One day I had a started with a question.

Who would have guessed Angel Guardians for vampires are compulsive on a quest?

Envy and Anger running through my veins, the wisdom of a dead person lying in their grave.

A life lived five times covers hissy fits.

Smarted out by a teddy and some hopping sidewalk stomping lashing out and never like a normal person

If not cut off her hair and she'll kill cheating frog hopper

He wants it too,

Morals gone,

You can not stop her.I was riding a boat and the boat tipped over

I saw a duck and climbed on it's back and said "Quack, Quack"

Mind is gone,

Sad is the fact,

Last turn on the track.

My friend Serina and I made this completely awful and random....THING! It brought lots of laughter though.