So here we are once again
On opposing ends of the trigger
Fighting wars we can't win
Another loss added to the figure.

And whatever does it matter
To add another negative story?
Who cares if one of us shatters
In this light of agony's glory?

I'm dragging myself upon the ground
Bleeding from all of these wounds
My throat is cut, it makes no sound
As I scream, "Let all this end soon."

I've dusted myself off so many times
And bandaged the multitudes of sprains
But yet recovery has become the crime
And the punishment is only pain.

We've gone off in a violent explosion
A furious blaze has torn us both apart
Now we sit back and watch the erosion
And death of the love in our hearts.

The explosion came from out of nowhere
Setting the world ablaze in this inferno
Of venomous words and dagger-glazed glares
Makes me wonder where did our love go...

Maybe this eruption should've killed us both;
Maybe we should just lay down and die.
Maybe we're never going to see our love's growth...
Maybe the love just doesn't want to try.

It's a heartbreaking day when an accident
Causes so much destruction and devastation
It's sickening to the stomach how little sense
All of it makes—Agony is a great sensation.

So now we'll be picking up the pieces once more
If there's even a point to walk the broken path
Because God knows I'm shaken down to the core
Every time I witness our aftermath.