Carrying an empty laundry basket, a woman entered her 5-year-old son's bedroom.

"What are you watching, Danny?" the mother inquired while taking clothes out of his hamper and putting them in the basket.

"Rugrats," Danny answered without looking up.

"Oh. Don't sit too close to the TV. It's bad for your eyes." Danny scooted backwards. "Good."

She exited the bedroom with a full basket.

Later, the mother returned to the room to hang the clean clothes in the drawers.

Danny was sitting a bit closer to the TV than he was before.

"You're going to hurt your eyes if you keep sitting that close."

Without a word, Danny crawled back to a reasonable spot.

When she finished unpacking the basket, she left the room.

Once again, the woman reentered the child's bedroom. She put the sock that she was holding into a drawer and looked at her son.

This time, Danny was almost close enough to touch the screen.

"Danny, what did I say about sitting so close?"

The boy did not answer.

"Danny, you're sitting to close to the TV."

No answer.



Letting out a frustrated sigh, the woman walked over to her son and put her hands under his arms. She then pulled him backwards until he was at a satisfying distance.

Danny offered no resistance.

The mother left the room again, not bothering to look at her son again.

Danny leaned back until he fell flat on the floor, showing no sign of pain when the back of his skull hit the wooden surface with a thud.

The 5-year-old's eye sockets were as wide as saucers. Both eyes were completely rolled into the back of his head, which, combined with his large sockets, exposed many retinal veins. His jaw hideously drooped down to just below his neck. A lot of drool stained the front of his shirt.