Cool summer nights after long hot days of work. The local lake and the deserted volleyball court filled by us in the middle of the night. All of us greasy, hot, and salty. Four boys and two girls. Instead of relaxing straight to the water after work we head for the court for a game of volleyball. Rounds of laughter, smack talking, joking, and odd moves for the ball appear in the dark deserted beach.

These boys and one girl are my friends. My best friends. New and old. Quiet, loud, funny, or ridiculously ditzy they are my friends. And I wouldn't want to spend my summer nights without them.

From laying in the sand to laying on the raft or sitting on the dock with Brooke watching the boys play 3 Dunks or Dive in the middle of the black night, these summer nights will live in my mind forever.

This summer I truly have friends. This summer I've grown up. This summer, so far, has been the best summer of my 16 years. This summer will be sad to leave. These friendships will be missed. I hope these friendships don't change. The sand on my hands and in my eyes will be and will not be sorely missed. The slap of the volleyball and redness of my arms will be missed. The cool water of the night on my hot skin will be missed. These summer nights will be missed.