doubt the existence of pounds upon a body never touched
let mountain dew be your excuse, let caffeine be your crutch
and if I contemplate molesting you with hands in white kid gloves
don't feat that rancid fondling, it's just a symbol of my love

and now you're my girl
you are my baby blues
and now you're my girl
the one my words abuse

I may replace my own mouthwash with colored cyanide
I'll lather it upon a cross and then just open my legs wide
and when you come upon that sick'ning mess, I know what you'll do then
you'll trip as you fly out the door, vow to never come again

if it's not bloodshine
it might be sunshine
if it's not mudshine
it might be sunshine

in sick-adore I professed to be a pillow without needs
that I would cultivate your eden and swallow all the weeds
pepper-scotch in buttercups that infiltrate my breast
at eight I give a drunken kiss, at nine I down the rest

climb into bed, feel
for my baby shoes
crawl over baby
give her a nasty bruise

well, the gavel took your tiny heart and called it to attest
it scuttled across the wood and left the jury unimpressed
the organ's pure, it's loved before but never love like me
if you play this record backwards I'll sing in a different key

never had sunshine
that was so gunshy
never had sunshine
not like sunshine