The Great Sorceress Angel, Child of the Wind, Earth, Fire,Spirits, Paths, And Dreams

I stepped lightly from the stone of paths. Wind blew through my jet black hair. The moonlight shinned in the pool of destinies.

" Why great gods?" I cried. " For my destiny to fallow you. To become a sorceress of peasant's paths and dreams. Why to you, did I become? I can not fly nor do I had godly powers such as yourself. How am I compared to thee? And I shall use what little powers that I own and o save thy children of yourselfs. I for faith do swear with my own powers." The wind began to spin around me.

" Sorceress," It whispered. " You have the faith of your gods. Your powers are just blooming and sprouting. Soon you shall have the powers of paths, destinies, and spirits. You shall control fire, earth, water, and wind. Your powers will grow 'till your end." The wind stopped and a man with black hair and violet eyes stepped fourth. I bowed to him.

" Father." I said respectively.

" Daughter, stand." He commanded. I stood and faced him. His face was full of pride and compassion. " Why do you not believe in yourself?"

" My father I can not lie. As both of my parents have their godly children who of whom not one have failed you." I replied looking him in his eyes. " Mother and your's children have never once failed as I have done so before."

" My child, when have you failed us so greatly you have fear to us?" He asked.

" Father I have given your enemy powers, when I was young. I helped him rise unknowingly and was not punished." I answered.

" You must know, that you are my daughter and you have no need to fear so greatly. That was once and you were little. No harm was done, he was cast away again. Your mother and I had seen no reason to punish a mere child, who did not know what she was doing. You are a powerful girl and you are respected by all of us. You can not think that the one mistake you made clouds our judgment. We have learned that it is not what you have done before or what will happen in the future, but what you are doing now. I think it is time for you to understand that. Your mother and I are very proud of you, Angel." Then my father disappeared.

" Thank you, father. I trust your judgment on myself." I whispered. As I turned away the wind blew through my hair once again. I looked up in the sky " Father I am proud to call my self, Sorceress of the great Gods and Goddesses. Child of the wind, earth, fire, spirits, paths, and dreams." I jumped into the pool of dreams and disappeared into the deep dreams of thy peasants of the mortal rulers.