July 5, 2009

Hello, my name is Hannah.

No English? Well, allow me to try again.

¡Hola!, mi nombre es Hannah—

No Spanish? Well, third time's the charm, they say.

Salut, mon nom est Hannah—

No French? Well, I guess they're wrong…

Hold on—

I'm lost in the confines of my dictionary's spine.


I'm lost in my emotional flurries due to my self-conscious worries—

Worries you don't possess, and yet, you always impress.

Oh, it'd be so convenient,

If my mouth were so lenient,

As to let me utter,

The words I mean to say.

Instead, I stutter,

And wish I could melt away.

Words not my own escape my lips—

Attempts to stop them with small sips

Of water, I just keep

Getting in way too deep.

I wish I could cease

Babbling, and cure this disease.

I never get it right with you;

Whatever I say, think, or do—

It is never enough:

Both too soft and too rough.

Whatever, I'm through.

Goodbye. Adios. Adieu.