Chapter 10: Sexting

It's midnight on a Tuesday and I'm staring bleary-eyed at my computer.

Unfortunately, I'm not doing something fun, like watching porn or whatever. I'm typing an annotated bibliography. Okay, writing a regular bibliography is bad enough- even though there are websites that do it for you now- but an annotated bibliography? Fuck that. I have to write a page for each source I find. And I have to find ten sources.

I think I might kill myself.

Just as I press "enter" to start a new paragraph, my phone buzzes on my bed. I leap out of my chair and scramble over to my bed, desperate for a distraction. The phone almost slips out of my hands in my excitement to open it.

If it's a spam text, I'll be really, really pissed off.

I sigh in relief when I see one of my favorite sets of words: new text message from Travvy.

Yes, he's in my phone as Travvy.

Hey baby. Still doing your bibliography?

I glare at the B word (bibliography...not baby) and text back, Yeah. Bored as fuck. You done with it?

I rub my eyes and wait for him to reply. Fuck finishing the bibliography. One incomplete assignment won't kill me.

I finished mine two days ago, loser.

I want to throw my phone across the room. Maybe then Travis will feel the pain of having to do this stupid bibliography.

Instead of throwing my phone, though, I text him back.

Well, I'm already screwed on it, so I'm stopping. Wanna entertain me?

His reply comes lightning-fast.

I was gonna go to bed, but if you want phone sex, all you have to do is ask.

I blush and stare at the screen. Jesus, I hope my mom doesn't wind up reading my texts. It's happened once. I was driving and forgot the address we were going to, so I told my mom to look through my texts to find it. She found some not-so-innocent subject matter hidden in those texts.

Let's just say Parker and I were exchanging ideas. Ideas for, uh, sexual escapades with our respective boyfriends. He suggested chocolate syrup. Apparently he and Alex had fun with that after Mia, Travis, and I gave him some for his birthday. Along with two pairs of handcuffs. And cock rings. Yeah.

That was the best birthday present I've ever given anyone. It got even better when we found out that Parker was dating Alex.


I'm not up for phone sex, actually. The last time we tried that it failed cuz I thought my mom was home and I got too paranoid.

I press send and start a game of Tetris while I wait.

I'd suggest regular sex, but it's kind of late.

I smile at that. He's seriously kind of horny. I didn't know that. All these years we've been best friends, and only when we started going out did I learn that he has issues controlling his raging teenage hormones. Not like I'm one to talk.

How about tomorrow? And I'll pick up some chocolate syrup, too.

The thought is actually pretty tempting, I realize as I send that message.

When Travis replies again, I snort. He knows me too well.

You've been talking to Parker, haven't you?

Yeah. Definitely getting bad ideas from Parker. Just because my black-haired best friend became a total slut for his hot-ass boyfriend....Well, that's not true, because Parker's not a slut. But he and Alex fuck like bunnies.

I smile at my phone again and text Travis a ;) Good night. I love you.

I fall asleep before I can even see his reply. But that's okay, because I know it'll say the same thing.

Sure enough, when I wake up with my phone in my hand, I see his text.

Night, Cam. You're perfect and I love you way too much.

And suddenly, it doesn't matter that I'm going to fail my annotated bibliography. Because my boyfriend is a cheeseball and I love it almost as much as I love him.


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