Chapter 1: Status





"No! I refuse to conform to stupid, petty straight traditions!" I exclaim indignantly, shaking my head and adamantly crossing my arms.

"For me?" Travis begs, pouting and clasping his hands together.

My jaw clenches. My eyes dart between Travis and the open webpage on my laptop.

"Fine," I sigh. "But only because you're so damn cute."

"I prefer sexy," Travis corrects, grinning at me and watching as I go to my settings on Facebook. Sighing and trying not to think about what I'm getting myself into, I press the arrow on the drop-down list and then let my cursor hover over those three words.

In a relationship.

"Do I have to?" I whine.

Travis rolls his eyes and clicks on the relationship status for me.

I huff and then type Travis Walker into the empty text box next to the three matching words.

"I can't believe I've resigned myself to this," I sigh, clicking save and waiting for my doom.

Travis hugs me tightly. "Thank you, Cam-Cam," he says happily. "Now give me the laptop so I can accept and let the whole internet know that I've successfully gotten into your pants."

"Need I remind you that I'm the one who liked you first?" I point out, watching as he types in his e-mail and password so he can log in and accept the relationship request from me. Like he's not the one who suggested it in the first place. "Oh, Cam, make me your boyfriend on Facebook!"

Lame. Lame. Lame.

He clicks accept and then hands the computer back to me. I log back in and stare at my news feed.

Haha. Sixty-nine friends online.

And within a few minutes, ten of those sixty-nine friends have commented on the little notice that says Cameron Moore is now in a relationship with Travis Walker. And even more people have said that they like it.


I glance at one of the comments, ignoring Travis' snorts of laughter at my side.

You're with Travis? Holy shit. Didn't see that coming.

That's from a guy in my bio class.


That's from Mia, my best girl friend. Having a girl friend is like a gay guy essential. It's in the handbook.

"I like how half of the comments think you're joking," Travis observes, pointing at a few comments that say things like very funny and I thought only girls pretended to be together on Facebook.

"I'll set 'em straight." I update my status with, For those of you wondering, YES, I am gay, and YES, I am really going out with Travis. Because he's a sexy motherfucker.

Travis kisses me quickly when I submit that. "You're the fucking coolest."

"I know," I reply smugly.

A moment later, another comment pops up on my current status. It's from Alex Barton, one of my semi-friends.

Use protection, please. I do. But then again, Travis can't get pregnant. Oh, wait. Travis probably tops. Well, then, you can't get pregnant. But still. Condoms. Want some?

Travis snickers and grabs my laptop so he can commence a comment war with Alex.

I just sigh good-naturedly and lean my head on his shoulder.


A/N: Okay, guys! Here is the continuation of The Band Geek's Dictionary! It's not really a story, per say. It has a semi-plot, but think of it as deleted scenes rather than picking up right where the dictionary left off. So for example, this happened just a little while after Cam and Travis went public....


Well, whatever. I doubt anyone cares too much about time and such. But you'll notice different little landmarks that will sometimes coincide with Just Because.

Have fun! I know I will...;)

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