Chapter 11: Prom

"Wanna sit the next one out?" Travis murmurs against my cheek as the song draws to an end. "My feet hurt."

We're at prom, which would be really stupid if I wasn't with Travis.

I shake my head as the more upbeat song ends and a slow song begins to play.

"I kind of want to...dance with Parker on this one, if that's okay." I brace myself for Travis to freak out and punch me.

But he just smiles and nods. "Okay. Want me to hang up your jacket? It's getting hot. Kind of like you."

I hand him my jacket, kissing him softly before searching the room for Parker. I find him at a table by the chocolate fountain, sitting on Alex's lap and sipping at a drink. I don't think I've ever seen him look so genuinely happy.

"Parker?" I ask nervously. He looks up at me, seeming almost bored the instant that we make eye contact. Kind of an "oh, it's you" deal.

"Yeah?" he replies. Alex's hands are on Parker's hips, his lips sucking softly on Parker's neck. Sheesh, vampire.

"D'you wanna dance with me? As friends, I mean. Obviously." I squirm uncomfortably when Alex attempts to kill me with his death glare.

Parker nods and stands up, kissing Alex before turning to me. Alex kisses him for a little too long. He's warning me. Damn, Alex, I'm not going to steal your boyfriend.

Parker slips his hand into mine, and we find a spot on the floor that's far away from Alex. Parker's arms snake around my neck, and I wrap my own arms around his thin waist. Almost immediately, he leans his head against my chest, sighing.

"So, any reason you're dancing with me and not your boyfriend?" he asks as we sway gently with the music.

"Travis' feet hurt," I say lamely. "And I wanted to dance with my best friend." I smile down at him, and he fails to hide his own huge grin. Then, he presses his face against my chest again, inhaling deeply. I'm pretty sure he's smelling me.

"I miss this sometimes," he mumbles. "Not, like, you and me together, exactly. Just being with you."

"That makes no sense," I reply, laughing and holding him closer while we sway to the music.

"You know what I mean," Parker insists, still not really looking up at me. "We never hang out anymore."

"That's 'cause you're too busy getting fucked."

Parker stomps on my foot, causing our rhythm to break while I yelp in pain. "Am not. Besides, that only happens at night. We could hang out during the day."

"You're too busy making out with Alex during lunch and shit." I rest my cheek on the top of his head and put a little more space between our crotches. He was starting to rub up against me, and that's not really what I need right now.

"If you're just going to complain instead of shut up and dance with me- since you're the one who asked- then I'd be happy to go back over to Alex." Parker doesn't make an attempt to pull away from me or even glare up at me, though. He leaves himself wrapped around me.

"Sorry. I mean, I miss hanging out with you, too." I hold him a little tighter, since he's apparently gotten the hint about not grinding against me anymore.

"That's better." Parker shifts his arms around my neck. "Damn, you're getting too fucking tall for me."

"Alex is taller than me."

"Shut up."

The song ends, and I kiss Parker on the cheek before walking him over to Alex. Parker's overprotective boyfriend watches me warily when I give Parker one last hug and a smile, but he doesn't have anything to worry about. Parker and I are finally over.

Luckily, I still have Travis.

"Glad to see Alex let you live," Travis murmurs in my ear, catching my waist from behind and kissing behind me ear. "Can I have you back now?"

"Well, if you're my only choice I guess you'll do," I say in mock exasperation, turning around in his arms and kissing him gently. He softly moans his appreciation and swipes his tongue across my lower lip...just as someone taps on my shoulder.

I turn around, irritated, and instantly start freaking out when I see my history teacher standing there.

"H-hey, Mr. Jenkins," I squeak. Travis turns bright red and steps away from me.

"Save it for later, boys," he says curtly, before abruptly turning away. Travis and I collapse into nervous laughter.

"Is that encouragement for us to save it for later? Because I'm totally down." Travis waggles his eyebrows at me suggestively. "Maybe we should head out early."

"I'd be okay with that." I wink at Travis, and those are the last words I say to him before I find myself clutching at his back while we make out on a bench outside the hotel and get a lot of weird looks.

Prom is awesome.


A/N: So, yeah, it was a lot of Parker, but you know Travis is the main man ;) Sorry this also took forever, but you're probably used to that by now...

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