip is over I realize that ignoring Robin is kind of mean and I haven't talked in a while as well. I tuck my phone back into my back pocket once the headphones are wrapped around the device.

"I was probably being rude, so uh," I try.

"Are we almost there?" he interrupts quite rudely.

"Maybe and maybe not; what the hell is wrong with you!?" I cry wildly flailing my arms positioning myself somewhat in front of Robin.


"That!" I point, "Why can't you give real answers? What's wrong with saying how you feel?!"

"You are crazy. I give real-"

"One word answers aren't real!"

"Yes they are! Your really are annoying even though I'm sure you've heard that plenty of times."

"And you are boring and RUDE/" I add a dash of extra sass trying dearly not to strangle him.

There's only silence between us and I stand far away from him getting nearly soaked in the process.

"Lyvi, get out of the rain." Robin sighs finally giving in.

I say nothing and pout, glaring at him for a brief moment.




He sighs and grits his teeth, "Lyvi please, stand under the umbrella, I don't want you to get sick and I'm sorry for-" Robin stops to think about his answer for a second, "for, for, being unreasonable, stubborn, rude and unkind. It is true you are can be annoying but you're really not that annoying I was just getting impatient."

"Fine." I walk right next to him and wring my hair out. Whilst grabbing the umbrella from Robin then pushing him away, stepping more then a foot away from him.

"Hey!" he sounds outrage, I'm not entirely sure since I'm looking away. I turn to Robin, shake my head and smile and with a sigh he gives in returning the favor.

"How long are you going to make me stand in the rain?"

"Hmm not sure."

"Any estimates?"

"Nope maybe…"

"Maybe what?"


"Now? Oh." He slightly chuckles and bends down under the umbrella.

"You'll have to slouch till we get there." I comment.

"How long will that be?"

"Not long."


"Yep we're here."

"Hey baby cuz, why are you and your-uh friend here drenched?" Christiane wonders raising an eyebrow.

"Umm, we like the rain?" I somewhat guess.

"Okay, let's go with that. So my friend will tattoo him," she points at Robin, "And I'll tattoo or pierce you."

"Okie doke." I walk with Christiane and Robin just stands there waiting for her friend.

"So what do you want done?" Christiane asks.

"Uh I'll get my ear done again and a heart tattoo on my wrist like Bam Margera's."


With my ear pierced a third time, she gets the materials ready to tattoo me.

"So Christiannnneee how's being a lawyer goinggg?"

"Good, I'm getting my business all official so I'm just working here for some pocket money."

"That's awesome so-"

"Sorry, but ready for pain?"

"I hope."

Within an half hour it was done.

"Hey, Chrstiane, can you cover it? If I look at it being all red it'd feel yuck. Haha and it'd be easier to hide from my parents."

"Sure, but won't Bac Son ask about the bandage?"

"Yeah I'll just tell him that I got a bug bite, I always cover them so I don't itch." I shrug off.

She chuckles, "Alright then. Here, gimme your wrist."

I do as she asks and she gently takes it placing gauze over it and using a bandage tape to hold it in its place.

I wait for Robin after having a slight argument with Christiane on paying, she won, damn lawyers.

I Turned around and found Robin, eyes glassy a pained look on his face. On his arm by the crease of it were the words HERE in my hand writing.

"Robin, why did you have it look like I wrote it?" I inquire as TJ is leaning against me and McLean is staring aimlessly.

"Because without you being pushy and bossy and loud," he smiles, "I wouldn't have gone out with my first love. And I would've been a lot different without you."

"Awww." I smile in a way that make my dimples protrude.

"Well we have to go," McLean mentions.

"Right." Robin agrees.

Mick gives me a bear hug and steps back. Robin hesitates, "One last hug? I probably won't be seeing you for a while-at least in person little miss pierced, tattooed and soon to be mind blowingly famous."

"When do I deny hugs?" I state rhetorically.

"When they're creeps or utterly nasty." Larry answers.

I shake my head with the combination of rolling my eyes.

Robin and I share a long warm hug before we let go and the duo walks away for most likely the last time for a while.

"Oh the special moments shared at target." TJ and I both say.

TJ forbid me from going home so I met up with Bien at Van Dyke Park.

I sit and wait for him, at the time Bien arrives and gives me a hug, my phone vibrates.

Did you cut him loose? Ugh Larry.

"So," Bien starts.

"Bien- I'm not gunna give you shit, I'm breaking up with you." I sigh.

"What? Why?" he pleads.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to be with you anymore." To put it directly, now kind of feeling bad.

"Look Bien- it's just- I,"

"Why Lyvi? Give me a reason, just please."

"Bien, I don't love you, I'm going away for college and I just don't want to go on with this, I'm sorry."

"Lyvi- I-I love you I always have!"

"I'm sorry." I give Bien a kiss and give him a sympathetic look before I leave.

"HEARTBREAKER!" TJ yells and opens his arms out to me. It turns out that he's been waiting for me at the entrance of the park. Creep.

"Shut up." I smile. "You're such a creep."

"Only for youuu. So I'll walk you home short girl." He sings.

"Okay, why are you so happy?" My eye brows raise.

"Causeee OUR MISSION IS OFFICIALLY STARTING! Now move you ass." He commands.

"Fine. Shit." My phone starts vibrating.

The caller ID says: Jake McCann

"Ughh it's other Jake." I whine.

"Pick it up missy."

"Jake? Hey."

"Lyvi! Hey are you and that guy still dating?"

"Uh…no…" My expression is worried very worried.

"So will you go out with me?"

"Umm…" TJ mouths 'say yes for five bucks' and holds up five fingers.

'twenty' I mouth.

Larry glares and mouths 'fine' making a reluctant look.

"Umm sure Jake."

"YES. Okay well uh next week? At Fairfax corner I guess? We can see that new horror movie."

My opens a few times as I look distressed, "Okay," I sigh making sure he doesn't hear, "See you then bye."

"Lyvi, you know that Jake will tell you all about the wedding he planned for you guys?" I sigh.

"He already did by text." I let out regrettably.