I've decided that it was really stupid to not put some of my poetry on here because it was "published" in my school's lame literary magazine. So here's something I wrote in September 2008 that I actually still like

The open door reveals my faults,

The fear inside my eyes

You act as though it's different

Though you shouldn't be surprised


Your gentle voice is smiling

As it speaks what I should say

Then my time with you continues

In the same familiar way:


A lesson learned, a song we've heard

A common goal achieved

Comedic lies and alibis

That no one here believes


My head, though, is still spinning,

Full of everything you've said

And I have half a mind

To think of something else instead


I'll make the most of what you give,

Accept your gracious thoughts

But they'll soon be long forgotten

And I fear that can't be stopped


So just say it all before we're done

And I'll start spilling, too

It means nothing, but it's different

And that's something new to you