From: Olivia_Whitfield
I like spaghetti

'Ello, brother.

Wow. Half a year and I still haven't gotten used to that. Maybe it's because I used "'ello." That was horrible. I'm never going to say that again.

Anyway, how are you and Caleb? We all miss you here. You and your 'I-lurk-in-a-corner-'observing'-you' kind of aura… did I ever tell you that was a tad creepy? You're such a serious guy. Loosen up. I'd love to see you on a sugar high.

That kind of rhymed.

I'm way more spazzy in text than I am in real life, aren't I? Well, I guess there's just no helping it. I'd rather die than go over something as trivial as emails, and edit out the parts I find too random (cuz then I'd have to delete the whole thing). Though I do edit the crap out of my school work. And I still get bad marks. My teachers are out to get me, I swear…

Things are going well here. We're almost halfway through the summer holiday, but I still haven't started on that uberlong essay I got for homework. ARGH. Must do that. I will begin work on it right after I send this email. Oh, and after I meet Matthew. And Lyss.

Okay, so I'm never going to get to it. Not my fault. I'm just a very busy person.

Granted, I've spent the last month or so lazing around, getting fat(ter than ever. Matthew picked me up the other day and swears he strained something in his back. I just think he's a liar). BAH. WHATEVER.

-ohno I'm going to fail science!


Your sister (yayyy),


PS: I caught Lyss in the janitor's closet with Brian the other day. BRIAN. What has the world come to? But it's all right. I think he'll be good for her.


From: Logan_Whitfield
RE: I like spaghetti

Hey Liv.

I'm amused to see that you've given us the same last name in your contacts list. Sorry, but I think I like my real name better.

I lost brain cells reading your email. Seriously. But I read it anyway, because that's what brothers are for. That and beating up bad boyfriends.

How's Matthew been treating you lately?

Kidding, kidding. The animosity is gone between us. Sort of. Almost. If he ever mistreats you, be sure to tell me.

I don't get sugar highs. I know you are constantly on one, but I just don't get them. Ha.

Oh, Livvie. Always the procrastinator. Fine. Do some research. Do something. Then send it to me. I'll help with the rest.

As always.

How's Emily? And the gang? Caleb's doing good. I think he has a girlfriend. It's odd. Do you think I should do the whole defensive sibling for a brother? I'm afraid I might scare the girl to death. She looks completely harmless. But you never know. I mean, look at you. You're – I'm going to stop now. I can almost picture your death-glare.

Not that it scares me.

Maybe a little.

Hoping to visit you guys sometime during the winter. Mom has registered me in a private all-boys school, where they wear uniforms and have morning assembly and stuff. To say that I'm dreading it would be a gross understatement.

Seriously. I've seen photos. They all look like they'd fall over if so much as a gust of wind touched them. I bet their sports are all no contact things, like… I dunno. Figure skating?

Anyway, missing you.


PS: Brian? Why, the world may be ending. I don't know Alyssa so well, but I'm inclined to agree with you. Brian's a cool guy.

PPS: I find it amusing that you saved my birthday greeting till the very last. Thank you, by the way. And thank you for the card.

From: Olivia_Whitfield
don't turn gay, please!

The subject says it all, bro.

All-boys schools do that to people, sometimes. Or maybe I'm just being biased and clichéd. But be careful. If you turned gay, Emily would be very sad. But then again, she still has Kalen. They're just friends right now, but who knows? Matthew and I are confident in our matchmaking skills. We could give them a little… push…

From: Logan_Whitfield
no subject

Don't you dare.

A/N: Tada! It's finished! I know it kind of sucked, but whatever. I originally had this whole touching, goodbye-Logan thing planned… but then that sucked even more. So I trashed it. And then I added an uber long A/N, but I bored even myself while reading it… so I trashed that too.

Olivia gives Logan the same last name in her contacts, because I think it's cute. And because I couldn't, for the life of me, remember what his last name was (and I was too lazy to go trawling through the previous 17 chapters). Did I even give him a last name? HEHE. Oh well. Oh yeah, and I know I should tie up this story nicely, bow and all. You know, sort out the whole Lyss, awkwardness, lalala ... but I don't really want to. It's sort of nice - and more realistic - to leave some things hanging.

I'll end this by saying, YAY WEIGHTLESS IS OVER! I hope you all enjoyed it – I know I certainly did. I'm just a tad tempted to write something about Logan and his all-boys school. It would be fun :D Wow, if I wrote all the side-stories I wanted to about this thing, I'd have them coming out of my ears.

Oh and just because this is the epilogue doesn't mean I'm not hoping for reviews. I'd be ecstatic if you all reviewed and told me what you think (:



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