"Edward, it's Donald. Are you doing anything tonight?"


"Well, I just found out that my daughter is going to some kind of nightclub with some older friends of hers. And she left almost half an hour ago. I was wondering, could you tail her for the night and make sure she stays out of trouble?"

"Where's this club?"

"It's the Club Royale on 43th and Main Avenue."

"No problem. I know where that is."

"Great. Don't let Teresa see you. Keep me updated by phone."

After hanging up his phone and grabbing his keys, Edward set out to the club.

Because Edward was 22 years old, he got into the club with no problems.

Looking around, Edward spotted Teresa, who was talking to a boy around her age. Her friends did not seem to be around.

Edward went into the bathroom and dialed his neighbor's number.

"Did you find her?" was the first thing Donald said.

"Yeah, she's here. She's talking to a guy right now."

"Get Teresa and tell her to come home now."

After hanging up, Edward left the bathroom. He checked the spot only to find that Teresa and the boy were gone.

They must have left.

Edward left the building just in time to see Teresa get into the passenger side of a white Bonneville. He got into his silver Ford Taurus and followed them to a cliff that was several miles away.

"Donald, they just drove to Pinewood Edge," Edward said after calling Donald again. "I don't think they've seen me."

"I thought I taught my daughter better than this. Watch them, and make sure..."

Though it was difficult to see from Edward's view, he noticed the driver's right arm drape over Teresa's shoulder. He then rested his head on her left shoulder.

Teresa turned her head to look at him.

He lifted his face and pressed his lips to hers.

"Donald," Edward interrupted his neighbor, "they're kissing."

"Get my daughter and bring her back home! Keep me on the line, I want to talk to her along the way!"

Edward set the phone on the passenger seat. Then he immediately stepped out of his car and rushed to the Bonneville.

As he got closer, he could hear faint moans growing louder and louder.

The two figures were moving around wildly. Their faces were still together. Their arms were wrapped around each other.

Edward stood in front of the driver's door and yanked it open.

"Alright, Teresa, your..."

What Edward saw behind the door left his mouth hanging open, but no sound came out.

The boy whirled around and stared at Edward in surprise.

The two of them were too shocked to make another move.

In the boy's left hand was a bloody switchblade.

Right beside him laid Teresa... a growing, red stain on her white shirt.