Warren rushed after the monster that was his brother, the monster that he could no longer contain when it came to something of his.

"NOOO!!!" Red screamed as 2 wolves held her down while the other tore at her bodice and Raul stood watching with glee. They had torn at the fabric on the sides and were still trying to loosen the last piece so their Alpha could begin what he had planned.

Warren's eyes burned at the sight. "Make them stop! Raul, make them stop!" He gave his brother his finally warning, "Make them stop or I will!"

. All Raul did was watch until the fabric finally gave way. Then he pushed Warren aside so he could begin his feast of revenge. The only trouble he believed he would have was the decision on which to begin first.

He couldn't stand watching anymore, he couldn't contain his hatred, and the anger that had built within him anymore. After this he couldn't remember anything but his Red laying on the floor crying as he lifted her into his lap.

His brother refused to stop; he had given him the choice. The events that followed weren't his fault, Wolf told himself as he held the crying girl in his arms looking around at the carnage that dripped down the boards of the once happy home into the sand below. The bloody knife beside him showed the crimson reflection showed him what he really was, deep down inside, a killer, a wolf. But the girl in his arms that held his heart on her sleeve kept him from being so, and he would never be again unless it was for her protection.

He swore this to himself silently as he carried her back to Gran's house where he would pour out the tainted tea they had been giving her and return everything back to normal.

"Wolf," She asked beside the dancing flames in the hearth of Gran's home, looking down at her dark tea as the blood filled images replayed in her mind on the reflective pool in her cup.


"Thank you," She said looking up at him as the blossomed young woman she had now become, far from the little Red Riding Hood that everyone was so accustomed to. "for everything."

Wolf smiled faintly as he noticed this. "You're welcome."

Now you may ask, did they receive their happily ever after? Well let me tell you this, my friend. Happily Ever After just means that there was no more of their tale to tell but I'll tell you this as well, our tales do not end until we can no longer tell them, and yes, they did live happily even after with and without their fairy tale ending.