Summary: My name's Kendra Wolffe and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm crazy, or if it's just possible to die from missing someone to much. Sable is one of the less popular girls in school, not that I can say much being gay myself, but she was the 'new kid' who moved in right before we started high school. As for me, I'm a poet and I've entered quite a few poetry contests. Just recently I've entered a poem called "Center of Attention" and… Sable sorta found out about it…

Freshmen Year…

First year into high school and it's already the worst year of my life and we haven't even started the school year yet. I've been dubbed the school dyke from Miss Lindsey Marie Sinclair since the 8th grade and she just happens to be the most popular girl in school. She's out to make my life a living hell already. As to the official 'come out' of this said statement, was when I dated a good friend of mine known as Luna. Since that, people pick on me, girls like to frame me, guys have asked me multiple times for threesomes (don't they know what 'gay' or 'lesbian' means nowadays?), and all of the other good stuff that the homophobes do to us.

As to why this year may have a hint of 'goodness' left in it is because there is a new girl here in school. Her name's Sable and she's a sophomore. We don't know how she came to our school, but rumor has it that she was expelled from her previous school for some unknown reason. (Not that I can talk seeing as I was nearly expelled for supposively making out in the back hall with Luna.)

There are only three problems with this picture. One, Sable's older than me by two years and she's a sophomore. Two, she's strictly with the people who took her in at the end of last year which is a group of kids less popular than my group of friends. Third, she's probably had a boyfriend and is not in my sexuality range.

Oh… And she doesn't even notice me.