Want you,
so bad.


Breathe it in, like the mishmash of perfumes down the cosmetic aisle.
I could[should]rip off your clothes right now.
and I can, I will.

But not today,
today just hold me and touch me and make me feel like
that girl

Is it so bad,
to want to play,
with more than just your toys?

[cliché, cliché]
It's better for the both of- scratch that, me.

She really likes you,
that I'm sure of.
But the question is,
could you ever even have her like this?

Right there, right here.
You are Boy Wonder.
I'm seeing stars and yet your pants are still on.

How you do this to me,
escapes the very thought.

Don't smile,
I hate it.
Makes my insides rush past and I'm forced to remind myself,
that this is what I want/needed.

You bury your beautiful statue of a face in my neck,
and I feel your chuckle deep down in my chrome, iced out heart.

No one lives beyond these frozen doors.