Author's Note

Just because I'm making a come back to some extent, does not include you all on my hide - So from here on out, I'm going to step back, re-write some chapters, and actually follow the original plan of the story.

This will probably take me all weekend maybe longer, but!, I will get it done. I have a few new ideas to spice things up and I hate that I left some things vague. Also… Kendra is not going to have schizo… even if I accidently made her sound partially like one. XP

Anyway, if any of you fans are still out there, I suggest either Sunday or Monday you come check out Poetic Mishap. I will have had at least time to do four chapters redone and maybe have added another.


So I went through and started my work on the re-write... I officially notice I failed horriblely. I'm missing a few key points now that I've read them now. It will be a few more days. Sorry for the delay. :\

However, I do think you all will like the story once I've finished.